Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3788

What about the others, stay and think about it later?

For the time being alone, for Juo Yokoo himself, he had to use Ninth Grade Sky Dan.

Don’t say First Grade Sky Dan, even Eigth Grade will not use it.

In the following week, Zhou Yongwoo first and later refined two celestial magic fruits into two celestial magic Dan.

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But even as compared to the top Aristocratic family brothers of the sheep, Ju Yongwoo is less comfortable.


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Thus, after the breakthrough of 60 Battle Physique cubes,

Both returned to Sky Water City together.

As for what the hell was going on, Jung-woo didn’t ask.

When Ju Yongwoo returned to Devil Lamb Island again, he saw old Sect Master.

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A month?

In such a short period of time, Devil Body of Zhu Yongwoo has risen to the point where old Sect Master can’t see.

As you know, Devil Body has exceeded each other’s three paragraphs, and it is not possible for the other to judge the specific paragraphs.

Now, Devil Body of Old Sect Master remains in paragraph 60.

And Devil Body of Zhu Yongwoo has reached sixty-four.

More than four old Sect Master paragraphs, he is naturally not clear.

Are you saying that Ju Yongwoo is Core Disciple, a superfamily?

But think about it. It’s impossible! How could such a brilliant brother throw it in a horn like a goat island?

Even a remarkable disciple, it sucks here.

From any point of view, Suko Clouds are absolutely no one’s super genius.

But in fact, he’s not counting anything in an endless hell.

Had it not been for Jung-woo to give him more than 300 magic fruits.

Then Zhou Yongwoo gave him another fire divine fruit, and a purgatory suit.

Suko clouds, even if they put their lives away, will never get an ancient magic fruit.

Look at old Sect Master, and there’s nothing to explain.

Between heart and heart… Agent Ju Yongwoo entered his arms and pulled out the Ninth Grade golden light Barrier Breaking Pill, wandering at the old Sect Master.

Look at golden light Barrier Breaking Pill, old Sect Master’s eyes straight! That’s golden light Barrier Breaking Pill! And Ninth Grade’s! This is crazy too

Not only has Devil Body been upgraded to more than sixty-four.

The golden light Barrier Breaking Pill, and the prosperous! Look at old Sect Master’s triple look, Chu Yoon Chuckled.

After shaking that golden light Barrier Breaking Pill, Ju Yongwoo took it back.

Not even if this golden light Barrier Breaking Pill was given to old Sect Master.

Look at old Sect Master’s obsession, Ju Yokota: “I’m throwing words here, and if you help me recruit and train millions of troops, I’ll help you break through 60 Devil Body!”

“If you’re interested, I can’t make you a registered magician.”

“But under my umbrella, you can be a master of the King’s rank!”

“Although the devil will not be recognized by the Ministry of Military Affairs, in any case, it has no name but it is true!”

Listen to Juo Yokoo’s vision.

Old Sect Master swallowed his mouth.

The Ministry of Military Affairs only admitted that it could demonize the cultivator of Battle Physique, the Devil.

Otherwise, even Battle Physique breakthrough 60 paragraphs would not be recognized by the Ministry of Military Affairs.

But it doesn’t matter.

No one’s afraid of anything.

There’s a real deal.

Harder nodded, old Sect Master: “Don’t worry, I’ll work hard anyway.”

Looking at old Sect Master solemnly vowed, Zhou Yokoo smiled at nodded and said, “Let go of it, in any case I will never be ashamed of my Lord.”

Tough nodded, old Sect Master opened the mouth and say, “By the way, the time you left, Suko Yun came to the door and said he wanted to see you.”

Suko Yun wants to see me?

Hear old Sect Master, Chu Yoo-woo’s face surprised.

Obviously, Chu Yongwoo couldn’t figure out why Suko Yun wanted to see himself.

After a while of thinking, Ju Yongwoo never had to.

If you can’t figure it out, it doesn’t want to get better… and Zhou Yokoo faces old Sect Master and says, “You send someone to notify Suko Yun, say I’m back and let him come here to see me!”

All right, listen to Zhou Yongwoo’s orders, old Sect Master, don’t say anything.

Now, for old Sect Master, the orders of Ju Yongwo are the highest orders.

Even when compared with the military order of the Ministry of Military Affairs, the order of Zhou Yokoo is even more important.

Not because of other… Ju Yongwoo can bring him greater benefit and a broader future.

And all of this, the army couldn’t give it to him.

More than two hours later, the briefing was sent outside, stating that Suzuko Clouds was seeking to see him outside great hall.

Nor did Zhou Yongwoo delay, when an order was issued to announce that Suko had entered the temple.

Zhu Yongwoo, although there is no real job.

But he has the power of the entire sheep Sword Sect! Although it appears that the hand of the sheep outside the island remains the old Sect Master.

But in fact, Ju Yongwoo accidentally farted.

Old Sect Master needs an analysis.

Did Zhu Yongwoo express his dismay through this bullshit or dissatisfaction… judge whether Zhu Yongwoo’s mood is happy or angry through this fart tone! Zhou Yongwoo has control over the sheep Sword Sect, and the entire sheep’s outer island.

Even more solid than he did himself.

After all, Zhou Yoo-woo will need to hide a lot of things if he takes office himself.

At least he can’t drop his tongue! But now it’s different.

Through the hands of the old Sect Master, Zhu Yongwoo is fully free of impunity and reform of the big axe.

He’s the one who did his job! There’s a mistake. Old Sect Master will jump out automatically, and all his responsibilities will be countered! Through the old Sect Master, Zhou Yongwoo’s control of the sheep Sword Sect, and the sheep’s outer island, it reached a height of terror! Steps into Sword Pavilion great hall… watching aloof and remote, sitting on the Sect Master Throne, with a low batch of rhythms.

Suko Yun knows that the battle between him and Ju Yongwoo is over before it begins.

In just over three months, Jung-woo completely captured the entire sheep Sword Sect, dead in his hand.

Through Ju Xiaoqiao, Zheng Xiao-yo, Shih, Juda Chang, Takai, Jane River six.

Zhou Yongwoo has brought the sheep Sword Sect together into a piece of iron board! In the face of this situation, even if Suko’s clouds are incapable, there’s nowhere to do! The most desperate of all is the construction of the 36th Gate.

Thirty-six lobby, the initial construction is now complete.

Thirty-six Ten Thousands Sword Sect, respectively, was stationed in the thirty-six lobby.

By the elder Sect Master’s relatives and grandchildren, you take the 36th lobby.


long as old Sect Master does not betray Zhou Yongwoo, the 36th Hall is just 36 arms.

Once these 36 arms grow up completely.

… through these 36 arms, Zhou Yongwoo can hold three hundred sixty islands outside the sheep island in the hands of the dead and in the arms.


that’s the case, they Su Family, where is there room for survival?

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