Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3804

Suko Yun and Su Xiaowen are very close and close.

Suko Yun is Su Xiao-Wan’s cousin! Although the age gap between the two is wide.

But in fact, it’s the same age.

In exchange, Su Xiaowen and Su Yun were close to a lot.

Hey, a little less! I like to ask you to collect the fastest speed of renewal of the Ramadan Court.

Su Xiao-Wan was not interested in power.

Now that Suko Yun is taking over, then give it to him.

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Suko Yun is also very pleased with this sudden cousin.

Of course, it’s like, just like, between relatives, not between men and women.

The rabbit doesn’t eat the nest grass, even the soda cloud.

Usually, only promising future, dark future cultivator.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

Real ideals, ambitions, dynamics, dry young cultivator.

Even if they like each other, they will never show, but they will be in the heart.

For ordinary person, family creation is the most common thing.

But for the ability to capture ancient magic fruits.

A young cultivator qualified for promotion to the devil.


is the only option to start up and come back home.

So, while young cultivator is often gathered together.

But in fact, those young and distinguished john.

There will be no easy contact between men and women.

Everyone’s conscious and forgotten each other’s sex, just as brother goes to communication and contact.

So don’t look at all the demons, it’s called power.

But in the relationship between men and women, they are all very serious.

For your cousin, Suko Yun would certainly not be out there.

Although a lot of secrets, Suko Clouds can’t say.

But inside, Suzuko clouds certainly want Su Xiaoxing to join Jung-woo’s throne.

This time, Suko Clouds is throwing such a big war.

In fact, it is for the public to pledge allegiance in order to strengthen the relationship with Ju Yokoo.

And Ju Yongwoo can be more reassured and trusted.

Secondly, Suko Yun actually wanted to take this opportunity to introduce his cousin to Ju Yongwoo.

It would certainly be better if we were to worship Ju Yongwoo under the Ju Gate.

Even Zhu Yoo-woo refused, it was nothing.

It is possible to create more opportunities for them.

If possible, Suko Yun would have preferred Su Xiaoweng to come with Ju Yongwoo.

If Su Xiaoweng marries Jung-woo and becomes his woman.

Whether it’s for Su Xiaowen or for Su Yun.

Even for Su Family as a whole, it’s no better.

And don’t say how Suko Yun and Su Xiaoweng think.

On the other hand… the brows tightly frowns stand there, thinking fast inside.

Just a little loud, Jung-woo made a decision.

Although, for the time being, he is not very familiar with Su Xiaoxing.

But in any case, she was pulled over by Suko Yun.

Even if he did not trust Su Xiao-Wan, he must also give Su Yun sufficient confidence.

And he kneeled on his knees, and considered him the Lord.


would be too harsh if Suko was not given sufficient confidence.

Between thinking, Zhou Yongwoong smiled, and the stretch of your hands, help two humans: “Don’t be rude… Come on, don’t be such a guest.” ”

Follow Ju Yongwoo’s hands, Suko Yun and Su Xiaoweng, while standing up.

Look at Suko Yun, look at Su Xiaowen again.

Between now and then, Ju Yongwoo won’t be able to impress.

The handsome men, the handsome women, are just like a pair of people.

Especially in the face of the two, there is a similarity.

Look at Chu Yongwoo’s sights, and Suko’s clouds don’t get twitched.

Obviously, Zhou Yongwoo sees Su Xiaoxing as his girlfriend.

But the problem is, this Su Xiaowen is his cousin, a close relative! Suko Yun can’t be excited about his own relatives, even if he is hungry.

Moreover, Suko Yun is not hungry at all.

Like Suko Yun, that doesn’t know how much.

And Suko Clouds will no longer be easily emotional, not easily in love with anyone.

But unlike Ju Yongwoo and him… Ju Yongwoo, that’s a real, pure lover.

Until now, there was no relationship with girl.

Not to mention, there’s more personal contact with girl.

Su Xiaowen looks at a face and smile at Ju Yoon.

Suddenly it felt numb, and the face burned.

Within the chest, the heartbeat, too, accelerated.

Growing up in Imperial Capital, Su Xiaoweng is not a foolish girl who has never seen the world.

Growing up like this, what kind of handsome guy, Su Xiaowen has seen.

And even those who pursued her back then, there was a handsome, handsome man.

But Su Xiao-Wan has always been drunk.

There is no emotion about love between men and women.

And never at all men have been able to walk into her heart.

But now it’s different… Su Xiaoxing has been stationed on this island for thousands of years.

According to the Ministry of Military Affairs, Su Xiaoxing cannot leave the sheep islands.


this scarcity of resources to a very limited sheep archipelago, Su Xiaoli Devil Body, has been in this position for thousands of years.

For the future, for the future, she was already dead.

Thousands of loneliness, thousands of empty.

As a girl, since the future is hopeless, it naturally wants to marry.

Find a handsome, handsome man, so sorry for yourself, protect yourself.

Especially now, even the most handsome throne of the foreign sheep’s army has been robbed by Suko Yun.

Between then, Su Xiaowen was really lost and confused.

You can’t leave here without knowing what you’re gonna do next.

And just at this point, Jung-woo showed up.

Look at the handsome Jung-woo, Su Xiaowen’s heart, finally moving up.

On the outskirts alone, Zhu Yongwoo is actually not seen, more handsome than Suko Clouds.

But looking at men can’t just look out.

Look at Su Xiao-Wang’s hot eyes, Ju Yongwoo can’t afford it.

What’s the matter, isn’t she Suko Yun’s girlfriend?

Why are you looking at him like that?

Similar eyes, Jung-woo was seen.

He has seen similar eyes in the eyes of Zheng Xiaoli, Wu Su Li.

But this Su Xiaowen can’t, she’s Suko Yun’s woman.

A bad one will trigger the biggest contradiction between Ju Yongwoo and Suko Clouds! Thought about it, Jung-woo wouldn’t dare to stay.

After Suko Yun and Su Yun-nodded, Ju Yokota: “Well, what’s the matter, let’s talk about it when we get inside.”

Listen to Jung-woo, Su Yun and Su Xiaoxing are afraid to slow down.

And turn around and lead the way for Juo Yokoo.

In the eyes of tens of thousands of General Commanders, three silhouette entered the military gates.

On the journey, Suko Yun gave a brief presentation to Zhou Yongwoo on the inside of the army.

Listen to Suko Yun’s introduction, Jung-woo smiles.

Ju Yongwoo is not really interested in the military matters.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

What he cares most about is that the army is in the future, if he can nurture and train a good soldier!

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