Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3777

The top corner of the sheep is an advanced legacy.

This magic technique, as Devil Body’s position rises, also becomes more powerful.

In addition, the power of Devil Body, at an accelerated pace, will increase this inheritance technique.

The formidable power of the top of the sheep, in fact, can only count as normal.

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speed at the top of the sheep is, in fact, only normal.

Compared to those magic techniques that grow at speed, there is no comparison.

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Faster than he formidable power.

It’s bigger than his formidable power, not fast.

Most importantly, the top angle of the sheep has its own tracing effect.

As long as it comes close to nine metres, it is almost inevitable.

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There used to be cultivator trying to get out of the ramp with speed.

Unfortunately, it is not unreasonable that the end of the sheep is the inheritance of magic, not that the sheep can come out at any time.

Once the horn of

the sheep starts, it automatically extracts demonic energy from the air and maintains a constant impact on the top of the sheep.

Even if someone could leave one another for a while.


The longest time, the man tried to get rid of the cultivator at the top of the sheep.

Hard is the foot of the Mercedes for a minute.

Some dozen dozen li…

Eventually, they were hit by the top of the sheep.

Once hit by the head of the sheep, different results will be achieved on the basis of the positions of Devil Body of both sides and Devil Body strength.

If Devil Body is in position and strength above the opponent, it will run out of each other.

If Devil Body is in position and strength, the opposing party will return to itself.

And don’t say that the end of the sheep formidable power.

This way…

After blocking the two arrows of Suko Clouds with a turtle shield.

Old Sect Master, for the first time, pulled the distance between the two sides within nine metres.

And then, instantly, against Suko Clouds, it starts the horn of the sheep.

Just a moment when the old village chief started the horn of the sheep.

Two arrows, which were rebounded by the shield of the Unseen Turtle, left behind on Suko cloud.

First, it was a bomb arrow that bombed Devil Body of Suzuko cloud.

It was followed by an earthquake arrow, which fixed Suzuko clouds on the ground and entered a state of dizziness.

And then the next moment…

Old Sect Master remembered the top of the sheep and hit the body of Suko Clouds.

Once again, Suko Yun flew out!

In the face of such a war, others don’t matter.

In the eyes of the overwhelming majority, old Sect Master is so strong.

He fought with Suko Yun, and that’s why he called it normal.

But for old Sect Master, it’s too exaggerating.

Suko Cloud’s impact arrows, earthquake arrows, were never launched and returned.

Shoot, dizzy, turned into a Suko cloud.

between thoughts are revolving, old Sect Master’s actions are not half hesitant.

Look at the Suzuko cloud that got hit back.

Old Sect Master Battle Physique, right hand waving between, a dark knife, instantaneous!

Just between old Sect Master’s feet, chasing behind Suko Clouds, a knife moved towards Suko’s cloud.

Faced with this, the Suko cloud, which just woke up from the earthquake arrow, cannot be surprising.


Suko Yun, although awake from dizziness, has not been able to react.

Without Suko Clouds stopping the impulse, the black knife in the hands of old Sect Master has already crossed the neck of Suko Cloud.

If it’s Life and Death, Suko Yun is now cut off by the old Sect Master!

Look at the dark knife across the throat, and between now and then, Suzuko clouds don’t have to dumbstruck.

How could that happen?

Why would he shoot an arrow, turn around and shoot himself?

And the shock arrow and the earthquake arrow, they shot himself and knocked himself out!

Look at the black shield in the hands of old Sect Master, Suko Winton.


This one doesn’t look like a black shield, it’s definitely a Supreme Treasure.

If you don’t know, this shield should be able to reflect all the distance damage.

With this shield, he was killed by a cloud.

It’s okay not to launch an attack

Once an attack has been launched, it’s like attacking itself.

It could be said that it was an eyeless shield that completely turned Suko Clouds into a waste.


long as power is cultivator equivalent to Suko cloud, we can use this shield to make Suko cloud a complete waste…

Now I want to…

What Zhu Yoo-woo just said is not a big deal.

He can put the Suko cloud together.

And you can put the Suko cloud down.

In fact, Jung-woo did.

而面对那张black 的盾牌,苏子云却想不出任何办法。

Once his arrow is sealed…

Even if it’s demonized, what if it brings the devil Battle Physique?

Attacking yourself is like attacking yourself.

If you don’t launch an attack, as a challenge, it’s a challenge to failure!

And most importantly, Suzuko cloud is now just a preliminary masterpiece of magic.

Devil Battle Physique has lasted for more than a dozen hours.

Old Sect Master just waited for more than a dozen minutes, and the devil Battle Physique would collapse.

By that time, Suko’s clouds would have to be beaten up in the face.

Arrow technology is sealed, Suzuko cloud is not eligible to fight old Sect Master.

Of course, so-called demonization, called the Devil Battle Physique.

That’s all there is to hypothesis and if it is.

In fact, when old Sect Master will take the knife around the moment before Suko’s throat swallows.

Suko Yun this time challenge has failed.

In accordance with the rules of challenge established by the Ministry of Military Affairs!

If only once, Suko Yun will not continue to challenge this position for the rest of his life.

Even if Suko Yun finds a way to defeat the old Sect Master, it won’t work.

Because of his challenging competence, it has been sealed.

This sheep Sword Sect Master’s throne is destined for nothing.

This provision has also attracted significant reactions from the military.

But it turns out…

If the challenge can be unlimited, it will be chaotic.

You know, between the two high hands.


long as Devil Body’s location is less than three paragraphs, it is almost possible to win.

Old Sect Master was not Suko Yun’s opponent.

But after having secured the shield, old Sect Master was once again on the top of the Suko cloud and was already standing on the ground of failure.

This situation is not just between old Sect Master and Suko Clouds.

It’s also applicable to leave it there with other demons.

Whoever Suko Yun is against…


long as Zhou Yongwoo walks over and lends the shield to each other, it can easily crush the Suko cloud.

If that’s all, then that’s all.

The most serious problem is between Devil Body’s close cultivator.

The overwhelming majority of rivals, in fact, are only five or five.

If the challenge can be unlimited.

So today I’m challenged.

So tomorrow, I can start the challenge of regaining the throne.

Not even tomorrow, then the next day.

Not the day after tomorrow, then the day after tomorrow…

Therefore, in order to avoid such senseless fighting, the Ministry of Military Affairs has had to establish the relevant rules.


the same position, there is only one opportunity to challenge.

The winning party can naturally continue to sit here.

And the loser loses this position forever.

Even if this post is replaced by others, there is no right to continue to challenge.

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