Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3810


Just between Zhou Yokoo’s anxious thinking.

The next moment, in a tsunami, that five-colored brass nut flew out of Ju Yongwoo’s hand.

In a boring sound, the brainwash burst open.

Hey, a little less! I like to ask you to collect the fastest speed of renewal of the Ramadan Court.

With Ju Yongwoo’s eyes, that five-colored smoke fluctuated.


Shit, a little less! Ramadan Court www.zhaishuyuan.com, update the latest chapter!

Thereafter, a pair of white elders, rich legs, slowed down from that five-colored fog group.

And then there’s a pair of elegant, white long, white, red arms.


The glorious, shy face of the Shadow Tree has also risen from that five-flared light.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

See this scene, when Zhou Yokowson inwardly complained.

A little bit, and at this point, even though Jung-woo can feel the existence of Seno’s power.

But there’s nothing I can do if I want to manage Nathan’s power.

At this juncture, it is clear that the brat tree manages Senro’s power more than Ju Yongwoo’s power.

It’s just now, as time passes, as the shadow tree keeps refining.

Soon, Jung-woo will lose his power completely.

And Chu Yoo-woo will also be completely, losing ownership of Seno’s power.

I’m afraid I can’t even feel it.

Here we go.

A silver bell in a smile.

That brat tree is not at all Governing Council Ju Yoo.

Turn your head around, red lips between.

The eight branches around it, the silhouette of the eight azure, instantly transformed into eight azure streams and plunged into the mouth of the shady tree.

elated’s, a little lip.

And the shade of the tree raised its eyes with a great enjoyment.

A brainwash, plus eight brains Yang Fruit, is true.

In the face of this, Chu Yoo-woo can’t be killed!

Look at the shadow tree in the middle of the sky.

Ju Yongwoo’s legs are strong, and since that tree was dry, moving towards that brat tree.

In the face of Ju Yongwoo, that brat tree was a big surprise, and he was going to run away.

Unfortunately, eight brains have just been swallowed.

Within her body, full of brains.

In a short time, she can’t move!

It’s also Zhou Yoo-woo’s decision.

If we wait a little longer, wait for that brainwash to completely erase all the brains.

With the brainwashing power of the sea, she can quickly refining the power of Nathan.

By that time, Chu Yoo-woo will no longer be able to do anything.


A thousand good times in the tsunami, while the shadow tree can’t move.

Ju Yongwoo is flying, poking that brat tree out of the sky.

At this point, the brat tree spirit, apart from the limbs and skulls.

The whole body is covered in a five-colored light.

But under the hug, Ju Yongwoo just felt tired and touched his hand.

Under the cover of the five colours, the bodies of each other have been brought together.

Under the hug, Zhou Yongwoo just felt slippery, hard to hold.

However, under the crisis of life and Death, Chu Yongwoo is not in charge of much.

The arms couldn’t hold, and the legs were wrapped with her.


In a boring sound, Zhou Yokoo was holding the lovable body of that scumbag tree, falling heavily on the trunk of the tree.

Face to face.

The face of Ju Yongwoo, and the face of that brave tree, is less than a centimeter away.

Breathe with each other is clear and clear.

The wrong way to look at the delicate shadow of the devil, the brain of Ju Yokoo is a little dizzy.

What’s going on? How did the two people get into this situation?

You know what?

The only reason Ju Yongwoo came out was to stop the brains from seizing Senro’s power.

But one hit, the two of them, the unfathomable mystery, the bad sun, hug together!

With Ju Yongwoo’s eyes, that brat tree face is red and delicate.

A ghost, from the face of the shady tree, neck, and lovable body spreading.

shy bite your lips.

The brains are surprising and shy again.

Spirit Physique of Zhu Yongwoo, has never been refined.

So all along, Ju Yongwoo doesn’t even have a minimum set of nails.

Simply put, Spirit Physique of Zhu Yongwoo is naked.

It was.


was a five-colored dress in the shade, covering up her lithe and graceful women.

Now, Spirit Physique has been injected into the brains for body possession.


long as she succeeds in possessing the brains, she can seize Senro’s power.

So the five-colored beam is actually lovable body.

And this body, even more naive than Ju Yongwoo, was just born, how could there be a shirt?

Shame looking near Ju Yongwoo.

Between now and then, the brains are so humiliating.

Don’t look at her already nine child mothers.

But in fact, the brainwash tree, it’s sterile.

Even with nine fruits, the brains are actually virgins.

Right now.

Your body is embraced not only by Ju Yongwoo, but also by Truth.

That humiliating and intricate feeling, it’s really impossible to describe it in language.

The brake tree is also a spirit.

Strict speaking of that, they’re actually part of Monster Race.

As a living soul, it is also emotional.


brainwash, though an infamous race, are emotionally faithful.

Once a person is possessed, he shall remain determined and shall end.

For the Shadow Tree.

Even if the body is just shown, it’s all responsible.

If Chu Yongwoo doesn’t want to be responsible, she’ll have to hit her head and die in full name.

Look near the foot, the handsome face of Ju Yongwoo.

Between now and then, cunning, cold, ruthless brass, could not be softened down.

That’s her man.

Now she has two choices.

One is to kill him and then die alone.

One is to follow him, with determination, from the end.

In the face of both options, the brat tree without the slightest hesitation was chosen the first.

Over the last trillion years, she was so lonely.

Although this hidden valley, green grass, wild flowers float.

Trees, all kinds of trees, are filled with valley.

However, those trees were just plain grass and there was no spiritual wisdom or communication with her.


She’s really lonely.

Since the conscious day, she’s been alone enough for millions of years.

If she can choose, she really doesn’t want to go on alone anymore.

That smell, it’s really hard.

Most importantly, looking so handsome and handsome, she was happy.

And if she could be his little wife in her life, she’d be very happy, very satisfied.

As long as he loves himself so much, he hurts himself so much, he protects himself.

And in

her life, she was never wrong to come to this world.

This one.

Just between the brains and the minds.

On the other hand, Zhou Yongwoo is awkward and guilty.

If he can, he’d really like to get up and leave immediately.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

There’s no way to fight it.

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