Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3803

The legal system cultivator, although single-handedly, is not very strong.

However, once the legal profession is given sufficient time, let it start spell.

Then the power of a magician alone is enough to destroy a Legion! Zheng Xiaoqiao blew up the magic flame, and within 100 meters of the square, all the goals would fall into a fire sea.

The legal cultivator, known as the magnitude of the attack.

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Although its defence capacity is low, it is also very slow.

It takes a long time for magic to be done.

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On the battlefield, the profession of the legal system is focused on protection.

You’ll never see that the French cultivator is in front of it, resisting the arrow with his body.

This Su Xiaowen is able to seize an ancient magic fruit.

Not with a strong battle capability.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

And most importantly, even a single pair, Su Xiaowen is not worthless.

After being drugged that day, Su Xiaoxing blew up and killed a demon general instantly enough to prove her strength and strength.

Su Xiao-Wan, since he is able to capture ancient magic fruits, is naturally the ultimate legacy.

Su Xiao-Wan’s ultimate legacy is infinite cold! The combination of magic that finally underpins is the ice blade, the freezing, the ice shield, and the three great inheritance magic.

With an indefinite increase in the cold, all the ice attributes of Su Xiaoqiao inherit magic are extremely cold.

First of all, ice blade! It takes a little time to do justice, and Su Xiaoweng can release nine spinning blades and cut off the enemy.

It is worth mentioning that once the nine ice blades are released, they turn around and cut each other’s body on a continuous basis.

If only nine ice blades were released, then after three, the blades would fall.

But if Su Xiaoxing releases nine ice blades again within three cents.

Then the power of the two waves of ice blades will be folded together.

As Soo Xiaowen releases more and more ice blades, gradually… will form an ice blade storm! Hundreds of ice blades spinning crazy will cause devastating extermination of the target! Although it seemed so intense that Su Xiao-Wan could only release nine ice blades once.

spell scope of the attack, covering the area, does not seem to be large.

But don’t forget, Su Xiaowen can release nine ice blades every hour.

Nine rest hours, 81 ice blades can be released.

Eighty-one ice blades can bring together an ice blade storm and kill targets crazy.

Su Xiaowen’s second legacy of magic is called a freeze.

Once implemented and centred on Su Xiao-Wan, all the goals within the square ten meters will be frozen in their places of origin.

As for the time frozen, this has changed according to the strength of both sides.

It is worth mentioning that the freeze is launched instantaneously.

The process of jus cogens is not required and can be applied instantaneously at any time.

Finally, Su Xiaowen’s third legacy of magic is called Ice Shield.

The so-called Ice Shield is a protective shield that covers Su Xiaoxing together.

Its strength and defensive power have also changed as Su Xiaoweng has changed.

If this is the only three great legacy of magic.

Su Xiao-Wan’s strength is stronger and limited.

However, once the ultimate legacy of Su Xiao-Wan is accompanied by an indefinite cold.

Everything is completely different.

Infinitely cold, very horrible! Once the infinite cold begins, each attack by Su Xiaoxing will be infested into the target body… The more times each other is ordered, the more intense it accumulates inside the body.

If, in a short period of time, Su Xiaoxing has suffered too many attacks.

So, the infinite, deep, cold-frozen effort, will freeze each other into an ice man.

When Su Xiaowen was drugged, the line would faint.

Su Xiaowen first froze the other one there.

You know, since each other has to be rude, it’s naturally in the room.

And the area of the room, which will not be too big, is completely within the scope of the magic freeze in Su Xiaoqiao.

There can be no escape, even if they want to.

After being frozen, Su Xiaoxing opened the cold indefinitely.

And then at the speed of every nine ice blades, madness was released.

Once the infinite cold has been opened, the frozen magic released by Su Xiaoxing is very horrific.

Under the same class, almost no one can break the ice immediately.

The minimum is frozen for about three days.

But in 3 breaths time, Su Xiaoxing released 27 ice blades in succession.

Numerous blades of ice have been cut crazy, and they will continue to breathe into each other’s body together with a deep and cold power.

In this way… the freezing of each other’s unseen ice, the temperature has continued to decline and the intensity has risen rapidly.

Until Su Xiaowen finally resisted the drugs and passed out completely.

Neither can they break the ice freeze.

Not only did it break the ice! That crazy hundreds of army blades continued to be cut after Su Xiao-Wang’s coma.

The guy tried to get dizzy and cook rice into maturity guys.

Hard is frozen into a hockey, and then hundreds of ice blades. When the others heard the sound, they rushed into the room.

As you can see, the room is full of fresh, thin, paper cuts.

Its horror is not seen with its own eyes, nor can it be imagined.

That’s right. That’s Su Xiaowen’s horror.

Once she’s close and frozen.

So… as long as each other can’t break the ice for the first time.

Then, under the infinite and cold power, the more frozen the reality.

Under the cutting of hundreds of ice blades, they can only be survived.


Su Xiaowen weak?

From some point of view, she’s not strong! At least, Suko cloud can easily kill her.

But isn’t Su Xiaowen strong?

From some point of view, she’s actually strong to the sky! In close proximity, even though Su Xiaoweng was approached by a hundred cultivator.

Then freeze it together.

Tie up another wave of ice blades.

Everyone, I’m afraid, will be alive.

In fact, Su Xiaowen is present at the same level as Suzuko Clouds.

If it’s far from each other, within ten meters.

Then Su Xiaowen can easily kill Su Yun.

Instead, if the two sides were far away, they would be outside ten meters.

Suzuko clouds can crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, killing Su Xiaoxing.

But as for him who is strong and weak, he can only say that he is gracious, and the wise see.

Faced with such restraint of his own Suzuki cloud.

After being challenged, Su Xiaowen has also died of counter-cyclical thinking.

Faced with Suko Yun, she couldn’t win.

Even though Suko Yun doesn’t know about himself, he wins once a while.

But soon, Suko Yun can challenge her again.

By that time, what did Su Xiao-Wan take against Su Yun?

In fact, Su Xiaoqiao has no ambition for the position of Chief Military Officer.

She is not in love with the power in her hand.

Otherwise, how could she have been abundant over the years?

Will most of the things be handed over to the old Sect Master, as well as to the army?

And most importantly, through exchanges and contacts with Suko Clouds.

Su Xiao-Wan was surprised to learn.

Su Family, the Su Xiaoxing family.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

Su Family, where Su Yun is, is just a branch of Su Family.

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