Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3805


great hall, who traveled all the way into the army, was seated on the main seat.

Just sat down, Jung-woo looked at Suko Yun and said, “What can I do for you this time?”

Suko Yun Nodded, quick opening of the mouth to present the current situation of the Ministry of Military Affairs.

But Suko Yun just opened his mouth, and Jung-woo lifted his hand and interrupted him.

Hey, a little less! I like to ask you to collect the fastest speed of renewal of the Ramadan Court.

It was… heard from Zhou Yongwoo, when Suzuko Winton was stuck.

If he were Jung-woo, he couldn’t do that.

Shit, a little less! Ramadan Court www.zhaishuyuan.com, update the latest chapter!

How can we do better if we don’t even know what’s going on with the sections?

Look at Suko Yun, Ju Yokoo smiled and said, “I have no interest in the past military.”

“I’m concerned if the military can send the sheep Sword Sect in the next time, give him talent, train him into a sharp army!”

Hear Ju Yongwoo, Suzuko Winton.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

Hear Ju Yoo-woo, Suko Yun is busy nodded.

Indeed, if only reporting, report on the current status of the Ministry.

It’s impossible to bring Jung-woo here. It’s too disrespectful.

Since we’re going to report, it’s Naturally Suko Yun who drove to Sword Pavilion and went to see Jung-woo.

Between thinking, Suko cloud looked at Su Xiao-Wan.

And then on Zhou Yokou I cup one fist in the other hand, “There is a treasure in the hidden valley behind the military department, and this time you come here to think…” and the word “Suko cloud stops.

However, while his words are not at all, his intentions have been clearly expressed.

The Ministry of Military Affairs has been in charge of all the high-end resources of the sheep island.

Su Xiaoxing, although not interested in power, is unlikely and not interested in these high-end resources.

After all, paragraph 50 Devil Body, above, builds on resources alone.

Unless Su Xiaowen is not interested in refining.

Otherwise, how could you not care about these high-end resources?

Over the past few thousands of years, a great deal of high-end resources has been accumulated in Su Xiaoxing’s treasury.

Unfortunately, however… the need to refine medicine pill is not just a medicine ingredients.

Even after thousands of years of time, Su Xiao-Wan has never packed a medipill medicine ingredients.

Without all the medicine ingredients on Pill Recipe, the pill concocting cannot be opened.

So Su Xiaoweng is holding the treasury.

But her Devil Body is still unable to upgrade.

Listen to Suko Yun, Chu Yoo-woo is sudden.

No wonder Suko Yun has to ask himself to go.

Since we found the treasure, Jung-woo really had to come and see for himself.

Otherwise, if Suko Yun opens up the treasury himself, a lot of things will not be clear.

Who knows if he’s hiding something from Zhou Yoo-woo, and how many pieces are the babies in the treasure?

It’s just that… late looking at Su Xiaoweng, Jung-woo frowns: “treasure in that treasure vault is supposed to belong to Little Wang, you call me…” These treasure, too, will be useless if you can use it. ”

Su Xiao-sweetly smiled.

It was so late to look at Su Xiaowen, and then at Su Yun.

Between now and then, Zhou Yoo-woo became suspicious.

In the heart, the relationship between Suko Yun and Su Xiaoxing has not always been established.

Look at Chu Yongwoo’s late doubt, Suko Yun can’t laugh.

Just now, outside the door, Suko Yun guessed Ju Yoo-woo’s mind.

But the environment did not allow him to explain it to the public.

But now it’s different… in this great hall, there are only Zhou Yongwoo, Suko Yun, and Su Xiaoxing.

Even if you say it, it doesn’t matter.

Between thinking, Suzuko cloud grows up his face and whispers: “Su Xiao-Wan is my cousin, and our relationship is pure blood relations.”

Unbelievable looking at Su Yun, Ju Yokota: “Since Su Xiaoweng is your cousin, how can you not know her existence…” Suko Yun smiled and said, “Indeed, my family knows, only I don’t know…” Paused, Su Yun explained it carefully.

Su Xiao-Wan’s Su Family has always been very defensive.

If Su Xiaowen hadn’t been behind it, why would Su Family be the first Great Clan in the outer sheep island?

However, Su Xiaoxing’s relationship with Su Family is definitely the highest secret.

Once this information leaks out, everyone knows.

Think about the consequences.

the dignified military commander, who by virtue of his right to exclude himself, monopolized the business of the sheep island.

In doing so, even if the Ministry of Military Affairs cares, it is bound to be boycotted and repugnant by all the people of the sheep island.

Such a relationship, if not leaked, is best not leaked.

… The fact is thus hidden by Su Family.

Over the years, everyone knows that Su Family has a strong background and mountains.

But no one ever knew that Su Xiaoxing, the highest military chief of the sheep island, was Su Family.

Look at Ju Yongwoo’s face, Su Yun continues to say, “So Xiao Wan feels good for you, and I’m not going to be angry, but I’m going to be happy.”

When you heard Suko Yun, Chu Yongwondon was messing up.

Look at the past in Naomi.

As you can see, she has also been ashamed of her face, standing there without a clue.

It’s embarrassing to have an open mouth, Ju Yokota: “Well, let’s go to the treasure. I can’t wait to see the treasure of the army!”

Hear Ju Yongwoo, Su Xiaoweng’s face is white.

Obviously, Ju Yongwoo is shifting the subject.

That means, at least now, he doesn’t want to be in the mood of his daughter.

But think about it, it’s actually normal.

Zhu Yongwoo is a new emerging show.

Even if he’s good as Suko Yun, he’s willing to follow him.

Such an outstanding person, even if he loved her very much, would never have answered and so on.

If Chu Yoo-woo teaches the soul on this colour with Su Xiaowen in love.

Su Xiao-Wan, on the contrary, would be disappointed, and would not even accept Jung-woo’s quest.

Su Xiaowen’s future and future are gone.

If her son-in-law is just like her, then why marry him?

girl, there’s a chance to turn around.

Don’t look at Su Xiaowen now.

But as long as she can find a strong Husband, she can turn her back.

Even if they are still trapped in the sheep islands.

However, her Devil Body position could continue to be upgraded.

And as long as Su Xiaowen Devil Body is in position, reach 70! You can be promoted to the Magic Handsome! Once promoted to the Magic Hand, all prohibitions on Su Xiao-Wan, as well as all penalties, are rendered ineffective.

Laws that punish and sanction the devil will not be used to punish and sanction the handsome.

If Su Xiao-Wan had given up his children’s personal feelings for the future.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

Therefore, Su Xiaoxing is a great comfort and a blatant wound to the subject of the transfer of Ju Yongwoo.

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