Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3784


Zhu Xiaoqiao, Zheng Xiao Yong, Shih, Juda Chang, Gao Yi, Jen River.

They also returned from all over the island to take over the six main gates of Sword Sect.

After three months of reform, Zhou Yokoo took full control of the sheep Sword Sect.

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Although for the time being, there is still a lack of control over its strength.

After all, the head of the thirty-six division is not a letter from Zhou Yoo-woo.

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Without sufficient talent, there can be no complete control of everything.

As a result, Zhou Yokoo will have thirty-six divisions set up for thirty-six.

These 36 doors are under the control of the old Sect Master’s brother.

Jung-woo believes in the wisdom of old Sect Master.

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Otherwise, the day he betrayed was the night before the genocide!

And Zhu Yongwoo gives a lot of rights, even wealth, to the old Sect Master.

it’s not a sign…

And since you will follow me and be faithful to me, I will certainly not be sorry for you.

No, but not you, not even your family!

Jung-woo made a promise…

In the next ten years!


long as old Sect Master is able to lead his grandchildren, he has complete control over the diarrhoea, three hundred sixty islands.



if the 36th Hall is taken over by the old Sect Master’s family?

Speaking of which, I have to say law enforcement!

So far, the law enforcement hall is under the control of Jung Xiaoqiao.

More than 30 million war elites under Jung Yoo-woo were sent to Zheng Xiaoqiao.

And, Ju Yongwoo, within the Ice King’s bracelet, more than 3,000 sets of legendary balls, all of which went on.

After three months of refining…

All the war veterans have completely refining and possessed those 3,000 legendary techniques.

The devil can walk, the eyes of the devil, and that’s all.

Ultimately, it’s just ancillary magic.

But the devil can snip. It’s brutal!


long as the number is over 100, even Zhu Yongwoo is on the line, there is no doubt!

Hundreds of fighters made up of crossfire networks have no room to hide at all.

And it’s too deadly that the devil can snip, at least, cause total life force, 1% damage.

A hundred successive demons can snip, even the devil generals, will fall.

The devil can snip…

If it’s just a single pair, it’s really too weak.

Once a demon can snip past, it may not hurt at all.

Hundreds of hits in a row will make it possible to hit the opponent.

But once the cultivator that the devil could snip into the army, it would be horrible.

The devil can snip, not only have a far range.

There is also a fixed injury of disregard for defence.

Such fixed harm cannot be spared even if it is the shield of the devil.

But, well…


Thus, even if these guys are counter-productive, they are not the opponents of Zhou Yongwoo.

If anyone dares to snip on Juo Yokoo, it is basically suicide.

All right, back off!

Of course, Jung-woo is not so stupid, so stupid.

It gives each other the chance to betray.

Therefore, ideological education has always been a priority.

And step back, saying that even if someone tries to seduce, they will never betray.

It is not possible to betray as a registered magician of the army.

The rebellion will betray Demon Race, and that will be the punishment.

And to be honest, the sheep are good and not like betrayed races.

It was the dream of the vast majority of people to follow.

And once they betray, not only do they die, but after they die, they stink!

Back to the point…

The 30 million war veterans, Devil Body, were in more than seven paragraphs.

And they already have three great inheritance techniques.

With the help of Ju Yongwoo, a total of 30 teams were divided.

Each team has a hundred men!

Thirty hundred teams are in the hands of Zheng Xiaoyang, the strongest armed force.

It’s worth mentioning…

Under the control of Ju Yongwoo, the rights of the sheep Sword Sect are divided into three parts.


first part is the sheep Sword Sect, and the 36th Avenue.

The second part is the exercise hall, the Dan, the cafeteria, the Animal Hall, the four gates.

The third part is the law enforcement hall, the sword hall.

Part I, under the control of the old Sect Master, is responsible for the selection and development of the sheep islands and the talents of the three hundred sixty islands.

Selection of qualified men for Zhou Yongwoo and development of elite warriors!

The second part is under the joint control of Judachang, Shih, Ju Xiaoqiao and the Jen River.

They are responsible for the development and construction of three hundred sixty islands outside the sheep island.

Although, for the time being, their hands are not too far.

But as long as efforts continue, there will be progress.

Part III is jointly managed by Jung Xiaoya and Takasu.

Together, the two are taking charge of the law of the sheep’s outer islands.

Except for the lord of the six main gates, and the old Sect Master.

All men, all things, are in their control.

Once corruption has been detected, the phenomenon of self-contained baggage can be implemented wherever they want.

Even with the right to behave first.

Even if those who broke the law were the grandchildren of the old Sect Master, that would never be the case.

Zhu Yongwoo warned the old Sect Master…

If future generations are not to be wanted, they will not be executed without knowledge.

He must then put an end to corruption.

It’s for their benefit that Jung-woo will never be manrdly.

In any event, old Sect Master and his family will receive more than ever before and less.

If, in this case, we have to go corrupt, then don’t be rude!

Under the Joan Act

The whole sheep Sword Sect, only eight people, can go beyond the law.

This man, Jung-woo, Old Sect Master, Ju Xiaoqiao, Shih, Zheng Xiaoyuan, Gao Yi, Jane River, Juda Chang!

With the exception of these eight individuals, everyone else is within the jurisdiction of the law.

Once a big mistake has been made, it’s definitely not going to happen!

Thirty million war elites are in the hands of this sheep, and the law enforcement hall is completely invincible.

If the number of each other is too much…

The handsome sword hall of Takasu can also be backed up at any time.


the face of the bold reforms of Ju Yongwoo, it is intense to move forward.

Old Sect Master has revitalized young people.

After knowing the peculiarities of Ju Yongwoo.

No one understands better than old Sect Master how great the potential of Ju Yongwoo is.

By now, the remaining 30,000 sharp sheep Sword Sect can become an invincible iron army, with a slight increase in training.

All those who are eligible to stay here are Bloodline purity Eigth Grade or super genius with intelligence of around 200.

Together with the gods of Zhou Yongwoo, it is possible to upgrade the characteristics of the soldier’s magic relatives and degrees.

This will certainly be an invincible force!

And, after Ju Yongwoo’s reform.

With the establishment of the 36th Avenue.

Zhou Yokoo’s strength control over the sheep islands will certainly reach an unimaginable height.

Once Chu Yongwoo assembles all the resources of the three hundred sixty islands.

Combined with these sharp soldiers.

He’s really capable of creating miracles!

In just three months, Jung-woo’s performance completely conquered old Sect Master.

Such a hero, the old Sect Master, is willing to follow his life.

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