Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3802

Once it was completely asleep.

A beautiful woman like Su Xiaowen is basically hard to keep clean.

However, Su Xiaowen is the devil general after all.

When she was unconscious, she tried to kill the devil who drugged her.

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So, even though Su Xiaowen is unconscious, no one dares to give her half a finger.

And even, no one dares to be near the Ten meters around Su Xiaowen.

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The Ministry of Military Affairs also dispatched an investigation team to investigate the matter thoroughly during the first time.

Things go through, naturally, without the military.

Say it, that’s a story of a guy who couldn’t do it, tried to get poisoned, cooked rice, and was unfortunately killed.

Such a thing, wherever it is, Su Xiaowen is doing too much.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

Su Xiao-Wan’s opponent is still overreacting.

Especially now, the Ministry of Military Affairs is fully committed to safeguarding the life of the devil.


long as it is not a major crime to betray Demon Race, it will not be executed.

Su Xiao-Wan killed his opponent, which is contrary to that purpose.

In the view of the Ministry of Military Affairs, each other, although guilty, does not die.

Su Xiao-Wan has disobeyed the orders of the army and killed the devil general, and must be punished with a severe punishment! Only then can other demons be warned that they will not be able to do it easily.

No matter how justifiable they are.

No matter how damn they look.

Anyway, as long as that devil will not betray Demon Race.

Then kill the Devil General, and he will be punished! In this regard, Su Xiao-Wan was assigned to the outer sheep island to serve as the handsome leader of the outer sheep island.

Su Xiao-Wan has been abundantly brief since he arrived on the island.

It’s basically not very manageable about the military department.

Even if the annual ocean disaster were to be arranged and processed by the old Sect Master.

And that’s why you don’t even know about Suzuko Yun.

But this time is different… Suzuko Clouds is already challenging the door.


accordance with the rules of the Ministry of Military Affairs, the challenge must be accepted regardless of Su Xiaoqiao’s unwillingness.

And under the first war, Su Xiaowen lost fast.

Now, with the strength of Suko Clouds.

Even if Zhu Yongwoo is on the line, it is very scratching without the use of shields.

Besides, the others! And most importantly, this Su Xiaowen is a magician of the legal system.

And the jurist was restrained, and that’s not news.

Especially Suzuko cloud, with unlimited magic, will die of Su Xiaoxing.

Perhaps the general population, it is not quite clear how horrible it is to lock unlimited.

In the ultimatum line, unlimited ranking is far above unlimited fire! And it’s not half a bit tall, it’s a lot higher! The greatest feature of unlimited locks is that once the attack is launched, it will inevitably be killed.

If Zhu Yongwoo’s devil is forbidden, it is linked to unlimited locks.

So every magic that Ju Yongwoo sends can be forbidden and must be targeted.

Once ordered, the opponent is bound to be banned from 3 breaths time.

Imagine how horrible it is! Of course, unlimited locks are still far from enough.

Except for unlimited locks, Suko cloud’s strongest magic is not an earthquake arrow and a shock arrow.

Indeed, earthquake arrows and impact arrows are only ancillary magic techniques.

It’s the existence of other magic techniques, not the core.

The core magic of Suko Cloud is through the arrow! Although Suko cloud is not at all unlimited firepower, similar earthquake arrows and assault arrows cannot be launched continuously.

But not through arrows.

Suko cloud penetration arrows can be launched continuously.

The frequency of its launch, even faster and more frequent than the Senrosword energy in Ju Yokoo.

As for formidable power through arrows, it is a fixed three-fold increase in penetration.


that case alone, this penetration is just a normal one.

But in fact, this formidable power in arrows can be increased through bows and arrows.

The range through which the arrow is penetrated can also be extended by the increase in the arc and arrow.

So, when Suko Yun is fighting, he can totally arrow out the serial jewelry.

Every formidable power in the arrow is incomparable gigantic.

No personal conversation, never knowing how powerful Suko Clouds are.

Su Xiao-Wan felt the horror of Su Xiaoxing himself.

Under the First World War, Su Xiaowen never had the opportunity to launch an attack.

As soon as the war started, Suko clouds shot a penetrated arrow in the chest.

Faced with this arrow, Su Xiaowen is not at all.

Turn around after this arrow.

Su Xiao-Wan opened the ice shield in a moment, and between the wand, he intended to strike back.

But it was never thought that Su Xiao-Ming had moved away from the arrow lines.

But in Su Xiaoxi’s horrendous eyes, the arrow of Su’s clouds struck a lithe and graceful arc in the middle of the air, right on her right shoulder.

Su Xiaoweng’s right hand, is the hand with the wand.

Once the right shoulder has been shot, demonic energy in the body opens up instantaneously.

The imminent magic has naturally dissolved.

The most embarrassing thing about Su Xiaowen is that she’s bringing out the ice shield, which is really dont give face.

But it was only a moment, and the hole was penetrated.

Three times the increase, Suko cloud’s penetration arrows, with unparalleled penetration.

Ordinary shields, that is absolutely penetrating, completely intact.

In the face of this, Su Xiaowen still refuses to admit to losing.

Bite the silver teeth and move between them at full speed and plan to fight back.

But just a few steps out, the second arrow from Suzuko cloud crossed space again and came over.

Even though Su Xiaowen is already trying to escape.

But Suko Yun’s arrow is like a long eye.

There was a lithe and graceful arc in the middle of the air, hitting Su Xiaoweng’s right shoulder again! The second penetration arrow was launched by Su Xiao-Wan and drifted in along the ice shield with the first arrow.

And this second arrow in the arrow.

The first arrow was wiped into her right shoulder.

This is amazing! In general, people want to come… in the face of archers, only a shield can be completely defended.

But in fact, this idea is very stupid.

Unless it’s a giant tower shield, it can cover the whole body, completely.

Otherwise, as long as any part of it is revealed, it will be the target of the archers.

Two arrows in a company! And both arrows, they cut the same arc and shot the same position.

This is obviously not a coincidence.

Look across the street, Suko Cloud has taken the bow.

When you see this scene, Su Xiaowen doesn’t understand that it’s left behind.

If Suko Yun chooses not his shoulder, but his throat, or his eyes.

So at this moment, she’s Su Xiaowen is a dead body.

speaking of that… a professional in the Faculty of Law is the restraint of the shooter.

The archer’s attacking speed and frequency is famous.

And the legal profession, every spell, takes a while to accumulate and start.

Once intense attacks have occurred in the course of the law enforcement process, the law will be interrupted.

Now that the magician is so weak, why is there someone else going to fix it?

In fact, on this world, there is no absolute strength, no absolute weakness.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

But at the same time, there must be a strong side.

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