Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3806

It is gratifying that Zhou Yongwoo is, as Suko Yun has said repeatedly to her, a hero with great ideals and ambitions, strong power and competence!

And what’s so sad about it is…

Chu Yongwoo was obviously not at all so obsessed with her.

Between the future and her, Jung-woo chose the future.

Hey, a little less! I like to ask you to collect the fastest speed of renewal of the Ramadan Court.

Ju Yongwoo chose that because he had just met him.

There is no familiarity with each other.

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How come he’s not crazy about such a beautiful woman?

or is it…

Is this Jung-woo, like Su Yun guessed, or is it a young boy who doesn’t taste a woman’s beauty?

shook the head…

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

move towards the secret valley behind the army.

That’s where the treasure of the army is.

At the same time, there’s a treasure in the hidden valley that is very important to the military!

There are two treasures above the sheep island.

The first one of them is the infiltration of the Devil Tree in Sword Sect.


is no need to say more about the role of the sheep in entering the tree of the devil.

Without having eaten the cultivator of the fruits of the magic, it is impossible to resist the heat of the infinite hell.

But in addition to entering the Tree of the Devil, there are also no more important treasures on this island.

This treasure tree is a hidden valley behind the army.

And what’s on this brat tree is a very important fruit for Demon Race – brat!

The magnitude of the evil fruit is far above the fruits of the devil.

Judging by the importance, it is the need for the handsome to guard.

And even the devil will not need it.

Even if it’s lost, it’s no big deal.

But this brainwash is absolutely different!

Once the braintree has been lost, it is absolutely an unacceptable loss for the sheep.

This brainwash tree is the tree of the heavens and the earth.

The brake tree can draw on Above the Heavens and under the Earth’s Extreme Yin brainwash and cloud it to fruit.

After the tempering of the brainwash tree, this Extreme Yin bragging turned into pure energy that Battle Physique could absorb.

Using this brainwash can strengthen the inheritance techniques or magic that they own.

After the blindness of the fruit, it contains the tempering of Extreme Yin.

The inheritance of magic and magic will result in many mysterious changes.


The changes caused by this brainwash fruit are not really the same.

Different people, different magic and magic, have a very different effect.

What’s going on? It’s totally random.

Might be strong, even bad.

It could be weak, too.

However, whether the enhanced effect is strong or weak, it must be stronger than before it is strengthened.

Needless to worry, enhanced magic and magic will reduce formidable power.

Listen to Suko Yun and Su Xiaoxing, the eyes of Juju Yongwondon burst out of an eloquence.

Is there any such amazing fruit in this world?

Undoubtedly, this is definitely the Supreme Treasure of the sheep.

The most exciting thing about Ju Yongwoo is…

If you can get a brainwash, strengthen Senro’s power.

So, what kind of enhanced effect would this Moro power have?


Under Suko Clouds and Su Xiaowen’s leadership.

A line of three people came all the way to the hidden valley behind the army.

In the invisible valley, Zhu Yongwoo’s first eyes saw half the waist of the hidden valley, a leaf flowing, like a strange tree of clouds.

On that curious tree, nine green fruits were hanging.

Eight of them, smaller in size, blue green, are not mature at first sight.

And the ninth one, the yellow.

The fruit is on the side of the sunshine, and it has even been wiped out.

Clearly, this ninth fruit is coming to maturity.

But unfortunately…

Though it appears that the fruit will soon mature.

But for this kind of skyland tree, it’s fast, and it’s definitely a long time in years.

shook the head, Jung-woo turned to Su Xiaoweng: “How long will this fruit last?”

“Indeed, more than 4,000 years ago, when I took over the military department, these nine fruits were always like this.” Su Xiao-Wan’s cautious path.

“For so many years, these nine fruit shapes have never changed.”


When you heard Su Xiaowen, Zhou Yokowson wrinkled his eyebrows.

Isn’t that right?

brows tightly frowns’ look at that brat tree, Jung-woo’s brain, running fast.

If you say, this brat tree grows very slowly.

The brakes are immense in maturity.

Ju Yongwoo is still acceptable.

But this brat tree is growing too slowly!

Su Xiaoxi has taken over the sheep army for over 4,000 years.

In 4,000 years, this brat tree didn’t grow at all!

Even on that day, the jewelry tree was flowing for 3,000 years, and the result was 3,000 years old.

This brat tree is growing slowly, and it’s not even 4,000 years old, is it?

And most importantly…

Su Xiao-Wan made it clear that more than 4,000 years ago, when she first took over the army, this brat tree, and the vagina fruit, are now the same.

Which means…

It’s probably not four thousand years old.

It’s even possible to stay in this state of affairs for 7,8,000 years, even 10,000 years.


That’s absolutely wrong!

Between your heart, Ju Yongwoo turned around and looked at the past at Suko Yun and Su Xiaoxing.

brows tightly frowns, Juo Yokota: “You two, wait here, I’ll go up and see!”

Between words, around Ju Yongwoo’s body, there was a huge explosion of black smoke.

The intense black fog fluctuated, and the body of Ju Yongwoo grew rapidly.

Watch Suko Yun and Su Xiaowen!

Only three breaths time, Jung-woo’s body, from 1.8 m to 3 m!

Not only that, but as Ju Yokoo’s body grows.

The wings of a dark devil are spreading from behind Ju Yongwoo.

oh la oh la la la la

In the light of the ticking, Ju Yokohama moved the wings behind it, starting from above the ground.

move towards the back of the hidden valley, the place of the scumbag fruit flew past.

From the dawn of Ju Yongwoo, Suko Yun and Su Xiaoxing cannot be seen right.

With Ju Yoo-woo’s reminder, Su Yun and Su Xiaoxing have realized that this seems to be a little wrong…

The silent look at Su Xiao-Wan, inside Su Yun, has raised a great sense of frustration.

Previously, he believed himself in his own strategy and wisdom, which should be the same as Zhou Yokoo.

But in fact, almost a month ago, he saw this brat tree.

Nor did Su Xiao-Wan conceal anything from him, and will tell him everything he knows.

At least, Suko Yun knows, not less than Ju Yongwoo.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

Never thought about flying over there and looking at it.

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