Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3790

For a cultivator, the followers, although not friends, have a higher status than friends.

the relationship between cultivator and followers is also far closer than friends.

Although it appears from the surface, Suzuko cloud appears to have put forward the conditions.

But in fact, that’s not true.

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First of all, Suko Yun admitted that he had lost.

If you admit to losing, then, according to the bet, Suzuko Clouds must put down all hatred and faithfully follow Zhou Yongwoo.

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Not when you talk fart, you don’t give your own words to the Lord.


So from the moment Suko Yun recognized his loss.

Suko Yun is no longer the opponent of Zhou Yoo-woo.

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Since Zhu Yoo-woo is the closest and second only to the lover’s followers.

Then Suko clouds can naturally be unscrupulous, making some demands to Ju Yongwoo.

If you can’t protect those who followed you, how can you go out and meet someone? The most important thing here is actually the order of conversation.

If the sequence is changed, it’s completely different.

If Suko Yun speaks in the order of — you let go of the six cathedrals and their families, I’ll lose.

That smells completely different.

We have not yet accepted the loss, and we are divided into rivalry, and you ask for it.

Isn’t that a blackmail?

Once that is the case, Zhou Yongwoo must have a heart attack.

No one likes being held hostage! But Suko’s clouds are bright, right here.

Recognize the loss and confirm the position of each other’s Lord.

Then, in his capacity as a follower, a request was made to Zhou Yokoo.

Especially in the back. – Let me be a man, okay?

That sentence alone brings the relationship between Zhou Yokoo and Suko cloud to the limit of the moment.

Ju Yongwoo was laughing.

Actually, that’s why.

In that case, it will be said only if there is a very good death party.

Obviously, in such a short period of time, Suzuko clouds have adjusted their minds.

If you fail, you lose a little bit.

fearless’s haunting, it’s not good for anyone.

This is not so… that Zhou Yongwoo can’t afford to face a cloud of Suzuko.

Don’t look at Suko Yun doing that much to Jung-woo.

But it has to be seen on both sides… Is it too much to say that what Zhou Yokoo did to Su Yun in his back?

Dig your old roots, break your fortune.

Ju Yongwoo, this is taking Suko Yun, and Su Family, to death.

If Suko Yun doesn’t make a bet with Ju Yongwoo.

So less than three years, more than ten years.

Su Family as a whole must be bankrupt.

Seriously, very vague. Suzuko Clouds don’t deserve to mention equal terms! By now, Suko Yun is not counting on Ju Yongwoo.

Ju Yongwoo, as a winner, can you turn the account?

In the big smile, Zhou Yongwoo stood up from the throne and walked all the way to Suko Yun.

pats Sue Yun’s shoulder, Chu Yongwoo laughed heartily: “Okay! What if I let them go for such a quick time?”

hehe… hears Jung-woo, Su Yun awkwardly smiled, and goes on, “I’m afraid, not just let them go.”

And between words, Suko clouds crossed Ju Yongwoo’s eyes and said, “Although I’m not sure yet, if I’m right, let us go of Su Family!”



you heard Suko Yun, Juju Yongwondon was serious about his face.

What’s going on?

Honestly, everything that Jung-woo has planted should not be leaked yet! Look at Chu Yongwoo’s serious face, and Suzuko smiled and said, “No, that Yokohama Chamber of Commerce, is that really the ambush you buried?

Oh, my God! ”

frowned, Jung-woo said solemnly: “Don’t say anything else first, tell me how you figured it out!”

In the face of Chu Yoo-woo’s query, Suko Yun smiled.

It’s really just a guess of Suko Yun.

After all, it’s all too coincidence.

Su Family had a Chamber of Commerce when it was most in need of funds, and then, as if it were money, it had provided Su Family with interest-free loans of up to 600 billion dollars.

If that is the case, it is understandable.

After all, Yokoo Chamber of Commerce needs to rely on Su Family to sell their goods.

It is understandable, therefore, to relinquish a portion of the profit temporarily.

But then, Yokoo Chamber of Commerce, crazy loan to Su Family’s brother.

And it was a two-dimensional profit in the moon, which had to be doubted if it was a conspiracy.

The most doubtful is when Su Family three Supreme Elder comes to the door.

Yokoo Chamber of Commerce is in a very painful situation, transforming over 500 billion interest-free loans into interest-free loans! Try this world. Do you have free lunch?

What makes Yokoo Chamber of Commerce so believe Su Family.

How dare you dare to lend them 1.2 trillion! Honestly, you don’t even believe in Su Family so much. If that 1.2 trillion, it’s Suko Cloud’s own.

He didn’t have to lend so much money to Su Family without interest.

Why would an outsider do that?


‘s too much doubt about thinking about it all the way down.

But these are secondary.

One of

the biggest doubts, actually, has been there.

Yokoo Chamber of Commerce! What do you mean?

Isn’t it clear that this is the Chamber of Commerce of Zhou Yongwoo?

Although most people, in any case, cannot link Yokohama Chamber of Commerce, a rich and hostile State, to Ju Yongwoo, born of beggar.

But doubt it, it’s always okay.

With the wisdom of Suko cloud, once he suspects, a lot of things can be pushed out.

Though inside, no matter what, Suko Yun knows that his suspicion, at least 50 percent probability, will be true! Listen to Suko Yun’s story, Jung-woo slapped on his face.

It’s too loyal, and sometimes it’s good.

It’s not… that Zheng Xiaoyuang, the next consciousness comes up with the name of Yokohama Chamber of Commerce.

The name is to announce that this Chamber of Commerce is the real owner.

Too loyal, even with the wisdom of Zheng Xiaoqiao.

Yokoo Chamber of Commerce! Isn’t it clear that this is Chu Yongwoo’s Chamber of Commerce?

Look at Chu Yongwoo’s face.

In Suko Yun’s heart, the horror is far greater than curiosity.

He never thought that Zhou Yongwoo was in the dark with such a murder! There’s Yokoo Chamber of Commerce, and even if he succeeded in taking the sheep Sword Sect position, he’s not a stable winner! “I’ve already admitted losing, and I know for you, now I want to know what you left behind for Su Family.”

Look at Suko Cloud’s face and ask for a look.

Ju Yongwoo can’t sigh.

If he were Suko Yun, he would want to know all about it.

Even if he loses, he loses.

At least, you have to figure out how you lost.

Thought for a little while, Jung-woo still chose to be honest.

Since he followed him, he must give him sufficient confidence.

You know, suspects don’t have to. Users don’t.

If that is not possible, don’t get out of here.

No future, no future!

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