Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3794

Suko Yun did it, but it wasn’t very leakage.

In order to be in position as soon as possible, he forcibly challenged the old Sect Master and tried to expel him from the sheep Sword Sect.

Now Old Sect Master has sworn allegiance to Zhou Yoo-woo.

Killing his head will never betray him.

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So how can Zhou Yongwoo eat his own words and unload the donkey?

If Chu Yongwoo did so, he wouldn’t have to say anyone else, but Suko Yun would have to defend Zhou Yongwoo.

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And whoever does so will be faithful to him.


can’t say that one day, I’ll be tortured to kill a donkey.

The situation now is between Suko Cloud and Old Sect Master, which cannot be erased.

Hard for Suko Clouds to manage old Sect Master.

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So Jung-woo, Su Yun, old Sect Master, are all very embarrassing and very difficult.

In that case, that would be less military separatism.

Ju Yongwoo, as a communist, has full jurisdiction over all military and political affairs in the sheep islands.

And Suko Yun and Old Sect Master, who are in charge of master and disciple, are in charge of the military and political affairs of the sheep islands, respectively.

There’s basically no contact with each other.

There is hardly any cross-section between the competencies of each other.

If there is to be contact, Suko cloud and old Sect Master do not need to contact each other.

It’s perfectly possible to do everything through the six gates of Sword Sect.

For example, the Ministry of Military Affairs lacks funds or supplies to reach out directly to the six gates.

By Jung Xiayo, Ju Xiaoqiao, Shih, Juda Chang, Gao Yi, and the six Jen River, they are responsible for good offices from among them.

In fact, these six gates are the core of the real rights of the sheep island.

Suko Yun and Old Sect Master, although responsible for actual politics and military decision-making.

But all the wealth and materials of the sheep island are in the hands of six sects.

Various mineral resources are in the hands of Judachang, the head of the studio.

Various medicine ingredients resources are in the hands of the main stone h in the Dan Hall.

All financial powers are in the hands of the head of the law enforcement hall, Jung Xiaoqiao.


it’s Suko Clouds or Old Sect Master.

Whether they want money or goods.

All of them have to reach out to these six chapters.

And the lord of the six main halls, who are those people?

Zhu Xiaoqiao, Shih, Juda Chang, Gao Yi, the river is all the iron poles of Zhu Yongwoo who killed their heads with death and refused to betray the existence of Ju Yoon.

Through these six people, Zhou Yongwoo has six gates.

Through the six gates, Juo Yokou will take all the wealth and materials of the entire sheep islands.

A brain, all loaded in your pocket.

As for Suko Yun and Old Chancellor Zhu, he was only responsible for managing, but not the owner of all.

In particular, Zheng Xiaoqiao has the status of Supreme Ex − is > tence throughout the sheep islands.


long as it is within the sheep archipelago, the law enforcement hall of Zheng Xiaoqiao can pass.

With the exception of Suko Clouds and Old Sect Master, no one can find out.

There is no place for her to enter and interfere.

Thus, the sheep archipelago is, in fact, not just a military separation, but a three-pronged regime that separates the old Sect Master from the power of the army, and the three powers of Zheng Xiaoqiao, which are the supreme authority.

Only Zhu Yoo-woo is responsible.

The separation of powers is an inexplicable option made by Zhou Yokoo in compelling circumstances.

As for the practical effect, Juo Yokoo is not known.

The contradiction between Suko Clouds and Old Sect Master has become irreconcilable.

Ju Yongwoo can only use six gates as buffer zones.

And through the six lobby lords, help him take care of all the properties.

Especially Zheng Xiaoyuan, his Chief Steward.

Not only are they in charge of financial power, but they are also in charge of the law enforcement hall to help Zhou Yokoo look after it.

To avoid being corrupted by those bugs.

At the same time, the promotion of Jung Xiaoqiao to the highest level of power and the dedication of those who fell from the poorest of Ju Yongwoo to follow him faithfully.

Since the end of Ju Yongwoo, only six people have been following Ju Yongwoo.

Zhu Xiaoqiao, Zheng Xiao Yong, Shih, Juda Chang, Gao Yi, Jen River.

These six men, Ju Yongwoo, cannot fail in any case.

In contrast, the old Sect Master and Suko Clouds, whether capable or qualified, are far from comparable to the six.

But in the eyes of Ju Yoo-woo, these six are his dead party.

即便全World 都背叛了他。

At least, there are six of them who will stand by themselves.

As a result, Zhou Yongwoo, while separating the regime and the military, is completely separated.

But fiscal power, as well as law enforcement powers, remains in hand.

Moreover, all the wealth and resources of the sheep islands are under the control of the six.

As for the six, it is also necessary to appoint Zheng Xiaoyang as Lord Dinified for law enforcement.

Judas Chang and Shih, are interested in law enforcement not at all.

They prefer pill concocting and exercise, and they don’t have much thought to do with other things.

Takasu and the Jen River, these two guys are basically two pure wives.

Even if they manage, they don’t have to have that ability.

The rest is Chu Xiaoqiao and Zheng Xiaoqiao.

Zhu Xiaoqiao has a good character and is not in a position to run the law enforcement hall.

Otherwise, even if they were in violation of the law, Jun Xiaoqiao would not have been able to take them down.

Even in the instant killing of the law enforcement hall, the supreme authority is responsible only for Zhou Yongwoo.

Even if the target is Suko Cloud and Old Sect Master, they have the right to investigate and prosecute.


only thing that law enforcement does not have is the right to cut off Suko cloud and old Sect Master.

If Suko Yun and Old Sect Master made mistakes.

Zheng Xiaoqiao can report to Ju Yongwoo and launch a bullet on both people.


any case, Ju Yongwoo will give two people an opportunity to explain.

Even if the two people had made a mistake, that would give each other the opportunity to do their part on the basis of the gravity of the error.

Alternatively, the two persons were expelled directly unless they committed a serious crime.

Otherwise, Jung-woo would not have executed both of them.

Listen, Jung-woo opens his mouth and doesn’t hide his story.

Suko Clouds don’t have to be dark nodded though Zhu Yongwoo’s approach is a little selfish.

But selfishness is what humankind calls it, what people do, what they destroy, and it’s not bullshit.

The most admirable of all is that Zhou Yokoo shined and put everything on the stage.

Make everything clear.

Everyone knows the bottom line of Zhu Yoo-woo.

So everybody can let go of their shoulders and fight.

Don’t worry about that, worry about that.

Now that the contradiction between Suko Clouds and Old Sect Master is irreconcilable, don’t reconcile.

You guys take care of each other, and don’t touch each other.

Everything goes to the six gates and is reviewed and approved by the six gates.

Only six lobby reviews were adopted and formally approved.

Then they can do it boldly.

Even if anything, it’s about the six main gates.

The lord of the six cathedrals, it’s all brother and brother sisters in Zhou Yongwoo.

Even if they did something wrong, Jung-woo wouldn’t blame them.

And as long as the six lobbys refuse, don’t do anything once it really pisses off the six lobbys.

That would be the anger of Zhou Yoo-woo.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

In a sound, the first furnace of medicine pill is out of the oven.

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