Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3776

Only though there’s a heart backwards to Ju Yongwoo.

But when you think about Suko Clouds, the bad battle skill, the old Sect Master, it’s still a dark drum.

Look at Old Patriarch’s suspicion, Ju Yongwoo can’t laugh.


four great inheritance techniques of Suko cloud are indeed enough to be reversed.

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Wearing arrows is super powerful to kill.

Bomb rocket impact.

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Together, the four great inheritance techniques put Suko clouds almost on the ground of failure.

Especially for old Sect Master, only cultivator who is close to fighting is dead.

As Suko Yun said.

For old Sect Master, he really ate him.

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It’s still very easy to deal with the current Suzuki cloud.


long as his four legendary techniques are sealed, Suko clouds are completely destroyed.


thinking, Ju Yongwoo was explored by hand, a shining shield of black hair appeared in the hands of Ju Yongwoo.

Hydraulic shield!

That’s right. As long as old Sect Master takes this shield, Suko Clouds is completely destroyed.

Turtle shields can react to all long-range injuries.

If Suko clouds shoot arrows at old Sect Master.

It’s gonna be rebounded by the turtle shield.

Instead of hurting old Sect Master, those arrows turn around and cause harm to Suko Clouds.

Once the arrow comes through, the arrow turns around, and it’s going to penetrate the Suko cloud.

One earthquake arrow comes over, the arrow turns around, and it’ll knock the Suko cloud out.

One impact arrow comes in, the arrow turns around, and it pushes the Suko cloud.

Most inexplicably, under unlimited locks, Suko clouds are not able to escape the arrow that comes back.

And give each other the way of each other!

This is the shield, the worst thing in the world.

The blatant takeover of the turtle shield, the fog water on the old Sect Master’s side.

Look at old Sect Master, smile, not at all to explain.

pats Old Sect Master’s shoulder, Zhu Yongwoo whispers, “Don’t worry, after the war starts, you’ll go all the way over and beat him, and you won’t have to think too much.”

Look at Ju Yongwoo, though I don’t know what Ju Yongwoo really thinks.

But old Sect Master chose to trust Zhou Yoo-woo.

Old Sect Master knows that Ju Yongwoo didn’t say anything.

Just don’t want to reveal the specific function of this black shield.

Otherwise, as soon as Suko Yun predicts, he will come up with a response that will break the black shield.

After a long breath, the old Sect Master grabbed the shield in his hand, and he said to Suko Clouds: “Now that some people have questioned, then it’s hard to say, we can only fight once!”

Look at that black shield in the hands of old Sect Master, Suko Winton wrinkled his eyebrows.

This black shield, Suko Yun, is still impressed.

When Suko Yun and Jung-woo joined forces to defeat Wu Wah Po.

There’s this black shield in the spoils of war.

It’s just that Suko Yun was looking at the thunderbolt shuttle.

not at all care about that black shield…

Now, this black shield is obviously not easy!

Long breath, Suzuko Yun right hand between a visit, taking out his own bow.

One bow in hand, Suko cloud is 100 times more confident.

There are four great inheritance techniques in the world, and Suko Clouds are actually a little swelling.

Even if it wasn’t empty, he really didn’t know how to defeat!

Soon, Ju Yongwoo and the six lobby lords came back.

Let’s get out of the Square Centre’s sword.

Close the shield in hand, old Sect Master’s consciousness will demonic energy into the black shield.

See only a two-metre black button, spreading out of the shield.

It looks like a black-and-seek, protected in front of the old Sect Master.

Unless the arrows from Suko Clouds turn.

Shooting in the face is bound to be stopped by this black light.

See this scene, Suko cloud can’t wrinkle her eyebrows.

What if you take a shield?

Suko Yun’s assault arrow, even if you’re blocking it with a shield, is going to be shot off.

The shield can stop the arrow, but it’s the same thing that’s hidden in the arrow!

As for the earthquake arrow, it would not be abandoned.

Even if shields were blocked, the intense earthquake would still locate each other.

The only shield that can be sealed, probably through the arrow.

Even if the penetration of the arrow has increased significantly, I’m afraid it will not be possible to penetrate this black shield.

Hold tight the shield, old Sect Master knows he can’t wait here.

As a cultivator of the recent war, he must, despite everything, bring him closer to each other.

If it is not possible to bring each other closer to ten meters.

Old Sect Master can’t do anything to hurt each other.

Long breath, old Sect Master won’t say anything, rushing all the way to Suko Clouds.

This way, Suko Clouds are not too slow.

bend bow and place arrow, a series of two arrows, shot the old Sect Master.

At the time of the war, the distance between the two sides was just a little more than ten meters.

Therefore, Suko cloud must release the assault arrow and push the old Sect Master away.

In any case, Suko Clouds cannot be allowed to be close by the old Sect Master.

Otherwise, Suko Clouds can’t fight the old Sect Master.

First a shock arrow and then an earthquake arrow.

Under two arrows, the first arrow pushed the old Sect Master and the second arrow knocked the old Sect Master out.

In this way, Suzuko cloud can be separated from Yoshiko, the old village leader of the infinite kite.

Even Sooko clouds don’t need to be demonized.

连恶魔Battle Physique 都不需要凝聚。

Today… he is facing the old Sect Master of just 60 Devil Body with 53 Devil Body.

Today he wants everyone to see how powerful he is!

* * * *

It’s late then.

Shooting arrows and earthquake arrows are called arrows!

Two arrows, almost connected to the end, shot the old Sect Master.

Old Sect Master only raised shields and stopped before.

Old Sect Master knows that Suko cloud has unlimited ultimate inheritance.

And the arrows that he sends out are only hard blocks, and they cannot escape.


The next moment, two sharp noises, then from black shields.

In a sharp impact, the two arrows turned their heads and flew towards Suko cloud.

Faced with this scene, old Sect Master, though intriguing.

But his body didn’t stop there at all.

That’s what a hundred thousand years of old warrior experience is.


it’s a regular soldier, in the face of such a weird scene, it must be a little bit of a scratch.

But old Sect Master didn’t…

Regardless of the outcome, he will not change his stated objectives.

Similar to staying, stunning, shocking, and all kinds of emotions, are never going to happen during the fighting.

Immediately after the two arrows were blocked, the old Sect Master did not turn back, and the Suko cloud outside moved towards ten meters hit the past.

The top of the sheep!

The old Sect Master instantly performs his inheritance magic at a brake close to nine meters away!

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