Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3791

The great cause has never been built by one person.

It takes a group of people, gays, clusters of effort to make it possible.

What do you mean, a fence, three stakes, a good guy, three gangs.

There’s not enough subordinate support, even if you’re so strong, you can’t do anything major event.

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There’s no way to stand on the floor and be climatic.

Between thinking, Ju Yokota: “Yes, that Yokohama Chamber of Commerce, is indeed the chess I put down.”

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Now, what if Su Family looks broken?

Debt is already owed, and it’s gone back to dust.

Listen to Chu Yoo-woo, Suzuko’s confusion: “Can’t you be so kind?

What else did you ambush? ”

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careful sense of demonic energy fluctuations.

Confirm that there is no one else within a thousand metres.

Ju Yongwoo, that’s the only way to lower your voice and explain it carefully.

Say it, it’s actually simple.

Chu Yoo-woo’s money, effort, resources, all true.

He was really hoping that Su Family would be free from the island and build a perfect city.

Deeply looking at Suzuko cloud, Ju Yokota: “The day I was built off the island, I was going to plunder it in my way, so that the island would be mine!”

“Lost the island, your Su Family was completely lost.”

With 1.2 trillion debts, Zhou Yokoo will confiscate all the industries of Su Family and Sheep Island for the payment of Su Family debt.

Listen, Zhu Yoo-woo, the brain of Suzuko Clouds is not working enough.

We’re in Su Family’s free island. You said you could take it?

“Frankly, I can unite the Snake Corps to take off the island, so how do you Su Family resist?”

You! It was so appalling that Suko Yun was completely shocked by Zhou Yokoo.

Unbelievable looking at Ju Yongwoo, Suzuko Clouds: “You… you dare to speak to the enemy! Are you going to die?”

In the face of Suko Yun, Chuckled and said: “No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no”

“In fact, I just enslaved a snake Legion.

And the snakes betrayed the snakes.

Can’t say I betrayed Demon Race. ”

“How can I call betrayal when I capture a group of enemies and enslave them for my own use?”

Suko Winton didn’t speak anymore.

Indeed, even if the Ministry of Military Affairs came down to investigate, it would not be possible to convict Zhou Yongwoo.

How can it be a betrayal that Zhou Yongwoo has captured a bunch of snakes and enslaved them?

But think about it… once a bunch of snakes are caught in a deserted island.

Then, before the withdrawal of those snakes, even the military, it would not be possible to launch attacks against the snakes.

Otherwise, once the sea snakes have been completely angry, the entire sheep archipelago is likely to fall.

Narcotics! It’s so poisonous… between the brain’s fast-thinking, Suko Yun quickly learned about Ju Yongwoo’s overall plan.

First, a loan was made to Su Family to help Su Family build a free island.

When the island is finished, just grab it directly.

Su Family has been busy for so long, almost dumping the land of the land that has been built, but has become someone else’s dowry.

Worst of all, Zhou Yongwoo lent Su Family money that was clearly used to build a city for Zhou Yongwo, but then Su Family had to repay it.

No money, isn’t it?

If you

don’t have the money, use Su Family’s estate to pay off the sheep island! In this way, Su Family does not have so much debt even if it is a dump.

As the Devil General, Zhu Yongwoo is fully capable of getting to the army and forcibly enforcing.

So, Su Family, from up to down, has all become a slave to Jung-woo.

Don’t pay off your debts forever! Compare Zhu Yoo-woo’s overall strategy.

Think about your own series of measures.

Between now and then, Suko Yun was kind of trying to cry.

By contrast, what Suko Yun did and what he called a strategy, how come she was home so little?

“I have one more question.”

“If I start one day in advance and formally take over the sheep Sword Sect, what will you do?”

“Su Family, relying on Sword Sect, is nothing, even if it is temporarily missing.”

“Soon, Su Family can rise and build a bigger, stronger Su Family!”

When you heard Suko Yun, Ju Yongwondon laughed.

shook the head, Juo Yokota: “Even if you control the sheep Sword Sect, there’s no use.”

“You’ve been ignoring the army, you know, outside the sheep island, and there’s a military department!”


you heard Ju Yongwoo, Suzuko was staring at his eyes.

Unbelievable, looking at Ju Yokota: “Are you kidding me?

It’s a magician who’s stationed on Lamb Island! ”

“Don’t tell me you’re going to challenge the handsome!”

laughed, Chu Yongwoo’s head: “I told you, you’ve been ignoring the presence of the army.”

“Who told you that it must be a handsome man to be stationed here!”

Look at Zhou Yongwoo, Suko Yun is completely confused.

Look at Suko Cloud’s mist, Chu Yongwoo can’t shake it: “It’s not your fault, after all, that even if the other side is the devil of 60 Devil Body, it’s not what you can beat now.”

Suko Yun never paid attention to military matters.

Actually, there’s a reason for the incident.

Normally, the highest rank of the army stationed in the sheep islands must be the most handsome! But, in fact, the loaf of the sheep archipelago is actually a cold door.

No one would ever come here to serve.

Those hot doors, a bunch of demons will fight there.

And those cold doors, on the contrary, they don’t want to come.

Most positions in Imperial Capital are very hot.

Being Imperial Capital, there’s too much benefits, too much resources.

Most importantly, in Imperial Capital, too many arteries can be built.

And far away, a deserted sheep archipelago, it’s called chicken, no eggs, no shit.

Unless it’s fatigue, who won’t be a thousand miles away from here! Indeed, the supreme military leader now stationed in the sheep islands is nothing but a major mistake that has been assigned to the devil here.

For positions in the Department of Military Affairs, there are usually two situations.

Those more enthusiastic positions are usually well suited.

All you

need is a gateway that the devil will be stationed, possibly a magician! Those posts that compare Cold Sect would be underqualified.

The gates that clearly require the presence of a handsome magician may only be a magician! The devil, though difficult to do, is better than empty. In fact, the highest military commander in the sheep islands is not a magician.

And it’s just a demon, his Devil Body, and only 60! Therefore, Zhou Yongwoo is a challenge and a victory.

As for Suko Clouds… the reason he didn’t notice this was also a cause of events.

Until today, Devil Body of Suko Cloud was only 53.

What if we know about this?

He will never be able to defeat the devil.

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