Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3807

Turn around and look at Su Xiaowen, Su Yuen Road: “Did you fly up there and look closer?”


In the face of Suko Yun’s query, Su Xiaoxing said, “No, I never doubted anything, so I didn’t think of flying over and looking at it.”

I heard Su Xiaowen laughing at nodded.

Hey, a little less! I like to ask you to collect the fastest speed of renewal of the Ramadan Court.

But I didn’t think that I could actually fly to the nearest, take a look at it and confirm the truth.


more than 4,000 years, there has been no change, which is clearly absolutely irregular.

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And don’t say how Suko Yun and Su Xiaoweng think.

The other side…

Zhu Yong-fu moved the wings of the devil and flew all the way to that brat tree.

In the proximity observatory, Zhou Yongwoo quickly noticed something strange.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

In other words, the images that are seen underneath the valley are simply illusions, not real.

not at all anxious for the first time near that brat fruit.

Everything’s too urgent!

It is only by step that we do what we do.

Otherwise, once you accidentally hurt this brat tree.

Even destroying the brains, it’s too late.

On the wing of the devil, Zhou Yokou turned around the brains seven or eight times.

Check carefully every rock on the wall.

Determine the vicinity of the brat tree, not at all posting any imaginary formation after.

Ju Yongwoo finally flew back to the edge of the brat tree.


This distorted space illusion is not man-made imaginary formation.

If there’s no accident, this space fantasy, it’s supposed to be the brat tree itself.

It is well known that wordly treasure is self-reliant.

To avoid three catastrophes and nine disasters, to live in peace.

wordly treasure will harvest its rays of light and hide its own distinctions.

And even, it would cloud the illusion and make yourself look very ordinary.

Obviously, this brainwash tree is a wordly treasure!

For self-preservation, this brat fruit creates a fantasy.

Making yourself look so naughty, not yet mature.

In this way, he can avoid being picked up.


What can we do to break this sculpture?

After a while of thinking, Jung-woo didn’t come up with one.

Unnailed, Zhu Yongwoo bites his teeth, between wings, moved towards the bush tree and dried down.

* * *

a light sound, Ju Yongwoo’s feet fell on a branch only.

Next moment…

Five-colored rays of light, flashing from the eyes of Ju Yongwoo.

When Ju Yongwoo regained his vision, the view around him had changed.

Ju Yongwoo appeared in front of a wide range of between Heaven and Earth.

It looks like it’s between Heaven and Earth, and it’s all over a giant, incredible, smoke-like ancient tree.

At this point, Zhu Yongwoo stands above the trees of the ancient trees.

It looks like the sky…

And the tree of the ancient sky, which will enter the clouds, will be called the Day of Cover.

On that stretched branch, nine silhouette each!

One of them, standing at the top, is a gesture, a beautiful woman in a five-colored dress.

Under her…

Eight young men in green clothes are ranked according to gossip.

Look at that nine silhouette, Chu Yokoo instantly.

Of course…

Everything is just like he guessed.

The nine silhouette, apparently made of the nine brains, fantasy.

Among them, standing at the top, wearing a five-colored dress.

It should be that blossom, as if it were coming to maturity.

As for the other eight green men, it should be the eight green fruits.

Just between Ju Yokoo thinking.

The girl standing at the top of the dress, shouted, “bold! How dare you break into the shadows!”


When you

hear that dress girl, Chu Yongwoo can’t be ashamed.

Look around the eight green cultivator.

Obviously, this hallucination is under the joint hands of the eight green cultivator.

As for the dress girl, it’s supposed to be the lead man!

In the middle of thinking, the dress girl continues to shouted:

“If you go back quickly! I can still miss you as a first offender, save your life.”

“If not, I’ll call you die without a burial site!”

Hear that dress girl’s threat, Jung-woo can’t laugh.


can’t believe he was threatened by a fruit one day!

between chuckled, between Zhou Yongwoo right hand, it was intended to take out a bloodthirsty Demon Sword.

Five Elements, Kim can carpentry.

With the bloodthirsty Demon Sword, these…

It’s between Zhou Yokoo thinking.

The next moment, let Ju Yongwoo have ones hair stand on end, show up!

Used to be, Zhu Yongwoo, since he was impressed, that bloodthirsty Demon Sword should appear in his hand.

But now the situation is that there’s nothing going on under Ju Yokoo’s concept.

That bloodthirsty Demon Sword, not even a shadow.

Lift up right hand, Zhou Yokoo’s wrist looked at the past.

As you can see, the ice royal bracelet, which should have been on the wrist, was also missing.

Look closely in the face…

As you can see, the body of Ju Yongwoo is nothing but a five-colored fog.


‘s no entity!

More precisely…

It’s just Spirit Physique from Jung-woo!

To see this scene, Zhou Yokoo can’t get suck in a cold breath of air.

No wonder a little brat nut threatens him.

It turns out that each other has such strength.

In this particular illusion, Juo Yokoo can only exist in Spirit Physique.

And Spirit Physique shaped Ju Yongwoo, far cant be considered strong.

From some angle…

Judo Yongwoo at this moment, unlike in that broken temple, just woke up in Ju Yongwoo, is of no nature different.

For Spirit Physique alone, Zhou Yokoo is weak like a child.

All this time, Devil Body has been working on Juo Yokoo.

The promotions were also in Devil Body’s position.

And in Spirit Physique, Juo Yokoo never deliberately refined it.

Chu Yongwoo is now Spirit Physique, not much different from ordinary 17-8-year-old young people.

Ju Yongwoo looked at his body.

In Spirit Physique, all weapons and armoured equipment in Juo Yokoo are not available.

Spirit Physique himself is too weak.

Don’t say that compared to that dress girl.

Even if it’s compared to the eight green men, it’s a lot worse!

Seriously, Chu Yongwoo is not a match!

Though each other is just savage fruit in the district.

But you know, their Spirit Physique has been rehabilitated for thousands of years.

Compared to Ju Yongwoo, they are indeed powerful.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

We have to get out of here. Are you going back to the house?

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