Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3808

Look at your own hands, Chu Yongwoo’s face.


right hand one visit, in the eyes of Ju Yongwoo, flashes a little bit of the color.

Although all armaments and armour are no longer available.

Hey, a little less! I like to ask you to collect the fastest speed of renewal of the Ramadan Court.

He has magic to inherit. He can rely on!

Between thinking, Ju Yongwoo’s five-colored body, two and three, brightened up each and everyone.

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In a slight call, a nipple fluid came out of Ju Yongwoo’s body.

It looks like the nipple white fluid is spreading from Ju Yongwoo’s spirit in the body.

Nonsense, on the side of Ju Yongwoo, come together.

In the eyes of Chu Yoo-woo.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

The first half of the body is blurred.

The second half of the body was a strange creature of snakes, and appeared next to Ju Yongwoo.


That’s right!

This colored nipple, human head snake guy.

It was in an endless hell that swallowed the Queen of Nether Soul, the mutant Senro.


See the power of Nathan Lou.

A woman with a five-colored dress, staring at her eyes and screaming for a lifetime!

Senro’s power, eating Spirit Physique, is the biggest star in all the creatures.

As we all know, the strength of Seno is the only force that has been inherited.


greatest feature of Seno’s power is to swallow Spirit Physique and transform it into Senro’s power.

For Moro’s power, all Spirit Physique is just delicious food.

There is no doubt…

It’s all Spirit Physique’s enemy!

And most importantly…

Don’t look at Chu Yongwoo’s own Spirit Physique, superficial weakness.

But it’s not weak.

With Ju Yongwoo’s efforts, this Senro power doesn’t know how many creatures have been devoured.

Before the catastrophe of the oceans, the forces of Seno consumed the demon Earth Palace in the battle of flagship, as many as millions of bats.

In the aftermath of the ocean disaster, Juo Yokoo was more powerful in managing Senro and wondered how many shrimp soldiers and crab generals had been devoured.

Even the most conservative calculations, there are tens of millions!

It’s nothing.

Most importantly, in endless purgation, in vaporized purgatory, swallowed millions of years of Nether Soul.

Especially that 100,000 years of General Nether Soul, even more so Senro’s power, has been greatly elevated…

Eventually, the millions of years of King Nether Soul, more so Senro’s power, got qualitatively upgraded.

After swallowing Spirit Physique, King Nether Soul.

Used to be just a snake flow.

And now he’s a snake, weird and powerful.

Although it appears that Senro’s power has just changed physically.

But, in fact, things are never that simple.

A snake, that’s a sign!

As we all know, Dao character is a first word, plus a walk.

Say something white.

The head of a snake, that’s it!

So swallowed that millions of years of Queen Nether Soul.

The power of Senro has come together as the path of Senro!

It’s not a build-up anymore.

It’s a qualitative change!

With the power of Senro.

The woman with the five colored skirts, Szeser shakes up.

For that dress girl, it was like a rat saw a cat.

What scares her most is…

This is so powerful.

Strong enough to let her down!

If a big mouse, he sees a baby kitten.

Honestly, rats don’t have much fear.

Those bold rats, even dare to initiate the challenge, even defeat the cat!

But at this moment…


front of Senro’s power, that dress is really weak like a mouse.

And the power of Senro is not a weak kitty.

Not only is he weak, but he is terrifying!

If that dress girl, it’s just a little mouse with a kid fist size.

Then the power of Senro is a giant cat like an elephant!

The gap between them is too big.

It takes only one foot to easily crush the level of death.

And between Celser’s trembling, the dress girl said, “You and I have no grudge in the past, no vengeance in recent days, why are you here to hurt us?”

“The weak is prey to the strong, this is Demon Race’s survival rule, why don’t you pretend to be?”

In the face of Jung-woo, that dress girl is obviously powerless to refute.

If she does not understand, why does she have to leave this illusion to protect herself?

Smile hard, the dress girl says, “Well, then tell me what you want!”

In the face of that dress girl, Zhou Yokoo, although a little sorry, opened the mouth and said:

“I want you to understand.”

Between words, Zhou Yongwoo bites his teeth and says:

“Tell you the truth, I’m here for you this time!”

For me!

When you heard Ju Yongwoo, that dress girl stared at almond eyes, and he couldn’t believe it.

Awkward looking at Ju Yongwoo, that dress girl:

“I grew up here from the moment Great Ancient Era woke up, never doing anything bad!”

“And… what do you want me to do? Even if you kill me, you won’t get any good!”


When you heard that dress girl, Chu Yokowson was wrinkling her eyebrows.

Look at that dress girl, Juo Yokota:

“Aren’t you bragging? Can’t we strengthen magic?”

When you heard Jung-woo, that dress girl laughed.

“I am not a brainwash, in fact I am the tree of a brat tree!” ”


When you

heard that dress girl, Juju Yokowson was in an awkward state.

Ever since Jung-woo thought of this dress girl as the imminent brainwash fruit.

But I never thought that this dress girl was not a brainwash.

It’s the tree of this brave tree.

It’s embarrassing…

Look at Ju Yongwoo’s embarrassing look, and that dress girl is loose.

Naked looking at Ju Yongwoo, that scumbag tree shakes his head:

“I was surprised that you really killed me, and this brat tree is dead, and all the unmature fruits are zero.”

“So, instead of getting any benefit, you’re gonna lose everything!”

Listen to that brat tree, Jung-woo grabbed his head.

I don’t understand. Look at the shadow tree path:

“I remember, there are nine brains here, but now… how come there are only eight left?”

In the face of Ju Yongwoo’s query, that brat tree was sudden.

No wonder this guy’s wrong to think he’s a brat.

It turns out it’s the number of brains that led to this wrong judgment.

It was so relaxed that the brat tree smiled:

“There are only eight brains left here because the ninth one is ripe!”

Talk to me, that brat tree right hand flips between.

A five-colored fruit appeared in her hands.

The fruits of the hand, the shady tree, the paths of pity:

“This is my eldest daughter, and I hope you take good care of her later.”

eldest daughter?

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

Together, is this brat fruit, or is it gender?

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