Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3809

Look at Ju Yongwoo, and that scumbag explains:

I can wrap up nine fruits at most once, nine of the brains, one of the eight suns.

Of the nine brains, only the first mature mother can produce spiritual wisdom with wisdom.

And the other eight are just fruitless without spiritual wisdom.

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Zhu Yongwondon

Although it looks like they’re nothing different from ordinary sheep cultivator.

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But in fact, from the beginning to finish, the eight young men cultivator, they didn’t say a word.

Used to be, Ju Yongwoo thought it was because the rules of the brains were so big.

Now it seems that these brains are simply an empty shell.

There is no spiritual wisdom or wisdom within the body at all.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

And the shadow tree goes on:

Eight Yang Fruit, although they can also strengthen the inheritance of magic.

But in fact, the intensification of eight brains Yang Fruit is far less effective than the only negative.

A gentle touch of eldest daughter, a patient explanation of the shadow tree.

Shameless, a shadow of sunshine.

Of them is the true Shadow’s fruit.

What kind of brainwash is that?

Most importantly, once refining the mother’s fruit in the brainwash.

Not only can the transfer of magic be greatly enhanced.

Even the legacy of magic creates spiritual wisdom with wisdom!

If you take this brat nut, give it to Jung Xiaoqiao.

So the blast of Zheng Xiaoyang will produce spiritual wisdom, have automated tracing, intelligent location, intelligent choice of timing, etc.

Look at the dress girl, Juo Yokota:

So, what am I gonna do to refining this brat nut?

The late frowned, Ju Yongwoo: Is it to make this brainwash and swallow this magic fruit?

Look at Chu Yongwoo, the dress girl is powerless: how can she refining it if you let Senro swallow the brains?


When you hear the colored dress girl, the brat tree, you laugh at Chu Yongwoo sorry.


If you eat it directly, it’s really been eliminated by Senro’s power.

The transfer of magic has not been strengthened at all.

Nor is it possible to have new functions, much less to produce so-called spiritual wisdom.

Once eaten, the brainnut dies.

Look at Ju Yongwoo’s awkward look, that brat tree shakes its hand, throws five colored brains in its hands and throws them over to Ju Yongwoo.

The lower consciousness of taking the brains, the rising of Ju Yongwoo, looked at the past in the shadow.

With Ju Yongwoo’s eyes, the brains explained it.

Think refining this pussy nut, it’s actually very simple.

The legacy of that brainwash can only be strengthened by refining it into the womb nuts.

By now, that brainwash has been completely turned into part of Ju Yongwoo Spirit Physique.

Therefore, the brainwash is refined into the brainwash.

And the brat nuts are given to refining.

Once the refinement has been completed, a new capability will emerge when the brains absorb Senro’s power.

As for what this capacity is, nobody knows.

Only after refining is known.

Listen to that brat tree, Jung-woo frowns think about it.

If the power of Nathan is to be refined into this shadow fruit.

Are you going to be forced away by this brainwash?

But just a little thought, Juo Yokoo shakes his head.

This is the legacy of the Devil Joe!

And that’s the only thing that’s ever been inherited.

If it’s so easy to get robbed.

And the robbery was also outside Demon Race.

Even a little magic fruit.

The face of the devil, I’m afraid, will lose nothing.

To loot the only inheritance, maybe someone can do it.

But at least Ancestral Dragon, Zumph, Zukilin’s presence at that level was possible.

A little brat tree.

A little pussy nut.

It is, in any case, impossible to have such capacity.

Between thinking, Jung-woo sucked his breath.

Take that five-colored brat nut in your hand.

Smooth eyes, Ju Yongwoo builds Divine Soul, pushes Senro’s power, pumps in his hand, and injects it.

under the motivation of ju yowoo,

The man’s head of the snake, above the morrow, has a little finger of white touching hands.

At the instigation of Ju Yongwoo, that little finger white touched his hand, slowly injecting it into the vagina fruit of Ju Yongwoo’s hand.


A slight sound.

The size of Senro’s power is getting smaller and smaller.

A great deal of Seno’s power, and it’s made into a tide, is injected into Ju Yongwoo’s hand, inside of that cunt nut.

Time passes a second.

With the passing of time, the head of the snake was becoming less and less powerful.


In the sound of the tsunami, the power of Nathan was completely transformed into a white air and drifted into the vague fruit of Juan Yokoo’s hand.

The next moment, see only the brains in Ju Yongwoo’s hand, and release the five-colored rays of light.


And at this point, in a delicate smile, that brat had jumped out of the branch.

Half the air, between that brat tree body, it turned into a five-colored Spirit Qi, yelling into Ju Yongwoo’s hand, in the vagina’s fruit.

It’s not good!

I watched the brains drill into the brains, and Chu Yoo-woo doesn’t know where to go!

Obviously, this brat tree deceived Ju Yongwoo.

Through a brainwash nut, it robbed Jung-woo of Senro’s power.

When Ju Yongwoo put Senro’s strength into this cunt nut.

The brains, the first time they drilled into the brains.

Once the power of the new brainwash is born, it’s been successfully handled by the shadow tree.

Then this brainwash was taken away by the shadow tree.

By that time,

That brainwash can swallow the Spirit Physique of Zhu Yongwoo with a single mouth.

With Chu Yongwoo’s weak Spirit Physique, there’s no money to fight.

The most astonishing thing about Ju Yongwoo.

Even if you knew that brat was plotting to seize Senro’s power.

But Zhu Yongwoo is incapable of stopping it.

I don’t even know how to stop it.


Extremely dangerous!

Once captured by this brat tree.

Give her another time to fix it and grow up.

Then soon, a horrible big Demon King will be born.

With the power of immense growth, once it really grows up, it’s enough to make that scumbag a peerless in the whole world!

What are you gonna do?

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

Between anxious thinking, Zhou Yokoo has never found any way.

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