Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3775

Ju Yongwoo dared to make such a deal with him because he had the certainty of winning.

There’s a cobra allies in Juo Yongwoo, and there’s no way to fail.

Su Family built a free island, which was built for him.

Su Family’s industry in Sheep Island will also be used to repay Zhou Yoo-woo’s debt.

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And without saying, Suko Cloud is not completely in control.

Ten thousand steps back, what if he’s got it?

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“Lord Sect Master, in any case, I hope you can fight with Suko Yun fairly!”

Fair fight?

Listen to Jung-woo, old Sect Master can’t laugh.

If so, why would he want to give up his powers?

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What do you mean, a genius and a minister?

To completely eliminate the influence of old Sect Master.

Old Sect Master will certainly be away from the rights center.

Moreover, the positions he has appointed will certainly be replaced.


can be said that only one night will the forces created by old Sect Master collapse over the years.

If not compelled, no one would be willing to abandon the power in hand.

“No, I don’t want to fight him, it’s true.”

By the way, old Sect Master had a hard shook on the head, not all of it.

However, the words were not finished, but the meaning was clear.

Old Sect Master is not Suko Yun’s opponent.

Not only can we beat him, but we’ll lose a lot!

When I saw this, Suko Winton laughed.

In the laugh, Suko Clouds:

“I confess that I can seize the ancient magic fruit and indeed count on your help.”

“But since you can’t be there now, my Suko cloud will not fail!”

“No one, it’s my opponent to Suko Yun!”


the middle of the conversation, Zhu Yoo-woo’s eyes were scanned under the cloud.

“You did push me to the throne of the devil, but it wasn’t that easy to push me down!”

In the face of Suko Yun, Jung-woo curl one’s lip, not at all the councils.

Turn around old Sect Master, Ju Yokota: “If I can help you defeat Suko Yun, would you like to invest in me for me to use?”

When you

heard Ju Yongwoo, old Sect Master was staring at his eyes and couldn’t believe he looked at Ju Yongwoo.

Long silence, old Sect Master’s delaying saying, “This… you! Have you succeeded in getting promoted to the devil?”

Listen to old Sect Master, Zhou Yongwoo is arrogant to his head.

Proudly cleaned Suko Yun’s eyes, Ju Yokota:

“I can push a man to the throne of the devil, even if it’s me?”

“It may not be seen, but old Sect Master is also a man of 60 Devil Body, and you can’t see my Devil Body, which has reached 60?”

si si…

Ju Yongwoo’s voice just fell, and it sounded like suck in a cold breath.

Three years ago, when Zhou Yokoo left Sword Sect, Devil Body was only 39.


Suko Yun, with the full support of Su Family, has just reached 53 Devil Body cases.

Zhou Yongwoo has reached 60 Devil Body!

It’s horrible.

And, in the face of Suko clouds.


Zhu Yongwoo said is clearly not a lie.

A demon with 60 paragraphs Devil Body is absolutely invincible to all cultivator outside the military.

Objection to Suko Clouds

At present, only fifty-three Devil Body members can be defeated.

It was determined that Zhou Yongwoo had succeeded in being promoted to the devil.

Old Sect Master’s eyes were shining.

However, it is far from enough to get him to stand up and fall for Ju Yokoo.

You want me to help you defeat Suko Yun and then hand over Sect Master’s throne to you? ”

Listen to old Sect Master, Jung-woo can’t laugh.

Apparently, old Sect Master is not an idiot either.

If he did that, he’d be totally guilty of Su Family.

And, after having offended Su Family, old Sect Master didn’t actually have any benefit.

Sect Lords Position, giving Ju Yongwoo the power to lose.

In contrast, Old Sect Master would prefer Sect Lords Position to be given to Suko Yun and not Ju Yongwoo.

After all, Suko Clouds are old Sect Master disciple.

Suko Yun will, in any case, remain respectful of him.

And Chu Yoo-woo is different

There’s only a gap between him and the old Sect Master, and there’s no relationship.

Once Ju Yongwoo is in power, there is no good for old Sect Master.

Su Family, no good. Why would he cooperate with Zhou Yoo-woo?


is no eternal friend in this world, no eternal enemy.

The only thing that exists is the eternal interest.


long as Jung-woo is able to meet the interests of old Sect Master.

Old Sect Master is the only one who could stand up and fall into a rush for him.

Otherwise, in pursuit of greater interests, the old Sect Master, even if surrendered, would only stand on the side of the Suko cloud.

Look around for a week

Zhu Yongwoo threw a sound: “District Sect Lords Position is not satisfied with my ambition!”

“I can assure you that as long as you will do it for me to use, this sheep Sword Sect Lords Position will always be yours!”


When you

heard Ju Yongwoo, the old Sect Master came up with his eyes.

It would be great if he could always sit in this position.


that way, old Sect Master would not lose his power, let alone his identity and status.

This is too important for old Sect Master and his family.

For comparison

Suko Yun and Ju Yongwoo are completely different.

While both sides certainly want to control the sheep Sword Sect, Suko Yun wants to expel the old Sect Master and do it himself.

And Zhu Yongwoo wants to take over the old Sect Master, let the old Sect Master use it for him.

Although the results were the same.

They’re all gonna take full control of the sheep Sword Sect.

But there is too much difference between means and processes.

Especially for old Sect Master, this is the difference between heaven and earth!

All right, good.

Absolutely nodded, old Sect Master said, “If you can help me defeat Suko Yun, I’ll follow you and work for you!”

Master! You…

Hear old Sect Master, Suzuko Winton.

Anyway, Suko Yun didn’t think that old Sect Master betrayed him!

You know, Suko Yun is the direct disciple of the old Sect Master!

As a Master, how could he betray his disciple?

Old words are good, a disciple, half.

betraying your disciple would be like betraying your son!

Look at Suko Cloud’s amazing eyes, old Sect Master is not coldly smiled.

Indeed, old words did say a disciple half.

But there’s an old saying, it seems to be more widespread!

The old saying is one day as a master, forever as a father!

You’re doing disciple, you’re gonna sweep Master out.

他这个做Master 的,凭什么还要认这个disciple ?

Don’t say it’s just half a son…

Even if his own son was so ill-health, he would have cleaned it out.

And even if Suko Yun isn’t sorry, what about him?

In absolute interest, old Sect Master still chooses to betray Suko Clouds.

A disciple half, that’s really not true.

But speaking of heaven, that would be half a son.

But the old Sect Master’s half-born daughter is 27!

And as for the grandchildren and the Hyun-soons, there is not much to know.


is impossible to give up all children and grandchildren for half a son.

Half of them are half as if they were born!

This world, without absolute friends, has no absolute enemies.

Only in absolute interest!

Now, Jung-woo has come out of good faith.

Give it an absolute benefit.

In the face of this, old Sect Master has no choice.

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