Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3800

A trembling grasp of the indefinite ravages in the hands of the devil ball.

The body of the Takasu is trembling.

With this infinite storm, with the power of the devil, the power of the devil to swallow, and the power of the devil to swing around.

He really has the potential to defeat Suko Yun!

Hey, a little less! I like to ask you to collect the fastest speed of renewal of the Ramadan Court.

But in fact, what if they were bombed?

If Gao Yi seizes his chances…

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Once the circle across 100 meters goes down, it causes 81 times destruction.


long as Suko cloud Devil Body is not too taller than he is, it is absolutely impossible to resist.

One shot, even if it can’t be killed, will be enough to create it again.


God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

If Suzuko Clouds are the right thing to catch, they’re the most skilled.

Every time Takasu is blown out in time.

Takasu is still about to lose in Suko Yun’s hands.

But, well, Jung-woo didn’t intend to create a presence that could crush the Suko cloud.

Unless Zhou Yongwoo sends the shield to Gao Yi.

Otherwise, fighting between Takasu and Suko clouds is destined to fall.

Don’t say Takasu, if you don’t need a turtle shield, theoretically there’s nothing to do with Chu Yokoo.


For Ju Yongwoo, Takasu is enough if he can fight Suzuko clouds and have the potential to defeat Suko cloud.

If one day, Takasu can crush the Suko cloud, but not good.

That proves that there is still a loophole in Suko Yun’s system of combat.

If there is a loophole, it must be filled.

If Suko Yun can’t fix it himself, Jung-woo will help him.

Between thinking, Ju Yongwoo’s hand waved, took out a scarlet-red, all sealed up.

This suit, Suko Clouds, has a set.

It’s Suko Yun who captured the purgatory armor from Wu Wai Chu and his companions!

Send the purgatory suits to Takasu.


Although in a short period of time, Takasu will certainly not be able to catch Suko Yun.


gap between the two Devil Body is too big.

Even if it were eighty-one times the storm, it was difficult to cause too much damage to Suko Clouds.

But don’t worry, Jung-woo cares, not yet.

Over the next six years, Takasu has assiduous cultivation while taking charge of the sword hall.

Six years later, Takasu will participate as Deputy General Zhu Yongwoo in the examination of incomplete purgation.

In any case, Takasu must seize an ancient magic fruit.

The gap between Takasu and Suko clouds will be significantly narrowed once it becomes a magician.

With Ju Yongwoo’s intentions, it’s even possible to counteract Suko Clouds.

As for the Jen River and Zheng Xiayo, only for the time being can be put on hold.

Without the ultimate legacy that fits them, even if they go into endless purgation, they will never rob the ancient magic fruits.

For the time being

Only high-profile luck was better and succeeded in an indefinite and violent legacy.

So, for the time being, only he has the opportunity to rob ancient magic fruits.

Over the next six years, Takasu is the target of the sheep islands, fully cultivated!

With three legendary balls, and the purgatory costume, high eyes, tears and noble eyes at Ju Yokoo.

He’s worth his whole life after such a gracious princess!

You know, if it’s someone else, having such a strong baby, it’s absolutely impossible to give it to an outsider.

Even if there are more, they will be saved and left to their children.


fact, Su Family, where Su Yun is, they’ve already got a whole set of inheritance magic.

It includes intermediate inheritance, unlimited lockdown!

But, in fact, Su Family kept the middle inheritance locked in the treasury until the family brother, there was a super genius like Suko Yun.

And looking back at Jung-woo, he’s really taking everybody as a brother when brother.

Even if it were precious and scarce treasure, he would not be manrdly.

He’ll give it to you!

Look at the tall quail, hold three crystal boxes tightly, and look like a purgatory costume.

Ju Yongwoo can’t laugh.

It’s not easy to let a man like Takasu cry.

Between thinking, Ju Yokota:

“Well, you go back to refining these three legendary balls.”

“When you refining the magic ball, I’ll send you a lot of medicine pill to help you upgrade Devil Body to 50!”

Hear Ju Yongwoo, Takasu, push nodded.

There was no further comment, turning around and leaving.

A lot of things that can only be done, can’t be said.

Ju Yongwoo was not only gracious to him, but more gracious to him.

What do you mean, Dawn can’t say thank you.

Or death for those who know.

Only powder is the only way.

And these things, if they say it with your mouth, are too light.


only thing Takasu is thinking about right now is how assiduous cultivation is.

Anyway, six years later, he had to grab that ancient manga.

By that time, he could be promoted to the devil.

He could be Ju Yongwoo, second member of the devil.

Come on, Jung-woo at that time, I think he’s already a magician.

A magician is handsome with the two demons.

And between them is the balance.

Nothing better than that anymore.

送走了高鹏义之后,朱横宇回到了pill concocting 室。

And then what Ju Yongwoo has to do is pill concocting.


the vault of Sword Sect, the sheep accumulates spiritual grass, spiritual medicine, Spirit Fruit…

With the nine songs Spirit Dragon, Zhou Yokoo intends to spend some time refining these medicine ingredients into upgrading Devil Body and increasing Devil Body strength medicine pill.

As for the users of these medicine pills, of course, the six partners in Zhou Yoo-woo.

Except for them, no one is eligible to have Zhou Yokoo physically refine medicine pill for them.

It took more than a month, and Zhou Yokoo finally hoarded the medicine ingredients of the sheep Sword Sect, all refined into medicine pill.

So far, all of Ju Yongwoo’s work is finally done.

Although Zhu Yongwoo has been busy all the time, it’s really too much.

Until now, we’ll have to do all the things we have to do.

Used to be, Zhou Yongwoo was planning to go back to Lamb Heart Island.

But at this point, Sooksu Yun sent a man over here and asked Jung-woo to go to the army!


the face of Suko Yun’s invitation, Zhou Yongwoo was frowned first.

You know, Jung-woo is the master.

If Suko Yun wants to see him, that’s what has to be done.

But now it’s good to have only one subpoena send Ju Yongwoo to see him at the army!

Do you think…

Did Suko Yun float after he was the commander of the army?

If that’s true, Jung-woo would have misjudged him.


one like this can use it!

However, although there are ideas within Ju Yokoo, things have not yet been validated.


is not only by speculation that the sins of man should be shattered.

So, just a little loud, Ju Yoo-woo made a decision.

He left the sheep Sword Sect, and Zhu Yongwoo drove in the luxury of Sword Sect, and rushed over to the position of the military department.

It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Military Affairs is located at the headquarters of the sheep islands and also on the outer islands.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

On the way, it took only over an hour to reach the main gate of the military.

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