Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3778

Of course, if Suko Yun wants, he can also make Su Family’s three top Elder to challenge old Sect Master.

But the problem now is that Su Family’s three top Supreme Elder have actually challenged.

If the old Sect Master is not defeated, the Sword Sect Master throne of the sheep Sword Sect will not be sitting in the old Sect Master now.

Don’t look at old Sect Master, it looks a little powerless when he hits Suko Clouds.

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Look at the horrible look of Suko Clouds, old Sect Master acquitted the knife in his hand.

Look at Suko Yun, old Sect Master: “Sorry, you failed…”

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He failed!

Even the demonization didn’t make it to the show, and he failed.

Even if he didn’t take out the thunderbolt shuttle in his arms, he just failed.

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But it’s not known if we can react to thunderbolt shuttles.

If Suko cloud releases thunderbolt shuttles, there is a probability of winning the war.

Cold across Suko Clouds, old Sect Master didn’t say anything anymore.

Mermer turned around, old Sect Master walked in front of Ju Yongwoo.

The hands are respectful and the shields of the Unseen Turtle are returned to Ju Yongwoo.

Since Suko Yun has been defeated, this shield of warfare should be returned to its Lord.

“From now on, you are my spokesman on the island outside the sheep.”

Between words, Zhou Yongwoo turned around and looked at the past at Suko Yun.

coldly smiled, Ju Yokowson Cold Road: “From now on, anyone who wants to challenge old Sect Master has to go through this.”

“Only by defeating me, Jung-woo will he be qualified to challenge the old Sect Master!”


Listen to Jung-woo, there’s a suck in a cold breath.

To defeat Zhou Yoo-woo?

Are you kidding me?

Raise your hand and push Suko cloud above the throne of the devil.

Take a Magic Item to the old Sect Master, and help him defeat Dinified’s devil.

Who dares to challenge such a thing?

And Zhu Yongwoo has 60 Devil Body.

Once demonized, the devil Battle Physique was brought together.

That was close to 70 Devil Body’s strength.

Outside the army, the people who connected him, I’m afraid, couldn’t find it.

As for the army…

sorry, according to the rules of the Department of Military Affairs.

Since Zhou Yongwoo already has this position, other demons will have no right to challenge.

Suko Yun’s Long Years

At the nearest moment of success, Zhou Yokoo was completely destroyed.


battle against Sect Master, Suko Clouds, is a terrible loser.

Two arrows were fired, and they were rebounded by old Sect Master, and they set themselves in.

Then the old Sect Master remembered the top of the sheep, and then a knife came out, and the fighting ended.

If one word is necessary to describe the war between the two.

So this word must be – crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood!

Under the first battle, Suko Clouds not only lost the sheep Sword Sect forever.

Even the credibility and prestige of Suzuko cloud have eroded most of them.

From a public perspective, this Suzuko cloud is really too weak.


seems that anyone can defeat like that at any time.

Never felt the magic of Suko Clouds.

No one felt that despair in person.

No one can understand how powerful Suko Clouds are.

Suko Yun’s impact arrow is a magic trick that can’t be completely immune to any shield.

Once hit by an arrow, even if the shield of the devil was opened, Zhou Yokoo would be bombed out.

Magic shields can have the effect of immune control rules.

But the physical shocks attached to the arrow are immune.

Once hit by a bomb arrow, even if Zhou Yokoo opened the shield, it would be pushed out.

Suko Yun can’t be restrained

But it’s too little to restrain him.

For now alone, what Ju Yongwoo knows is only this shield!

But the problem now is that the shield can be restrained, not only by Suko Clouds.

Even Zhu Yongwoo has been restrained by death even against this shield.

Whether the devil can be forbidden or the Senrosword energy, it’s dead by this shitler.

Basically, as long as it is a distant means of attack, as much as possible is restrained by the shield of unseen turtles.

There is no good way to fight the shield, even Zhou Yongwoo.

It can only be pulled near, fighting each other’s meat.

After the failure of the challenge, and in accordance with the rules of the Ministry of Military Affairs, the challenge cannot be repeated within the next 100 years.

This provision is also a result of lessons learned and sums up.

If the challenge is unlimited…

So every devil will, of course, start with his favorite, better position.

The best position challenge is failure, then the second one.

Challenge number two fails, then challenge number three.

The indefinite challenge continues, from high to low, to a satisfactory post.

But in this way, the whole army, and even the entire sheep, will still be chaos.

We don’t have to do anything else every day, we just have to deal with the challenge every day.

The challenge was therefore successful, although it could replace the original Leader and succeed in obtaining the post.

But once the challenge fails, it will not be repeated in the next 100 years.

For a battlefield with unlimited lifespan.


But in fact, for young cultivator who just got promoted to the devil.


‘s embarrassing that a hundred years of time can’t choose a suitable position.

Once Suko Yun succeeded in robbing Sect Lords Position of the sheep Sword Sect.

Then he can control the entire sheep through Sword Sect.

Use the resources of the entire sheep archipelago to upgrade its Devil Body.

In this way, Suko Yun has power and resources.

On the three hundred sixty islands of the sheep island, Suzuko cloud has the status of Supreme Ex – is_tence.

Although it is still subject to checks and balances from the Ministry of Military Affairs.

But commercially, economically, resources are unlimited.

But now, Suko Yun’s challenge has failed.

And in the next 100 years, he will not be able to challenge other posts.


100 years later, what extent can Zhou Yokoo develop with the resources of the sheep island?

What’s going on with Su Family resources in the area?

With the resources of the sheep island to support it.

Hundreds of years later, Zhou Yokoo could reach 70 Devil Body.

And that Suko cloud, without the resources of the sheep island, is backed up.

His Devil Body, I’m afraid, stopped at 53 Devil Body.

Even if it’s exaggerated, there’s no way more than 60!


fact, it’s simple…

Fifty paragraphs Devil Body, above, are almost impossible to upgrade Devil Body on a personal basis.

Don’t say the district has been 100 years, and even years of hard work, there is no need for a Devil Body to be upgraded.

Fifty paragraphs Devil Body and above, mainly medicine pill, are used to upgrade Devil Body.

Su Family has accumulated for many years and has invested in Suko Clouds.

Su Family also raised the Devil Body of Suko cloud to 53.

If Su Family resources were sufficient, Devil Body of Suko cloud would not be able to stop in paragraph 53.

It’s gonna be like Ju Yongwoo, stuck in 60!

Fifty paragraphs Devil Body above, after every upgrade of Devil Body.

To the next Devil Body, the resource requirements are doubled on the original basis!

Just so it sounds, maybe it’s not terrifying.

The vast majority of people don’t think there’s anything remarkable.

But in fact, just a little bit of calculation will know that this upgrade is so deadly.

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