Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3787

According to Ju Yongwoo’s instructions, the seamounts are unbelievable to try.

Under the test, there’s no problem.

There was a wave of hands between that big box, Transforming Dragon Pill, and that separate Ninth Grade Transforming Dragon Pill, all of which were penetrated into the subgenial ring by the seamount.

Between the excitement of laughing, seamounts can’t wait to stand up and stand up: “I’m on my way to the Cobra Imperial Family for Dragon Snake Nine in complete volume!”

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However, seamounts are different… As Second Imperial Prince of the Snake Nation, he would have been eligible for learning and refining.

Indeed, the mountains have learned and acquired 80 per cent of Dragon Snake’s knowledge.

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Nonetheless, everything is absolutely irrevocable… Other princes can learn if they make a great contribution.

Just don’t spill it out.

Speaking of which, everyone is a family.

The problem is not too big.

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silhouette who saw the seamount went fast, far away from Zhou Yokoo: “If possible, a few golden light crystal crystals can be sought!”

In the face of Ju Yongwoo’s bidding, the mountains were just a distant hand, and then they went into the waters that were not far away.

The water is the entrance to seabed.

With this seabed passage, we can reach the depths of the sea.

After having taken off the seamount, Ju Yokoo thought about it for a little while and then came up into the secret room.

He should also start using golden light Barrier Breaking Pill, breakthrough 60 Devil Body.

The whole breakthrough process, actually, has nothing to say.

The most rare is golden light crystal crystal nucleus.

The hardest thing is to refine golden light Barrier Breaking Pill.

But these difficulties are nothing for Zhou Yongwoo.

As for the specific breakthrough process, it is exactly the same as the breakthrough of paragraph 30 Devil Body.

Only when paragraph 30 Devil Body was assembled in the body was a silver shadow.

Eight touchers, eight acquaintances, cleaning everything up, and dope.

And now, in Ju Yongwoo’s body, there’s a golden eight claws shadow.

the golden eight odd hands swept all the way between Juo Yongwoo meridian.

Not only did you clean everything up, Dan.

It’s the meridian of Chu Yongwoo, three times more! When golden light 8 claws finally dissolved.

Four scattered golden light, surrounded by meridian’s internal walls.

For Ju Yongwoo meridian, a golden membrane! A Ninth Grade golden light Barrier Breaking Pill, who can triple meridian’s diameter. And you can triple meridian’s strength! And if this golden light Barrier Breaking Pill is divided into nine.

那一枚golden light Barrier Breaking Pill ,只能将meridian 的直径,拓展30% 。

meridian’s strength also increased by 30 per cent.

Obviously, this golden light Barrier Breaking Pill, if it is used by itself, cannot be used in the Dante method.

Otherwise, the barrier is not working well.

miscellaneous substances in meridian, as well as dope, cannot be cleared.

the expansion of meridian and the intensification of meridian do not meet the criteria.

This has a crucial impact on subsequent refinement and fighting.

If Kenziza is not strong, it can’t be raised to too high realm.

Even if you barely lift up, it must be a source of instability and a cradle.

A Ninth Grade golden light Barrier Breaking Pill, who has succeeded in helping Zhou Yokoo breakthrough Devil Body’s jaw, is likely to enter the devil at any time.

Devil Body of Zhu Yongwoo, finally breakthrough 60, reached 61! So far, Jung-woo left and finally broke out.

But Chu Yongwoo didn’t all rush out of here.

Just left the closed-door room, and Jung-woo turned into pill concocting.

Draw out three marvelous fruits, and then Ju Yongwoo is about to start refining Sky Dan! Zhu Yongwoo has considered whether it is possible to apply the Dante method to Sky Dan.

Every medipill can be upgraded to Devil Body.

But after a little thought, Ju Yokoo is still trying.

It is important to feel first-hand that the effect of the magic Dante can be decided whether or not to use the Dante method.

After all, this is the sky, Dan, but it’s for Jung-woo himself.

You can’t fool yourself! Although Zhu Yoo-woo’s hands are not all packed of medicine ingredients.

In fact, Zhu Yokohamu pill concocting was less refined than Pill Recipe.

Ju Yongwoo’s more, considering medicine, and medicinal power.

As long as medication is right, medicinal power is sufficient to replace medicine pill on Pill Recipe with other medicine pills.

Otherwise, if the Pill Recipe of Sky Dan goes to refine.

I don’t know how long it’s gonna take just to pack up a mediingredients.


the middle of the day, all sorts of spiritual grass magic pills don’t know tens of thousands.

The difficulty of trying to locate all spiritual grass and mills, according to Pill Recipe, is simply impossible to describe.

Without centuries, there’s no match! But for Chu Yongwoo, Pill Recipe’s.


long as Pill Recipe is largely seen, the medical pill refining process and the control of pharmaceutical power are confirmed.

Everything else, Zhu Yongwoo can replace it with a peer medicinal herb.

For pill concocting, Juo Yokoo has a strong instinct.


seems… deep inside, there’s Dao Intent reading to tell him what to do.

You don

‘t have to think too much, Jung-woo, just do what you have to do and do what you want.

Three days and three nights later… The first stove of the Shadow Dan is finally out of the oven.

No accident, another Ninth Grade medicine pill! Eyes, that day, the Shadow Dan showed up pink sermon.

There is much more depression between Dan’s spills than any other medicine pill scent.

With medicine pill, Zhu Yongwoo returned to the closed room again.

One bite swallowed that Ninth Grade’s tangle into the belly.

The next moment… a strange meteorological flow that cannot be described in the language begins between the breasts of Ju Yongwoo.

Along with Ju Yongwoo meridian, that strange air flow, all the way up.

What happened, Yokoo’s meridian, was a little twisted.

meridian’s barrier, there’s a mysterious spiral.

Count the tattoo on that barrier. This is… under the eyes of Ju Yongwoo.

demonic energy in Juo Yongwomeridian, following the nine spiral stripes, was slowly starting to spin.

Like a tornado… demonic energy in Juo Yokota meridian, spinning.

the speed of demonic energy flows, demonic energy flows, and demonic energy impact have risen by about one percent! To see this… Ju Yongwoo cannot sigh.

Between now and then, Jung-woo doesn’t know if he should be happy or disappointed.

Glad to hear that Ninth Grade was a great celebrity Dan, in the name of Ninth Grade medicine pill.

In meridian’s inner walls, nine spiral stripes were printed.

These nine spiral stripes will allow demonic energy in Juo Yokota meridian to rotate.

demonic energy flows, speed, and impact, all rise by about one percent.

If nine Ninth Grade Sky Dan were to be used continuously… there were 81 spiral stripes above the meridian walls of Juo Yokoo.

The speed of demonic energy, flow, and impact will multiply in Juo Yongwomeridian.

disappointed by the use of nine First Grade Magic Dan.

In Juo Yongwomeridian, demonic energy speed, flow, and impact, can only rise by about one percent.

This gap is too big.

It’s too big to abandon Ju Yongwoo.

Long sighs, Jung Yokohammer took a decision.

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