Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3785

The old Sect Master finally opened his heart to Ju Yongwoo.

原本,老Sect Master 私下里保留的诸多宝贝,现在终于彻底交给了朱横宇。

Old Sect Master has been the monster Sword Sect Master for thousands of years.

For all these years, old Sect Master’s babies don’t know how many.

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But, in fact, those babies that can be canceled, Old Chu is still sneaking around.

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That was just 50 Devil Body, the heavenly material treasure that needed to be promoted to 60.

There is no use for Ju Yongwoo today.

Old Sect Master intercepted it, the most important treasure, three marvelous fruits! Sky magic is a very rare magic fruit.

This magic fruit, three thousand dollars, three thousand results, three thousand more, mature.

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Sky magic, it’s the main pill of Sky Dan.

It’s only possible to refine the sky magic Dan, with all the medicine ingredients as the main drug! Every sunshine Dan can lift Devil Body to First Grade! By now, old Sect Master has been a sheep Sword Sect Master for over 30,000 years.


30,000 years old Sect Master has harvested a total of three marvelous fruits.

And none of these three gigantic fruits were handed over to the military.

speaking of it… is also good luck for old Sect Master.

And when he took over the sheep Sword Sect, it was just a tea tree, spreading exotic.


leaves of the sky’s sapphire tree, known as the heaven’s sapphire leaves.

Three months ago, old Sect Master was made of tea for Ju Yongwoo, which was actually made of the perfume.

Similar sky jewelry trees, though already a treasure, are generally speaking of what, this day, it’s just a luxury.

Even though it smells delicious, it’s not worth it.

But even if you drink it, it’s not too good.

More, just good.

The most

precious of all is the mother tree of the sky treasure tree.

Nor does the ordinary heaven sapphire tree blossom, nor does it result, except leaves.

The flowers and the results will be realized only if the mother of the sky grows.

The old Sect Master, when he took over the sheep Sword Sect, had not entered maturity on that day.

No flowers, no fruits.

Like a normal spicy tree, it’s just flowers, not results.

But since old Sect Master took over the sheep Sword Sect, everything has changed significantly.

The sapphire tree blossomed that day! So it can be judged that this is a beautiful mother tree! Three thousand, one thousand, three thousand results, three thousand more years before maturity.

Now, old Sect Master has been running the sheep Sword Sect for over 30,000 years.

We’ve got three gigantic fruits! At this point, the three marvelous fruits were taken off by the old Sect Master and kept in the most conservative way.

It’s also because old Grandmaster gave such a Supreme Treasure.

That’s why Zhou Yongwoo is willing to believe in Old Sect Master, who generously will take the 36th Avenue and take over the grandchildren of Old Sect Master.

At that time, Zhu Yongwoo was intended to draw talent from the island of the devil or from the veterans of the war.

But old Sect Master gave such a heavy treasure.

How can Zhou Yongwoo be indifferent?

For him is a reward, and for him is a punishment. This is a code of conduct for Zhou Yokoo.

With three marvelous fruits, Zhou Yongwoo could have started refining the Sky Shadow Dan and upgraded Devil Body.

Unfortunately, without golden light Barrier Breaking Pill, it was impossible to break through 60 Devil Body.

Under the aegis, Zhou Yongwoo had to put three celestial magic fruits inside the Ice King’s bracelet.

Zhu Yongwoo intended to continue to develop and build the sheep Sword Sect.

But three months later, when Jung-woo is ready to do a big job.

Hayama, Shek Yu, and the sky, it’s finally back! After receiving this information, Zhou Yokoo took the first time on a white gold battleship, returned to the Island of the Devil, met the seamounts, the water, and Sheikh Yu’s three members General.

The three guys’ Battle Physique, which lasted over three years, also reached 60.

The most

exaggerating and seamount! His Battle Physique has reached 70-66! Started moving towards 80 paragraphs Battle Physique.

Battle Physique of Sea Mountains, there’s no barbecue.

Previously, Sea Mountains had reached 90 Battle Physique.

Now, after Dragon Snake, 90 Battle Physique, there will be no bumps! Therefore, the speed of the journey is naturally surprising.

This time the North Sea Dragon pool is in line.

In a short period of three years, all three have achieved a tremendous increase.

As for the sky and Shenzhen, they want breakthrough by 60 Devil Body and golden light Barrier Breaking Pill.

After a dragon pool cleaning, three people have True Dragon Battle Physique.

In the case of the snakes, the role of the Dragons is tantamount to the role of ancient magic.

After a dragon pool wash, a golden light Barrier Breaking Pill can be broken through 60 Battle Physique.

Of course, if there’s really no golden light Barrier Breaking Pill.

As long as the repair takes place, the bottom is sufficient.

It’s also possible for natural breakthrough.

However, this probability is too low, and it takes too long.

The overwhelming majority of people are not ready to wait.

That golden light Barrier Breaking Pill, needs golden light crystal crystals to be refined.

And golden light crystals, it’s too rare.

But, well, for the snakes, as long as they want, they’ll get it.

Not like the sheep, but try ones luck, crash big luck! This time, seamounts, water, thanks to the Jade three, is too late to come back.

Used to be, they could have come back six months earlier.

But to hunt golden light crystals, to acquire their crystal nucleus, to help Zhou Yongwoo, the sky, and to thank Jade breakthrough 60 Battle Physique.

Three men split up and search for golden light, eight claws! In six months after leaving the Dragon pool, three people found three golden light crystals.

And then succeeded in killing, acquiring three crystals.

Used to be, the three could continue to look for it.

But in the view of the three, too many crystals are not needed for the time being.

Even with more golden light crystal crystal crystals, it’s not very useful.

With the exception of Ju Yongwoo, the sky, and Sheikh Yu, even if they get golden light Barrier Breaking Pill, they don’t use it at all.

However, it is also a coincidence that after three golden light crystal crystals, the three have been satisfied.

All the way to Tianjin Island.

But on the way back, they found another golden light crystal.

So they have golden light crystal crystals in their hands, and there are four.


excited to take four golden light crystal crystal crystals, Chu Yongwoo was so happy.

Always waiting for three guys to come back.

In Zhou Yongwoo’s plan… once these three guys come back, let them search golden light crystals for the first time.

As soon as possible, get golden light crystal crystal nucleus to help Judo breakthrough 60 Devil Body’s jaw.

But now… these three guys don’t have to remind me of this earlier.

That’s the strength of a good subordinate.


When Chu Yongwoo finally remembered this, he had done everything right and showed it to Ju Yongwoo.

If they weren’t able to refine golden light Barrier Breaking Pill.

Believe what is now in front of Ju Yongwoo, it’s already a product medicine pill.

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