Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3798

Count it…

Of the six partners in Zhou Yongwoo, the only one who could defeat Suko Yun is Takasu!

Takasu, possessing the power of the devil to become violent.

One Blade can erupt three times the storm.

Hey, a little less! I like to ask you to collect the fastest speed of renewal of the Ramadan Court.

If that were the case, that would be far from enough.

But, you know, Zhou Yongwoo killed Wu Wai Po after he was out of purgatory.

Shit, a little less! Ramadan Court www.zhaishuyuan.com, update the latest chapter!

Once this indefinite riot is handed over to Takayi refining.

Then, once the ultimate legacy begins, every hit by Takasu will be nine times the storm!

That’s all, Takasu, although he can confront Suko Clouds.

But it’s still very difficult to defeat him.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.


‘s horrible that the devil can be violent with the infinite atrocities.

Number one Blade goes down, that’s 327 times the storm.


second knife goes down, it’s sixty-nine, fifty-four times the storm.


third knife goes down, it’s 81 times the storm.

As soon as possible, the Devil Body segment of Takasu will be upgraded.

Eighty-one times the storm, even if Devil Body is 10 degrees tall, it can’t be resisted!

On time and again, Zhou Yokoo finally made a decision.

It appears that only the ultimate legacy can confront the ultimate legacy.


So, after Zhou Yongwoo decided, the first time someone called Takasu.

As for the servants of Takasu, they will be here soon.

As soon as we get into Sword Pavilion, we walk a few steps, and turn around and kneel.


See this scene, Zhou Yokoo rushed out right hand, trying to stop.

Although Takasu has always been a servant of Zhou Yoo-woo.

但是朱横宇对他,却一直是当brother 去对待的。

So, like kneeling like that, that’s not necessary.

However, in the face of Ju Yongwoo’s obstruction, Takasu is simply not taking care of it.

Kneel on your knees, bow on your knees, bow on your knees, bow on your knees.

Chu Yongwoo laughed and said, “You guys, why is that necessary? Let’s get out of here.”

Rising up from the ground, looking seriously at Ju Yongwoo, and Takasu’s morality: “This is not the time when your status and status are completely different, is it?”

As you know, rules and ceremonies are powerful instruments.

If everyone sees Ju Yongwoo, all frivolous, no small.

So, who’s gonna come from inside, respect, even fear Zhou Yoo-woo?

As a princess, isn’t it strong?

In the face of Takasu, Jung-woo frowns thought for a while.

Eventually, I had to admit he was right.

As a superior, it can’t be frivolous every day.

Not a single rule.

If everyone sees Chu Yongwoo, all frivolous, how can hu hu, then this Sword Pavilion Great hall, I’m afraid, becomes a pub.

Ju Yongwoo’s magnitude will never be built.


this way, what’s all over Ju Yongwoo isn’t a bunch of crowds?

It doesn’t matter. There’s no rules. It’s not square!

If you want to be major event, you have to set the rules.

Amazing looking at Takasu, Ju Yokota: “Well, I can’t believe you’re a rough guy.”

Hear Ju Yongwoo’s exaggeration, the bitter face of Goetheton.

Look at Ju Yongwoo, Takasu:

“I do look like a reckless man, even though I’m five or three times older.”

“But in fact, I’m not stupid or stupid! I’m not as smart as Zheng Xiaoya, but the gap is not that big.”


Hear Takasu, Jung Yongwondon was silent.

It is.

Takasu, Zheng Xiaoyuan, Jane River, but Ju Yongwoo, out of hundreds of thousands of Mountains disciple, is a brilliant man.

They’re not just, but Bloodline is pure.

Most importantly, these three guys have superior wisdom.

If you say Jung Xiaoqiao’s intellect, up to 200.

So high and simple, there are at least one hundred and ninety intellectuals.

The gap is, but it’s basically the same.

Now, Ju Yongwoo feels the smartest of yoga, but it’s just Jung Xiaoqiao and he have the most time.

Takasu and Jane River, who had no chance of showing up, had been defined as close bodyguards by Jung Yokoo, Hmm?

But from the start to finish, Takamoto and the Jen River, there has never been a low level of intelligence.

They just don’t have a chance to show their wisdom.

Consider carefully that the wisdom of the Takasu and the Jen River is not necessarily worse than Suko Yun.

The only thing they’re less than Suko Yun is magic relatives and degrees.

But now, with the help of Ju Yongwoo, their magic relatives and degrees are above the clouds of Suko, not under the clouds of Suko.

Stay there, Jung-woo’s brain, running fast.

Think about it…


biggest gap between Takasu and Suko clouds is actually three.

The first is learning and maintenance.

Takasu is, after all, a common family and has always been limited in terms of nurturing and education from a young age.

By contrast, Suko Clouds is Winvenya, the rich guy Young Master, who learns five cars.

And there is a shortage of learning and maintenance, rhetoric and behavior.

The second is to inherit magic and magic.

Suko clouds have not only the ultimate legacy – unlimited.

More through arrows, impact arrows, shock arrows, such perfect matching.

This is Zheng Xiaoyang, Takayi, Jane River, absolutely not.

The third is family and costume.

Su Yun came from Su Family, born to give people a feeling of height.

And Takasu comes from a common family, born with a sense of reckless.

And there’s a big difference in the costume.

Suko Clouds don’t have to do anything, just stand there and give a sense of elite.

And if Takasu doesn’t do anything, and if he’s standing there, people just think he’s a butcher who kills pigs!

But in fact, is Takasu really worse than Suko Yun?

Not really.

Suko Yun’s innate talent is balanced.

Power, speed, patience, intelligence, all very high.

And the innate talent is power!

Even though speed, patience, intelligence, height is not low.

But in contrast, his strongest is power.

Almost no one was his opponent under close combat.

Even Suko Yun and Ju Yongwoo are no exception.

The three main gaps, in fact, can be bridged.

Learning and maintenance, Ben will be here the day after tomorrow.

Now it’s bad. It doesn’t mean the future is bad.

As for the transfer of magic, Chu Yongwoo can totally help Takasu!

As for the family and the clothing, that is all the more useless.

It’s just the first feeling.


matter how good your family is, the costume is beautiful.

Actually, people are the same person. There’s no change.

Your family and your costumes will not make you strong.

Nor will you make your knowledge richer.

… therefore… in terms of potential alone.

Takamoto is absolutely not under Suko Clouds.

Maybe the style of both people is different.

But as martial artist, both have the same potential.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

Between thinking, Ju Yongwoo looked up and looked at the past.

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