Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3799

Deeply looking at Takasu, Jung-woo’s serious saying, “Now that you’re so confident, I’ll give you a chance!”

Give me a chance?

Hear Ju Yongwoo, Gao Yitton’s face was confused.

nodded, Zhu Yongwoo goes on the road: “Soon I’m leaving the sheep islands and going to Imperial Capital.”

Hey, a little less! I like to ask you to collect the fastest speed of renewal of the Ramadan Court.

“What is this…”

When you heard Ju Yongwoo, Gao Yitton woke up.

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Suko Yun has been the devil, and Devil Body has been upgraded to 61.

Most importantly, Suko Yun also has the ultimate inheritance, as well as a full set of inheritance techniques.

How do we fight this?

Look seriously at Takasu, Ju Yokota: “If I want to nurture you, I will naturally give you the ability to confront it.”

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.



you heard Ju Yoo-woo, Gao Yi stood up with his chest:

“Even now, I have the courage to fight him, but I do not have to win.”

Smile and look at Takasu, Chu Yongwoo.

“What you lack now is confidence.”

“It doesn’t matter. You don’t have confidence. I give you confidence.”

Between words, Zhu Yongwoo stood up and walked towards the temple of Sword Pavilion with Takasu.

In the

left-hand temple of Sword Pavilion, it was created by Zhou Yoo-woo himself – the inheritance cabinet!

This time, the sheep has acquired more than a hundred and thirty legendary balls!

At this moment…

The more than 100 heinous balls are stored in the cabinet.

No one is allowed to enter without Ju Yoo-woo.

Watching Ju Yongwoo lead the way into the temple…

Between now and then, Gao Yighton started shining his eyes.

That heir, he knows.

Obviously, Chu Yongwoo is going to help him pick a few legacy tricks and completely arm him up.

Under Ju Yoo-woo’s leadership.

Takasu’s eyes were shining, and he walked into the inheritance cabinet with great excitement.

Go to a stone wall before.

Look at that stone wall, and there’s a dent.

Within the sink, there’s each and everyone glittering and translucent crystal boxes.

The crystal box is full of magic!

More than 100 heinous balls have been known in detail by Zhou Yokoo.

So even if he doesn’t touch, he knows what function every passing ball is.


Take a crystal box from stone wall’s dent.

Turn around, Ju Yongwoo, and pass that crystal box over to Gao Yi.

So excited to pick up the crystal box, and it’s so much to expect, and it’s coming up.

Put that magic ball in your hand, and with a careful sense, Goetheton was brightening his eyes.

The devil can spin!

The body chops up, the sky spins, and when it falls down, the target is chopped back!

Looking at the inheritance of magic in hand, Goetheton shined his eyes.

With this devil spinning, he can swing and rush into Suko cloud and hit him with a violent blow.

But think about Suko Yun’s inheritance magic, and Takasu Woo still has little faith.

Nakasu looked at Ju Yongwoo, Takasu, and said, “The Suzuko cloud had a bomb arrow, and I was shot back.”

Chu Yongwoo smiled and walked all the way between, and again took a crystal box out of the floor of the wall. Send the past to Takasu.

Take that crystal box, the high-profile, open the crystal box.


devil can swallow!


life force and energy to absorb the single targets within the ten meters to treat their own injuries have led the target to weakness.

Vulnerability, speed and power can be significantly reduced.

However, this weakness is only temporary.

With demonic energy and Bloodline shifting, each other will recover from weakness as long as three rest hours.

Look at this heinous ball, it’s not possible to sigh.

This devil can swallow, it’s really strong, it’s too bad!

Not only can it significantly reduce each other’s speed and strength.

It is better to recover and treat its own injuries.

Close your eyes and think.

Takamoto is first a devil who can circle and move into front of the target.

Then open up the devil and kill it with a knife and a knife.

If each other tries to escape, first degree demons can swallow, weaken each other and treat themselves.

In this way, before Takasu cut off three knives, each other could not escape at all.

It is clear, however, that even if the devil could swallow it, Takasu is not the opponent of Suko Yun.

There’s a bomb arrow in there, and even if he pulls close, it doesn’t work.

I’m afraid I’ll be bombed by an arrow when I land!

And the Devil Body of Suko Cloud has 61 paragraphs.

Once demonized, the demon Battle Physique, more than sixty-nine Devil Body.

So big a gap, even if you’re close, what if you’re close?

Can you expect him to break the Suzuko cloud between three and two knives?

Looking at Takasu remains impatient.

Zhu Yongwoo can’t afford shook the head.

He also knows that Suko Yun is not that easy to win.

Or is it that the ultimate inheritance can only be confronted with the ultimate inheritance?

Between thinking, between Jung-woo right hand, a glittering and translucent crystal box appeared in front of the tall sense.

“With this Crystal Ball, you have the money to fight Suko Yun.” ”

How is that possible?

Looking at Ju Yongwoo, the fog water on the top of Takasu.

It’s time to start refining, though.

But he’s already used three great inheritance techniques.

The devil is fierce, and the devil swallows, and the devil turns around, and occupies the positions of primary, medium, and high inheritance.

Even if you give him a fourth one, he can’t refining!

Do you think…

Is this the fourth inheritance of the magic ball that Zhu Yoo-woo sent over?

The trembling extended the hand, Takayi cautiously took over that crystal box.

A little bit between detection, when Goetheton wakes up.

The ultimate inheritance!

It’s the end of life!

The most exhilarating thing to do is that it’s still best for his ultimate legacy – indefinite riots!

You know…


greatest feature of the tall sense is the power of an unparalleled nature.

And magic, and indefinite violence, are all based on power inheritance magic.

Both magic and indefinite atrocities are based on their power to upgrade the inheritance techniques of harm.

Take the example of indefinite riots…

If power is 10, the damage caused is 10.

With the increase of nine times the indefinite riots, every attack in the high sense would have caused ninety damage.

And Takasu is different, and his strength is not ten, but 100!

Each of his attacks will explode with 900 injuries under the indefinite surge of fanaticism.

It’s also a magic storm, and an indefinite storm.

If it’s given to the Jen River, the Ming Chu will cast.

In fact, indefinite riots are not suitable for Wu Wai Po.

Wu Wai Chu and Su Yun are balanced martial artist.

They are not small, but they are absolutely small.

If the power of Takasu is 100.

So Wu Wai Po, and Suzuko Clouds, have no more than seventy-eighty.

Even though it is not impossible to use indefinite riots.

但是却绝对不是最适合这个传承魔技的cultivator 。


God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.


may be searches for the entire sheep and no longer be found more suitable for indefinite atrocities than Takasu.

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