Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3780

On average, the three thousand islands of the sheep islands are less than one magician on average.

Remote, impoverished and extremely scarce foreign sheep islands have been vacant for tens of thousands of years without the presence of demons.


contrast, there is a greater gain on the front line.

On the front line, not only can a lot of war be achieved.

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And get the sea’s magic stone!

You know, this magic stone works only for Demon Race.

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So it’s not just the snakes, it’s accumulating magical stones with sea volume.

In fact, outside Demon Race, all races, like the snakes, accumulate magic stones in the sea.

Therefore, the front line, though dangerous, is very dangerous.

But high risk is bound to be accompanied by high returns!

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It’s really crazy for Demon Race.

It is also for that reason that most of the devils will want to do everything possible to get on the front line at an early date.

And not in the back of the big, hiding from the distant corner and waiting for death.

cough cough

Clear your voice, old Sect Master: “Do you have any plans for the sheep Sword Sect?”

When you heard old Sect Master, Zhou Yokoo turned around and looked at the old Sect Master.


little bit loud, Juo Yokota: “Next, the sheep Sword Sect, will complete a young transformation, those older, nothing to do, all of which will be replaced!”

Listen to Jung-woo, old Sect Master can’t get suck in a cold breath of air.

Though old Sect Master knew that Zhou Yongwoo would certainly be a big reform.

But I didn’t realize he was acting so big!

It’s a young transformation, isn’t it, like, a job for the six main lobbyists?

Look at the old Sect Master, and Chu Yongwoo can’t laugh.

Since the six main lobbyists have chosen to support Suzuko cloud, they are hostile to Zhou Yokoo.

So now, Jung-woo will have to respond.

If Chu Yoo-woo doesn’t do anything, he’ll just be underlooked, even despised.

Most importantly, if it is hostile to Ju Yongwoo, it costs so little.

Then everyone’s fear of Ju Yongwoo is completely gone.

I’ll betray you, too, at no cost anyway.

No, but it’s not going to be punished. It’s not going to be excused.

Let’s see how brave we are, not even the devil.


this way, Chu Yongwoo is completely screwed.

Old words are good enough to complain. Why do you pay for it?

Since each other has chosen, all the consequences of this option must be accepted.


It’s not working!

No money!

Good or bad!

So Zhu Yongwoo won’t be half polite to the six main lobbyists.

It’s a natural thing not to protect.

Next, if the six lobbyists, they can’t give Jung-woo a satisfactory proxy.

So, Jung-woo is going to give them a talk.

They bankrupt their families.

They’re gonna die!

Maybe someone would think it was too cruel.

But in fact, this sheep island is a new king.

How could the new emperor be easily released as a rebel?

Turn around history and know.


that case, blood flowing into a river.

Otherwise, why would there be a saying from a genius?

If Chu Yongwoo can’t clean up the three hundred sixty islands of Devil Lamb.


Ju Yongwoo’s forces will never be able to actually control the three hundred sixty islands.

Naturally, Zhou Yokoo will not have access to adequate resources and resources.

The funny thing is, if Jung-woo doesn’t hold everything in his hand.

Then all this is definitely in the hands of someone else.

So Ju Yongwoo won’t be a puppet?

Between silence, Jung-woo said coldy: “Next, six lobbys, I’m going to make a new arrangement.”

The sheep Sword Sect’s six lobbys…


Sword Hall is headed by Takasu, who has full authority over everything in the Sword Hall.

The Danish Church will be headed by stone h, with full authority over everything in the Dante Hall.

The building is headed by Judas Chang and has full authority over everything in the building.


cafeteria will be headed by Ju Xiaoqiao, who will have full authority over everything in the cafeteria.

The Animal Hall is headed by the Jane River and has full authority over everything in the Animal Hall.

The Law Enforcement Hall is headed by Zheng Xiaoyuan and has full authority over everything in the Law Enforcement Hall.

Listen to a series of appointments, old Sect Master didn’t stare in his eyes.

That stone h and Juda Chang poured it all.

As two great genius in the Dan Hall and the practice hall, they are the most important business businessmen in Master and Dan.

But what kind of talent is Chu’s little sister, Jane River, Gao Yi, Zheng Xiaoqiao?

What are they supposed to do, to be dignified’s landlord?

Old Sect Master won’t object…

But no one else will accept it so easily!

If all of us disagree, the whole sheep Sword Sect is lost.

Look at old Sect Master’s hesitation. Zhu Yoo-woo can’t laugh.

“Anyway, don’t underestimate my partner.”

“The Gao Yi, the Jen River, Zheng Xiaoqiao are genius.”

“These three people, Bloodline purity, and magic relatives and degrees, are up to Ninth Grade!”

Look deeply at old Sect Master, Ju Yokota:

“Believe me, these three guys, even if compared to Suzuko clouds, are definitely not going to make a difference!”


When you

heard Jung-woo, the old Sect Master was staring at his eyes!

For the three partners in Ju Yongwoo, the old Sect Master knows something.

Their Bloodline is, indeed, very high enough to have Ninth Grade’s Bloodline purity.

But their magic relatives and degrees are very low.

Now listen to Ju Yongwoo, the three guys’ magic relatives and degrees have risen to Ninth Grade!

What’s going on?

Is it possible that magic relatives and degrees can be raised?

You know, magic relatives and degrees are only reduced, not elevated.

It is easy to reduce magic relatives and degrees, and if anything betrayal Demon Race is done, it will certainly reduce magic relatives and degrees.

Once serious crimes of betrayal have been committed, even the magic relatives and degrees of their future generations will be reduced.

But, while this magic family and degree can be reduced, there’s no way to raise it for millions of years!

Look at old Sect Master’s horrendous eyes, Chu Yongwoo says with a smile:

“For specific reasons, you don’t need to know, you just have to know that they’re genius who can be compared to Suko Clouds.”

Old Sect Master knows that Chu Yongwoo can’t lie about this.

Deeply looking at Chu Yongwoo, old Sect Master: “That little girl, Juda Chang, and Ishih’s magic relatives and degrees are not enough for Ninth Grade, are they?”

In the face of Old Sect Master’s doubts, Zhou Yokoo’s face was floating with a smiling smile, Murnodded.

Hear here, old Sect Master, staring in his eyes.

Takasu, Jen River, Zheng Xiaoyuan, and old Sect Master don’t know much.

But that Judas Chang, Old Sect Master, is very familiar.

When he entered the door, his magic relatives and degrees were definitely not Ninth Grade!

Not more than Seventh Grade!

But now, Judas Chang has gone beyond Ninth Grade’s magic.

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