Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3801

Look at it…

On both sides of the road outside the military gates, soldiers of black armour are divided into two sides.

Only about one eye, there are 23,000 people.

The military department is in front of that powerful and ambitious gate.

Hey, a little less! I like to ask you to collect the fastest speed of renewal of the Ramadan Court.

See this scene, Ju Yongwoo.

Soon, carriage stopped.

Shit, a little less! Ramadan Court www.zhaishuyuan.com, update the latest chapter!

Adjusted the mood, made up the face.

Subsequently, Zhu Yongwoo stepped on the stool, came down from inside carriage and walked all the way towards the main entrance of the military.

Meet Zhou Yoo-woo on foot…

Next minute, the red blanket at the main gate of the military is over.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

Then, together, the two of them welcomed the past to Zhou Yongwoo.

Suko Yun! Su Xiaowen!

See you, Princess.

In Hung’s prayer, Suzuko cloud and the female cultivator with a pink clothing, while kneeling on their knees for the next week, see Zhou Yokoo.

Just one in an instant, Juo Yokoo understands a lot of things.

Obviously, Suko Yun didn’t go to see Zhou Yoo-woo himself.

I didn’t even go in person to bring Jung-woo here for the present.

Suko Yun, in front of all the men in the army, swore his loyalty.

And let everyone know that he is the Lord of Suko Clouds.

His loyalty to the princess is Zhou Yoo-woo!

You know, the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Military Affairs are there and cannot be betrayed.

If Suko Clouds hadn’t sworn in public, it would be better.

But once the oath is made, he will be the only General in his life.

Don’t think it’s easy to betray you as the devil.

You know, Suko Yun’s loyal Zhou Yoo-woo is also the devil.

And those who betray the devil will be treated as rebels.

Those who betray the army are seen as betraying Demon Race.

The betrayal of Demon Race, it’s a big crime for the Nine!

Look down on your knees, a stubborn Suzuko cloud.

Zhu Yoo-woo is not very comfortable

Nay, he didn’t see the wrong Suko cloud.

He’s a real man who can hold it, can put it down.

Chu Yongwoo didn’t think that Suko Yun could do that.

In fact, even if he didn’t do anything, Jung-woo wouldn’t blame him.

These forms of things are available to Ju Yongwoo.

But without a doubt, when Suko Yun really did.

Ju Yongwoo is still very happy and very comfortable.

Look at the Suzuki clouds on their knees.

And look at him kneeling next to him, the pink female cultivator named Su Xiaoweng.

Juo Yongwoo can’t frowned.

Sue Yun kneeled on his knees, and he was delighted and pleased.

But you know, this kneel is not that simple.


Who is Su Xiaowen?

In the face of the silence of Ju Yongwoo, Suko clouds can’t get a sweat.

He knows better than anyone why Zhou Yoo-woo is silent.

He knows more than anyone about Jung-woo.

Today’s move, although it seems, is his suko cloud vowed loyalty.

But, in fact, for Suko Yun, his move today is to strengthen the kidnapping between him and Ju Yongwoo.

Or is that…

Such a big, big leg, no need to hold on to it, it’s absolutely impossible.

The betrayal was not something he could do.

Even if he died, he could not be a cheap person.

If one day he really betrayed.

That doesn’t need to be insulted.

His self-esteem alone would suffice to torture him to death.

Once Suko Yun’s pride is gone, he’ll die even if he’s alive.

However, there is no betrayal or betrayal.

But whether attention can be paid to whether it can be reused or whether it can be regarded as the closest hand or foot by the master.

That’s totally another thing.

With the rising power of Ju Yongwoo, the power is growing.


the near future, it is known that Zhou Yongwoo is the princess, and how many are there?

He’s not the kind of man who likes to be mediocrity.

He must make every effort to be one of the closest, most trustworthy people in Zhou Yokoo.

And this move, Suko Clouds, has another purpose.

He kneels on his knees, not on his own, but on the outskirts of the sheep army, who was the most handsome in his last term.

More than a month ago, Suko Yun successfully challenged her and defeated her easily.

Usually, after being formally defeated, the last superior commander would leave the sheep island, return to Imperial Capital and accept a separate appointment from the Ministry of Military Affairs.

Alternatively, she could go to other vacant places and take office directly.

But the problem is that Su Xiaowen is guilty of serious crimes and is assigned here.

Even if she cannot be the most handsome, she must remain on the outer sheep island and cannot go anywhere.

speaking of that, it’s Soo-Wan, and it’s femme fatale.

Thousands of years ago, as Eldest Young Lady of Su Family.

Su Xiaowen was fully cultivated by Su Family and successfully grabbed an ancient magic fruit.

The promotions became the new spirits.

Usually, for Su Family and Su Xiaoxing, it was absolutely a great pleasure.

But never thought that Su Xiaowen was so beautiful.

As soon as we got into the army, we got a bunch of buffalo flies.

A bunch of old cards will, after a fight, pursue Su Xiaoxing and try to collect her account.

Faced with this, Su Xiaowen is very annoying.

It’s worth mentioning…

Su Xiao-Wan’s beauty is not really the most important reason for a crazy pursuit.


‘s a lot of beautiful women in this world.

Otherwise, the Imperial Capital is now eight beauties, and none of us sucks at Su Xiaowen.

However, Imperial Capital, although beautiful, will never provoke the impulse of all demons.

After all…


identity of General Su Xiao-Wan is the most important.

If you marry a demon, what does that mean?

What does that mean?

That’s why, even now, Suzuko clouds and Ju Yongwoo are not too clear.

But those old cards will not be clear.

Su Xiaowen’s appearance is really hard for the devils.

Not only does it have superpower, but it’s more beautiful.

Once married to a wife like this, it’s a dream that makes you laugh.

Unfortunately, Su Xiaowen is so good.

So inside, it must be proud and arrogant.

In Su Xiaowen’s mind, you can match yourself, but it’s definitely shocking and stunning.

That’s not just strong.

It’s not just handsome.

Most importantly, there must be content, there must be talent.

Speak straight, she must be allowed to see, and she’ll like it.

Thus, in the face of everyone’s quest, Su Xiaoxing refused.

But the old magic generals, where are they so good at refusing?

A fight of death, even in the dark, is forced by power.

And even try to cook rice into maturity!

As a result, Su Xiaoweng is not a bully.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

Then Su Xiao-Wan finally couldn’t resist the medicine and fell asleep.

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