Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3783

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That’s right. That’s the way to use the devil’s treasure, refining the devil Dan!

Sixty Devil Body’s jaws will collapse as long as they are admitted to the Devil Body.

Of course…

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But for comparison…

golden light Barrier Breaking Pill is demandable.

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the past trillion years, no one has ever taken access to the Devil Dan.

As for old Sect Master, there was no way to think about it.


Old Sect Master was living hundreds of thousands of years old monster.

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Look at Ju Yongwoo’s smile, old Sect Master will soon come up with this path.

“Do you mean… into the devil Dan?” ”

In the face of Old Sect Master’s inquiries, Zhou Yokoo Nodded said, “Yes, it’s just that it’s made of three treasures of the devil to enter Dan!”

Old Sect Master didn’t speak anymore.

And without saying how precious it is, how hard it is.

The point is, even if you can get into the devil’s treasure, you can’t find Master who can refine into the devil Dan!

Find the entire sheep, refined into the Alchemy Great Master of the Devil Dan, absolutely no more than five fingers.

In fact, for the time being, only three people are known.

If it’s just a small number of people, then let’s just…

The problem now is, it’s too hard to get into magic.

Its success rate will never exceed 30 per cent.

And most importantly, once the refinement fails, the oven will explode!

To enter the horror energy inside the Devil Dan.

Once the oven explodes, Alchemy Great Master will die instantly.

So far…

The sheep have lost dozens of Alchemy Grandmaster for this entry into the Devil Dan.

It’s called “everybody talks about magic Dan and change color.”

Even if we found the three treasures into the devil.

Even if you can pay for it, please don’t move Alchemy Grandmaster to refining them into Devil Dan!

Even the overwhelming majority doubted that the formula for entering the devil Dan was simply wrong.

Although Great Ancient Era, someone successfully refined into Devil Dan.

But the problem is, after all these years.

Who knows if Pill Recipe is wrong?

In fact, that Pill Recipe was right.

But from some point of view, Pill Recipe was wrong again.

That’s because Great Ancient Era’s medicine ingredients, years and purity, are very high.

Now the medicine ingredients, whether year or purity, are far less than that.

The same Pill Recipe, in Early-Stage, Great Ancient Era, is right.

But now, this Pill Recipe doesn’t have access to the Devil Dan.

Because medicinal power is not enough, the ultimate tandem must fail.

And the result of the failure of Jordan is, of course, the furnace!

Look at old Sect Master, that unbelievable look, and Jung-woo doesn’t explain much.

Close your eyes.

The next moment, Ju Yongwoo inspired the Devil Battle Physique!


In a slight tsunami, Devil Body in Juo Yokoo was instantly transparent.

Through Ju Yongwoo’s body, you can clearly see the walls behind Ju Yongwoo.

天魔Battle Physique 最大的特点,就是可以在有相和无相之间,自由转化。

Sometimes, the devil Battle Physique crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, no stronghold one cannot overcome.

In the meantime, the Devil Battle Physique traveled the Phantom, and nothing could hurt.

Although Ju Yongwoo’s Sky Battle Physique, it’s still Junior Battle Physique for a while.

Only three breaths time…

But there is no doubt that this is indeed the Lord Battle Physique.

After all, Great Ancient Era Early-Stage, who had been born of the devil Battle Physique.

Today, the devil Battle Physique, although it has been anonymous, should be fully documented about the devil Battle Physique.

The next moment, Battle Physique, the devil of Zhu Yongwoo, was quickly brought together, again in front of the old Sect Master.

As far as you can see, Ju Yongwoo is still sitting on the throne.

from the start to finish, Jung-woo never moved.

See this scene, old Sect Master.

Don’t you believe that people can refine access to Devil Dan?

But it turns out that he already has the devil Battle Physique!

And as for where the three treasures will come from.

Which Alchemy Grandmaster refined into the devil Dan.

All of this, Jung-woo has no obligation to give him a talk.

Old Sect Master needs to care that Jung-woo promised him an entry into Devil Dan.

As soon as he can, help Jung-woo screen a million elites.

Zhu Yoo-woo will give him a gift to enter the devil, Dan!

Once you swallow the Devil Body of Old Sect Master, you’ll break through 60!

As for the golden light Barrier Breaking Pill

Even into the Devil Dan. Are you afraid there’s no golden light Barrier Breaking Pill?

Even if Jung-woo didn’t help him, old Sect Master could get a golden light Barrier Breaking Pill with his own human and assets!

The old Sect Master shakes his fist.

“Don’t worry, the sheep Sword Sect, will give it to me, promise not to disappoint you!” ”

Hear old Sect Master, Jung-woo satisfying nodded, laughing.

The Suko cloud, the eyelids are still a little shallow.

Suko Yun, although he also attached great importance to talent.

But Suko clouds are heavy, but they’re just the disciple of the sheep Sword Sect.

And Zhu Yoo-woo is different.

Like Suko Yun, he attaches great importance to talent.

But he’s more focused on high-end talent.

If Chu Yongwoo was Su Yun, he would never drive old Sect Master out.

You know, old Sect Master was able to sit on the Sword Sect Master Throne for tens of thousands of years, and never got expelled, not for no reason.

What you mean, thousands of troops are easy to ask for.

Higher talent like Old Sect Master, even looking for sheep out of the island, doesn’t have a few!

Of course…

In fact, Ju Yongwoo is actually a little bit of a standstill, not a waist pain.

Why didn’t Suko Yun try to understand that?

If not compelled, how could Suko cloud expel the old Sect Master?

Suko Yun’s wisdom doesn’t need to be questioned.

Suko Yun is equally focused on high-end talent.

But in Suko Yun’s eyes, old Sect Master, although a high-end talent, is not that shocking and stunning, irreplaceable.

In the eyes of Suko Yun…

Real shocking and stunning, irreplaceable, only Zhou Yongwoo.

If it wasn’t for the sheep Sword Sect to be in control as soon as possible.

If not for the sake of pushing Jung-Yoon on the road as soon as possible.

If not to defeat Jung-woo as soon as possible.

How could Suko cloud be foolish enough to kill chickens for eggs?

In the case of Suko Yun, he was acceptable in order to take over Ju Yongwoo’s loss.

With Ju Yongwoo’s tutor, Suzuko Clouds can totally give up everything else.

For Suko Yun, Chu Yongwoo is the genius of all things!

With Chu Yongwoo, where is it not desirable?

So what Suko Yun did was really right.

The wrong thing is Jung-woo ignored his own existence.

Over the next three months, Zhou Yokoo stayed with the sheep Sword Sect.

Under the personal chairmanship of Zhou Yongwoo, the sheep Sword Sect undertook a series of reforms.

First, Zhou Yokoo divided three hundred sixty islands outside the sheep island into 36 regions.

Within each region, Zhou Yongwoo built a sheep Sword Sect division!

Thirty-six subsectors, compromised by 36 days.

Thirty-six subsectors, ranked according to the shape of the Tianjiang, have protected three hundred sixty islands on the outer sheep island.

On average, each subsector is responsible for the administration of 10 islands.

Within 36 branches, each has 10,000 sheep Sword Sect disciple.

These disciple are all from within the Sword Sect of the sheep, down the common disciple.

After the 360,000 disciple…


sheep Sword Sect left only 30,000 disciple.

These disciple Bloodline purity, all over Eigth Grade.

The Bloodline is pure Eigth Grade disciple, and it’s got about 200 brains!

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