Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3781

Just for a moment, old Sect Master thought about three or four years ago, a funny legend.

Ju Yongwoo went outside the mountains and recruited a few followers.

As a result, the arrival of Ju Yongwoo triggered all the outhill disciple riots.

Almost all the dives that have been out of the mountain disciple for years have been blown out.

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long as you follow Ju Yongwoo, magic relatives and degrees will rise slowly! That Jung Yoon, Gao Yi, and the Jen River are the three elites who picked them out! Used to be, old Sect Master was just joking.

Send a law-enforcement hall, and he went to know it, and he left it on his side.

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Their magic relatives and degrees are really up to Ninth Grade’s words.

Then why hide outside the mountains?

Others may have something to say, but the tall Bloodline is tall.

The reason why the sheep Sword Sect didn’t get into it was simply because his magic relatives and degrees were too low.

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So far, old Sect Master is also following Ju Yoo-woo, working for Ju Yongwoo.

So his magic relatives and degrees are rising, aren’t they?


thinking, the old Sect Master gently closed his eyes and explored the past in the body.

It’s good not to detect old Sect Master, in the body demonic energy, a slight wave.

An unprecedented sense of comfort and a sense of coordination led to the sudden loss of old Sect Master.

It is clear that, although few improvements have been made, there is no doubt that his magic relatives and degrees have been raised.

If that’s the young ones, maybe it’s not too clear.

But old Sect Master is different, and he’s been alive for hundreds of thousands of years.

Living for so long, it’s so familiar and familiar with your magic relatives.

Even if there were only a slight change, he could not escape his senses.

The problem now is that old Sect Master’s magic relatives and degrees are not just a slight change.

Used to be, old Sect Master’s magic relatives and degrees were Seventh Grade’s magic relatives.

But now, old Sect Master’s magic relatives and degrees, have leapfrowned to Ninth Grade! One demonic energy vortex, one slowly builds around the body of old Sect Master.

Feel that demonic energy vortex. Old Chef Julton’s tears! Concentrate demonic energy vortex, which is the sign of Ninth Grade’s kinship and degree of magic.

And now, old Sect Master has Ninth Grade’s magic. In the face of this, how can the old Sect Master not be excited?

Look at old Sect Master’s tears, Jung-woo doesn’t laugh at shook the head.

Now Ju Yongwoo is becoming more familiar with magic relatives and degrees.

Just follow him, deal with him, get his approval.

Magic relatives and degrees of each other will increase slowly.

If you can help Zhou Yongwoo finish major event, stand up, magic kisses and raise faster.

it’s time, old Sect Master, to do a great job for Zhou Yoo-woo.


borrowing Ju Yongwoo’s shield, old Sect Master helped Zhou Yongwoo, defeated Suko Yun and took the entire sheep off the island! It’s inevitable to do so much to raise First Grade’s kinship and degree.

From this moment on, the sheep’s outer island has become the basis for Ju Yongwoo.

Old Sect Master, under the first battle, is like a gang of Zhou Yongwoo, taking three hundred sixty five islands! Under such a great effort, magic relatives and degrees are naturally elevated.

Of course, in addition to doing so, magic relatives and degrees can be promoted through the Ju Yokoo booklet.

Takasu, Jen River, Jung Jung-young yo, Zhu Xiaoqiao, by sealing up magic relatives and degrees to Ninth Grade.

And Judas Chang and Shih have been recognized as true friends.

Since Zhou Yongwoo fully accepted and endorsed it, that magic bond is naturally Ninth Grade.

Don’t think it’s easy, in fact, even after more than four years.

Those who can be seen as friends by Ju Yongwoo, and only Juda Chang and Shih.

Oral friends, or alcoholic friends, are useless.

Ju Yoo-woo must be accepted from inside, accredited, to be a real friend.

Open your eyes, old Sect Master crazy joyfully said, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of this, this sheep Sword Sect, and it’s time to fix it.”

When I saw old Sect Master so cooperate, Juju Yokowson smiled.

Anyway, he had to put this sheep Sword Sect in his hand.

Old Sect Master alone, or not enough.

After all, the old Sect Master is just macro control, and it’s not exactly what comes to each front.

Only the six gates of Devil Sword Sect are in their hands.

Zhu Yongwoo is the real master of the sheep Sword Sect! Said it was a young transformation.

In fact, Chu Yongwoo is the only one left.

Putting Ju Xiaoqiao, Shih, Zheng Xiayo, Juda Chang, Gao Yi, and the six Jen River to the Lord’s position.

These six guys are absolutely trusted.

With their help in running the six main gates, the whole sheep Sword Sect will be a piece of iron board.

With any corner, the sheep Sword Sect can be brought together.

In this way, even if Zhu Yongwoo is not here, there is no need to worry that the latter will collapse.

Between thinking, Jung-woo look towards old Sect Master, seriously, “Since you already know, I’m not hiding from you.”

Between words, Zhou Yongwoo was straight to the chest, proud to say, “As long as he followed me, magic relatives and degrees will gradually increase, up to Ninth Grade!”

Well, listen to Jung-woo, old Sect Master Company nodded.

If it’s just heard, old Sect Master isn’t that easy to believe.

But there’s no way, and now he’s witnessed it himself.

His magic relatives and degrees, from Seventh Grade, jumped directly to Ninth Grade.

This is absolutely not fake. Look at old Sect Master’s excitement, and Chu Yoo-woo smiled and said, “I’m not telling you, and now I’ve chosen a hundred soldiers, Ninth Grade Bloodline! I went big! When you hear Jung-woo, old Sect Master was overexcited, almost coming through.

That hundred men, on the white gold battleship refining, inherited the devil’s pawn.

It’s Bloodline pure, all up to Ninth Grade! In fact, Ninth Grade Bloodline purity is also the most important criterion for selection.

As long as Ju Yongwoo stands up, the 100 men who are named the Devil Guard, their magic relatives and degrees will leap between them and Ninth Grade! The horror of looking at old Sect Master for Ju Yongwoo, from admiration to admiration, from admiration to menopause! Think about a hundred men, every soldier, with Ninth Grade’s Bloodline purity, and Ninth Grade’s magic bond.

How sharp a army like this will be! Just go with the right inheritance techniques.


‘s no need for suspicion. It’s definitely an invincible master! As the master of this army, the future of Ju Yongwoo will certainly transcend all Demon King and the Magic King.

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