Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3779

Paragraphs 50 to 51 require resources if they are 100.

52, 200, 53, 400, 54, 800!

A careful calculation would lead to conclusions.

To upgrade Devil Body of Suko cloud from 53 to 54, 800 resources are required.

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This gap is horrible.

Keep going, that’s all the more horrible.

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need 25 grand!


Over the past trillion years, Su Family has accumulated seven hundred million high-end resources.

Ask, in a hundred years, can Su Family get tens of thousands of high-end resources out of space?

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Moreover, it is only a high level of resources required in paragraphs 50 to 60.

As for the resources required in paragraphs 60 to 70, Su Family was unable to obtain.

Although more than 60 resources are under the control of the Ministry of Military Affairs.

Strategic military goods…


It’s in his hands, it’s in his hands.

Therefore, Zhou Yongwoo can acquire strategic resources through Sword Sect, a sheep, and be used to rehabilitate Devil Body.

And Suko Yun, I’m afraid there’s no way or way.

If he is unable to take advantage of Su Family’s wealth and power to return to a town as soon as possible.

Then this war, he was afraid to be defeated.

And once Suko Yun fails!

As agreed between Suko Yun and Ju Yongwoo.

He must put down all hatred, faithfully follow Ju Yongwoo and become a member of the General Assembly!

proud and arrogant, it’s not just Jung-woo.

In fact, Suko Yun is more proud than Jung-woo!

Thus, the shock to Suko cloud after the challenge failed is very great.

All the way home, Suko Clouds can’t shut down, think hard, find a lifeline for himself and Su Family!

So far, it’s impossible to think about the use of force against Ju Yongwoo.

Attacking the devil alone is a great sin for the people.

Moreover, even though the Ministry of Military Affairs does not fall into Su Family.

Su Family doesn’t have to be able to kill Zhou Yoo-woo.

What if Su Family touches three top Elder?

Once demonized, Zhou Yokoo will have the strength of nearly 70 Devil Body.

The three largest Supreme Elder in Su Family, Devil Body, is only 60 paragraphs.

Even with a pair of three, it’s not Jung-woo’s opponent.

The most troubling of them is the magic shield of Zhou Yoo-woo.

There’s a magic shield in there, Jung-woo doesn’t eat control.

And as long as Ju Yongwoo can’t be controlled, no one can stop Jung-woo from taking a knife!

And don’t say how Suko cloud hurts to think, to go to bed.

The other side…

Jung-woo and Old Sect Master, all the way back to the great hall of Devil Sword Sect.

This sheep Sword Sect’s great hall, called Sword Pavilion!

This Sword Pavilion is where Sect Master lives.

Speaking of which, this is Sect Master’s residence.

Entering Sword Pavilion, Old Sect Master didn’t dare sit above the main seat.

Instead of standing side by side, stretching right hand, please, Ju Yokota.

Even now, Old Sect Master is the right Mr. Master of the Devil Sword Sect.

But Chu Yongwoo and Old Sect Master both know that old Sect Master has already invested in Ju Yongwoo and become the followers of Ju Yongwoo.

By now, old Sect Master has completely committed Su Family.

Because of his relationship, in the next 100 years, Suko Yun will not be able to challenge his inauguration.

This is a shock to Suko Yun. It’s too big.

Now that Su Family has been completely guilty, old Sect Master must, in any event, hold Ju Yongwoo’s thighs to death.

Once it touches Ju Yongwoo, Ju Yoo-woo can totally walk away.

By that time, only the old Sect Master would fight Su Family, then the old Sect Master and his family would be destroyed sooner or later.

So much revenge, Su Family would never be revenge.

Moreover, in order to preserve himself and his family, the old Sect Master now has only one way to go.

That’s all for nothing, hold Ju Yoo-woo’s thighs.

And, in fact, even without Su Family, old Sect Master wouldn’t dare betray Zhou Yongwoo.

Betrayal of the devil, it’s a big crime of killing, not a joke.

Once old Sect Master is dead, how can his family exist?

Old Sect Master, even if he wants to flip his face, doesn’t recognize anyone, doesn’t have the guts.

By now, Suko Yun is a failure of the challenge.

But don’t forget that Jung-woo is also the devil, and he has the right to challenge.

If the old Sect Master repents, he wants to flip his face.

That Ju Yongwoo could have pulled back and challenged him directly.

Old Sect Master doesn’t think he can beat Ju Yongwoo into a demonized state.

Once he really betrayed Jung-woo or disrespected him, he was angry.

Then, in the face of the challenge, Jung-woo would have killed him on challenge stage, and no one would have spoken for him.

Even the military department, I’m afraid it’s just deaf.

And back 10,000 steps, even if the military is involved.

Ju Yongwoo can also pay a part of his military effort to exonerate him from this crime.

The death penalty will not be imposed for the devil’s future as long as it is not a crime of great ethnicity.

Or is that…

As the devil, he will die only in the hands of the enemy.

In the face of old Sect Master’s compliments, Jung-woo is not polite, let alone a little old love for children.

There are unique rules, both in the official and in the field.

The rank of the officer is crushing the dead.

The rules between superiors and superiors must be strictly observed if they do not want to be confused and mismanaged.

At the official level, it is to sit above the top, and in no case can it be spoiled.

Take Ju Yongwoo, for example, if he was young, he’d be silly and sweet to say something about old love for children.

So once Zhou Yongwoo has convened the Communal Assembly…

Isn’t he going to sit in the corner?

Whoever’s older, he’s sitting on the table. Isn’t that an idiot?

On Sect Master’s throne, Zhou Yokou’s heart stopped water, and there was no comfort.

Not only Ju Yongwoo, but even Old Sect Master, are respectful, not half incapable.

In fact, if Chu Yongwoo is humble and polite, let the old Sect Master take the lead.

Old Sect Master, instead of thanking, would be disturbed and disappointed.

How can people trust, rely on?

As the two men sat first and later, old Sect Master’s servant had quickly put on tea.

Drink a delicious cup of tea, Jung-woo’s satisfied nodded.

So good tea, he only drinks in purgatory restaurant.

I can’t believe this sheep Sword Sect is such a good tea!

Look at Jung-woo’s satisfaction, old Sect Master laughed.

Amazing looking at Ju Yongwoo, the old Sect Master never thought that this hairy boy, so fast, had achieved so much success!

Don’t underestimate the devil…

The sheep’s demons, though more than 3,000!

But in fact, most of the devils will be on the front line and on the border, inside the army.

Only a few, like Ju Yongwoo and Suzuko clouds, will be scattered outside.

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