Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3789

The problem now is… Old Sect Master, who has followed Ju Yongwoo and has become Ju Yongwoo’s followers.

As a registered magician recognized by the Ministry of Military Affairs, old Sect Master cannot betray Zhou Yongwoo, regardless of his will.

Otherwise, the first one to find him is the army! Betrayal of the devil will be betrayal of the army.

Betrayal of the army is betrayal of Demon Race.

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It’s not that he’s too powerless, it’s just Jung-woo, it’s crazy.

Suko Yun just planned to do it, and he was slapped to death.

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Zhou Yongwoo has already managed to take over the entire island of sheep, as well as the Sword Sect of the sheep, completely to rule.

It took only three months… and Zhu Yongwoo builds millions more power than Suzuko cloud! And say, “Ten thousand times, it is humble.”

Su Family, though strong, is just a family.

And Chu Yongwoo, the beam of three hundred sixty five islands, is the real big one! Suko Yun also knows.

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But such insistence is meaningless.

His failure is just a matter of time.

Suko Yun is not a loser.

If it fails, it loses a bit.

Otherwise, it lowered his personality, and instead made Ju Yongwoo look down.

Even if we were to invest in Ju Yoo-woo, we wouldn’t have to use him again.

What is said is that people are in this heart and heart together.

In fact, think about it from a different angle, everything is clear.

If Zhou Yongwoo and Suko Yun are to be converted.

Ju Yongwoo is now the Suko Cloud.

Suko Yun is now Jung-woo.

You’ve all failed, but the ink is not going to admit it, and you’ve been playing the skin.

Even if people like this are finally forced to go on, we don’t use you very much.

You don’t have to make a sink cake without your fucking egg?

So, after the switch, when Suko Yun learned what Zhou Yokoo has done over the past three months.

Just give it up.

I really gave up! Give up very quickly, barely at all.

It’s just that it’s so horrible that Zhou Yokoo shows up everything.

from the start to finish, Jung-woo defeated him with his own power.

Zhu Yongwoo grabbed old Sect Master, and then focused on old Sect Master, and quickly brought together the current dynamics.


is absolutely irreversible to be so powerful.

Think about it again… and change Ju Yongwoo three months ago to Suko Cloud and Su Yun three months ago to Ju Yongwoo.

So what will happen?

Jung-woo is old Sect Master’s favorite direct disciple.

There’s a huge Su Family behind you.

Imagine how old Sect Master could give up Suko Yun and go to Ju Yongwoo?

Or that… a disciple, half of it! If it wasn’t Suko Cloud who tried to expel the old Sect Master, Jung-woo would have no chance! It can be said that, if the two sides change their identity, Suzuko cloud will not be able to confront Zhou Yokoo.

Even a millionaire of opportunity will not be given to him.

And… Suko Yun, although unwilling, must confess.

Ju Yongwoo can do it, but he can’t.

Even if Chu Yongwoo hadn’t appeared, he could not have thought of separating the sheep Sword Sect and creating 36 gates.

Even if Chu Yongwoo hadn’t shown up, Suzuko had not had enough talent to run the six gates.

Even if Jung-woo hadn’t shown up, even if he had enough talent.

He doesn’t have enough strength to take down the six main chapters, all of them! In a small strategic tactic, Suko Yun thinks he’s never going to lose Jung-woo.

Even if not, the gap will never be too large.

At least, each other can be confronted.

But speaking of the eye and pattern.

Speaking of the big pattern, the big picture is taken into account.

The difference between Suko Yun and Ju Yongwoo is still too far.

Watching Suko cloud comes from the admiration of the heart, Ju Yongwoo can’t laugh.


know you the best, not your friend.

As your friends, everything you do, they’re used to it, not as strong as you are.

The person who knows you most must be your enemy.

They know very well how powerful each of your strengths and strengths is.

And more than everyone, you know your flaws.

Especially in time of actual confrontation… they can even clearly prejudge your next move, the next way.

Even your next idea can be clearly prejudged.

Obviously, Chu Yongwoo and Suzuko cloud, are two dead rivals like this.

Ju Yongwoo and Su Yun are the same young men who entered the sheep Sword Sect.

From the time of the exam, two people have been officially confronted.

Until today, fighting between the two has never stopped.

You plot against me, I plot against you.

You pitch me once, and I pitch you once.

from start to finish, there has been no victory.

But now, the victory between the two of us has actually been divided.

Because of their rivalry, the best thing to know about Suzuko Clouds is Jung-woo.

The one who knows Chu Yongwoo most, is Suko Yun.

Obviously, both of us can afford to put it down, one word worth nine sacred tripods.

Since it has been defeated, it’s just a little bit, spill it off.

A taste of orthodox, Ripi, will only make each other look down on themselves.

Although Suko Yun sent Judachang, and Ish, to the mine pit and to the pharmacy.

But it’s not at all.

from start to finish, Suko Yun didn’t do anything.

It’s hard to say he’s wrong, but he didn’t stop it.

If Zhou Yongwoo insists on hating him, it seems too small.

Juda Chang and Shih, at last he didn’t match.

And from the start to finish, Suko Clouds never tried to hurt two people.

It’s just to isolate two people so that they don’t ruin his good things.

Think about it from a different angle, turn Jung-woo into a Suko cloud, and he might do the same.

Suko Yun was almost successful.

If Chu Yoo-woo comes back one day later.

Suko Clouds will take the sheep Sword Sect completely in their hands.

By that time, what if Su Family is bankrupt?

With the entire Sword Sect cloud, a stronger Su Family can be built at any time.

Once things get that far.

The victory between Zhou Yongwoo and Suko cloud will take longer to split up.

Deeply looking at Ju Yongwoo… the clouds were silent for a long time, and that opened the mouth and said, “I lost! Hope you can look in my face, let go of the six lobbyists and their families.”

Hear Suko Yun, Jung-woo frowned.

As agreed among themselves, since Suko Yun lost, all hatred must be put down unconditionally and sincerely attached.

But now he’s making a deal! Look at Chu Yoon’s frowns, and Suzuko’s clouds don’t laugh. “Let me be a man, okay?

Otherwise, how do I get out to see someone? ”

This… looks at Suko clouds and smiles, and Chu Yongwoo smiled, and then laughed heartily up.

This Suko cloud is an individual.

I can really hold it, I can put it down.

Since he had already failed, his first time had laid down all the hatred.

From the point of view of a follower, he interacted with Ju Yongwoo.

You know, the followers are equally leisure.

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