Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3782

如果说,刚开始的时候,对于归附朱横宇,老Sect Master 只是被逼无奈的话。

And so far, there’s nothing to regret about being attached to Zhou Yoo-woo, old Sect Master.

Even if someone wanted to kill his head, he wouldn’t choose to leave.

And following such a lord, it is destined to be known as the ancient.

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That’s why Chu Yongwoo doesn’t mean anything.

Look at old Sect Master, Ju Yokota:

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Selection system reform?

Listen to Jung-woo, old Sect Master startled first.

Soon, however, old Sect Master was instantaneous.

Since Zhu Yongwoo can upgrade the magic relatives and degrees under his authority.

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For Devil Sword Sect, magic relatives and doand so on, it doesn’t make any sense, okay?

Just follow Jung-woo, try to fight, fight hard.

Sooner or later, everyone’s magic relatives and degrees will rise to Ninth Grade.

So, Bloodline purity, in turn, is a heavy weight.

Although Bloodline purity can be upgraded through medicine pill and heavenly material treasure.

But on this world, it can raise Bloodline purity heavenly material treasure, after all, too little.

So, naturally, the Bloodline’s pure disciple is of paramount value.

Look at old Sect Master, Chu Yongwoo says with a smile: “It’s not just Ninth Grade Bloodline purity, but in fact Eigth Grade Bloodline purity.”


Hear Ju Yongwoo, old Sect Master’s got a grip.

But soon, he came back to smell.

Eigth Grade Bloodline purity, just to raise First Grade, isn’t it Ninth Grade?

Though raising Bloodline purity medicine pill is precious.

But it is not possible to support it by raising the purity of First Grade Bloodline.

In fact, the 30 million war veterans, Bloodline, were more than Seventh Grade.

Without a strong Bloodline, they would never have gone through a million wars without dying.

However, the Ninth Grade Bloodline is pure, but only over 100 people.

Between thinking, Zhou Yokoo continues to go: “Moreover, the sheep Sword Sect sects entry examination is also subject to intellectual thinking.”

“The super genius of the intellectual super, we’re also going to recruit.”


Listen to Jung-woo, old Sect Master was excited to take out a piece of ink paper and record it quickly.


Since Bloodline is pure, and magic relatives and degrees, it can be upgraded.

Well, if the brain is really super, it can be nurtured.


long as intelligence is high enough, even if additional resources are invested, it is absolutely counted.

Due to the presence of Ju Yongwoo, the sheep Sword Sect is bound to make a complete series of changes.

The original selection must be completely abolished.


has proved that their original way of choosing is simply not to draw true genius.

With Chu Yongwoo, the sheep Sword Sect needs the most, no more ordinary talent.

What’s missing is high Bloodline purity, smart seeds.

As for magic relatives and degrees, it doesn’t matter.

Look at the old Sect Master’s fast record, and Jung-woo’s here to be happy.

Next, the sheep Sword Sect will be phased out in a series of ways.

Magic relatives and degrees will no longer be the test.


importance of Bloodline purity was, in turn, mentioned as the first.

If Bloodline is not pure enough, it’s got to be smart.

Less than 200, Bloodline is purely below Eigth Grade, and it’s all over the major islands and it strengthens the strength control of the islands.

From now on…

All those entitled to remain in the Sword Sect of the sheep are bloodline purely over Eigth Grade, or elites with intelligence reaching about 200.

Other disciple will still be accepted and cultivated.

But once the cultivation is finished, it can’t be done, it is decentralized to the major islands, which are responsible for the safety of the people and the safety of the children.

Moreover, in the past countless years, the sheep Sword Sect missed the high Bloodline purity, as well as the intelligent folk elite.

Old Sect Master must also conduct a screening.

As far as possible, get those real elites out of here, and all the sheep Sword Sect.

How much do you want?

Even if the total number reached a million, Ju Yongwoo would never be too many.

For Chu Yongwoo, the elite, just a little more training, is his millionaire!

Old Sect Master’s mission, very heavy.

First step, he has to screen the sheep island.

Screening all Bloodline elites above Eigth Grade.

After the screening of the exotic islands, the atolls of the sheep are at the centre of radiation in the surroundings.

One island is screened and must be better than any elite.

After all the elites on the three hundred sixty islands have been screened out of the sheep.

Next, Old Sect Master could spread to the sheep islands and 3,000 islands.

In any case, similar elites, other forces are not being considered.

If they don’t want it, the sheep Sword Sect wants it!

And there’s how much it takes.

In this way…

Those ordinary talents, trained into the army, are used to maintain large islands and become the militia of the sheep Sword Sect.

And the bloodline’s pure Eigth Grade elites are concentrated in the sheep Sword Sect.

They will receive the most stringent and brutal training.

In the

future, they will all be the strongest soldiers in Zhou Yoo-woo!

In the future, they will go with Ju Yoo-woo and go to war and build a business!

Listen, Jung Yongwoo, the old Sect Master’s hot blood doesn’t have to boil up.

Look at old Sect Master excited, and Zhu Yoo-woo knows that this blood is hot, but it’s only three minutes hot.

You want old Sect Master to really become your own, really for yourself, and you have to give enough dessert.

“If old Sect Master can help me train a million sharps, I’ll protect you breakthrough 60 Devil Body!”


breathrough 60 Devil Body!

Hear Ju Yongwoo, old Sect Master was stubborn.


brush in hand, when it fell on the paperwork.

Soon, however, old Sect Master came back to his senses, and the late Zhou Yongwoo looked at the past.

Big eyes, old Sect Master: “With what I know, the ancient magic fruit must be used immediately and unable to bring it out of purgation?”

nodded, Ju Yokota: “Yeah, it is.”

Look at Ju Yongwoo, old Sect Master continues to ask, “I know that there’s no rehab, and only 50 cultivator under Devil Body can enter?”

断然nodded ,朱横宇道:“没错,除了炼狱核心之外,一旦Devil Body 超过五十段,便会被转移出无尽炼狱。”

I heard this, old Sect Master, and he said, “If that’s the case, why would you protect me from the 60th Devil Body?”

Listen, old Sect Master, Chu Yongwoo shook the head, “Yeah, I saved you breakthrough 60 Devil Body, not your promotion to the devil!”

The old Sect Master is lost: “What! Is there a difference?”

In the face of the dazzling old Sect Master, Zhou Yokoo smiles and doesn’t give any explanation.

In fact, paragraph 60 of breakthrough Devil Body is not the only means.

Ancient magic is only the easiest channel.

In addition to ancient magic, there is one way to allow Devil Body breakthrough 60 Devil Body.

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