Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3786

Having won four golden light Barrier Breaking Pill, Zhou Yokoo was not happy.

Directly returned to the newly constructed pill concocting room, opening the pill concocting.

It is worth mentioning that golden light Barrier Breaking Pill can also be used in the Dante method.

Because of golden light crystal crystal properties.

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But Ju Yongwoo would not do that.

The golden light Barrier Breaking Pill has proved to be of higher grade, the better effect.

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Most importantly, silent miscellaneouss in meridian can be removed completely.

It’s really important for a cultivator.

Unless Ju Yongwoo wants to sell this golden light Barrier Breaking Pill.

Otherwise, Jung-woo doesn’t think about the Dan method.

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Obviously, it is indispensable.

If there’s no money, why would Dan sell it?

Soon… four Ninth Grade golden light Barrier Breaking Pill, fresh out! Give two of them to the water and the corn.

These two girls, the first time they were happy to enter the next room and shut down breakthrough.

As for seamounts, Juo Yokoo stayed behind.

At this moment, the location of a Zhou Yokota group is deep in Earth Palace.

Through a seabed corridor, you can reach here directly.

Transactions with the snakes are no longer required on the ground.

The cargo of the Snake Clan is perfectly capable of being transported all the way from seabed to Earth Palace.

The goods in the sky Earth Palace will also be transported to the sea snakes through this seabed passage.

So as long as the devil Earth Palace is not caught.

Transactions between Skyland Island and the Snakes will never leak.

And the angels and the corn leave with joy.

Ju Yongwoo really wants to close the first time and eat golden light Barrier Breaking Pill, breakthrough 60 Devil Body.

Unfortunately, there are many things that need to be said to seamounts.

Send away the water and the cherry after.

Juo Yongwoo right hand, take out a big wooden box.

Look at that gorgeous wooden box, the mountains are a little confused.

I don’t know what’s in this box.

“Open him!”

Zhou Yongwoo Road.

In the face of Ju Yongwoo’s orders, the mountains are not hesitant.

The first time stretched your hand, unlocked the suitcase.

With the opening of the box… in an instant, along the line, a row, a list of jade bottle, appeared in the sight of seamounts.

Only about one eye, the mountains are sure to come down.

Jade bottle in the trunk, more than 300.

And every jade bottle is loaded with eight, or nine medipills.

The most appalling thing about seamounts is that these medicine pills make him very familiar.

If he’s not wrong, these are First Grade Transforming Dragon Pill! But how is this possible?

More than 300 jade bottle.

More than 3,000 Transforming Dragon Pill! Is this a joke?

Since splitting heaven and earth apart, this Transforming Dragon Pill has become so cheap! “With these 3,000 transforming Dragon Pill, I think… you can form a drug dragon.” ”

paused, Zhu Yongwoo stretched right hand, pointing straight to Hayama Road: “And you! The ancestors of the poisonous dragons!”

Hear Ju Yongwoo, Hayden Timbfounded.

So big a fortune, it’s too big for sea hill impact.

Three thousand poisonous dragons, indeed, can form a drug dragon.

You know… the birth of the poisonous dragon, there are two ways.

The first way is for the Snakes to enter the Dragon pool and become poisonous dragons through Transforming Dragon Pill’s disguise.

The second way is that the poisonous dragon matches the poisonous dragon, the natural or the poisonous dragon.

If, Sea Mountains recruit 3,000 pirates of snakes.

Three thousand of them, three thousand female snakes.

And then everybody goes to Dragon Transformation Pond for rehearsal and promotion to poison dragons.

So, 3,000 poisonous dragons, two or two combinations, can produce a new generation of poisonous dragons.

Although the toxic dragon breeds, it’s a tough one.

But in any case, it can finally flourish.

The number of poisonous dragons will also grow over time.

When the number of poisonous dragons is as many as a million.

The mountains can be officially known as Joe! The sea mountains are in the midst of an indefinite look.

Ju Yongwoo right hand between a visit, lost a small jade bottle.

Look carefully, the jade bottle is wearing a Ninth Grade Transforming Dragon Pill! The confusion of Ninth Grade Transforming Dragon Pill, Sea Mountain.

Zhou Yongwoo kept his voice down: “You take this Transforming Dragon Pill and go to Crown Prince, who is now a snake, for a full set of Dragon Snake Niners!”

When you hear Ju Yongwoo, in the eyes of the mountains, the light comes out of nowhere sharp.

The face, too, is very exciting, very grateful.


Instead of trying to help him build a drug-dragon family, he became the ancestor of a clan.

And a Ninth Grade Transforming Dragon Pill was specially prepared for him.

In exchange for Imperial Family, the most precious Dragon Snake! With this cult technique, the poisonous dragons will be enough.

Otherwise, there are 3,000 poisonous dragons in the district, or it’s hard to stand up! Look at seamounts with great excitement and gratitude.

Ju Yongwoo cannot smile… Although Zhu Yongwoo is indeed considering seamounts, in some sense he is more, or for himself.

The seamounts will certainly be the original ancestors of poison Dragon Race.

But the mountains themselves are servants enslaved by Ju Yongwoo.

Once the poisonous dragons are really built up.

Then the sea mountains can be all handsome, subordinate to Ju Yongwoo.

By that time, it would be crazy.

The poisonous dragon was already peerless in the whole world.

Once attached to Ju Yongwoo, the magic relatives and degrees of the poisonous dragons will also increase rapidly.

By that time… they can refining the magic ball, have the magic and magic! The poisonous dragons are also part of Demon Race.

Being an armed force exclusively belonging to the individuals of Zhou Yongwo.

Thus, although it appears that Zhou Yokou is considering all the seamounts.

But in fact, it’s all about Juo Yokoo himself.

Since it’s meant to be its own exclusive Legion.

Ju Yongwoo is certainly hoping this Legion will be stronger.

What Transforming Dragon Pill! What Dragon Snake? There can be everything to get.

Anything you can get, help them take it.

Toxic Dragon Race is on the battlefield, and very few organisms can fly at short distances.

It’s the only one, the whole race.

Flying in the sky can fight.

Get down on the ground and fight.

Enter the water as good as it is.

No matter where it is, it’s called an enemy! This is Zhou Yoo-woo, the most powerful king card! That’s Ju Yongwoo, the biggest ambition.

There’s never been a Battle Clan for yourself! This Battle Clan is going to be a private armed Chow Yongwoo.

The whole race, under Ju Yongwoo’s army.

With the exception of Ju Yongwoo, even if it is the military department, do not want to order this Legion.

This is the title of Legion, which is truly exclusive! Between the shakers, Ju Yongwoo threw that space ring he used to use and threw it over to the seamounts.


But after so long, the mountains finally have more magic relatives and degrees of First Grade.

With magic relatives and degrees, seamounts can manage demonic energy, using this ring.

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