Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3812

Look at Ju Yongwoo’s nervous, the pussy can’t laugh.

“Don’t worry, Nathan’s power has been completely refining.”

The cunt explained it in detail.


fact, Zhu Yongwoo and the Shadow are located in the Sea of Consciousness in Ju Yongwo.

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Once refining the power of Seno, the pussy could have gone out of Sea of Consciousness in Ju Yongwoo and returned to its own body, that is to say, the Shadow Tree.

But under the shadow of the sun, Zhou Yongwoo hugged the ghost and prevented her from getting away.

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The Shadow is the power of Senro, and the power of Senro is the shadow.

She’s no longer able to leave Sea of Consciousness in Juju.

Even if we leave briefly, we can’t leave too long.


‘ll have to get back here soon.

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The confusion of Zhou Yongwondon! The body of the child is the energy corpse of Senro.

And when the heart moves, a power of Moro comes out of the mouths of the shadow.

After a couple of rounds, that Senro power returned to the mouths of the Shadow.

Looking at Ju Yongwoo is still not quite clear.


pussy smiled and said, “Well, Senro’s power is mine now, and I’m yours!”

And between words, the pussy opens his arms, and he says, “For you, I am the strength of Seno!”

Between words, the pussy left Zhou Yoo-woo’s arms.

Between lithe and graceful a rotation… the body of the child is instantly transformed into a five-colored snake of a human head.

At the same time, the ancient trees around the sky have become increasingly illusory.

Between photo mistakes, very soon the space around it breaks fast.

And between eyes, around Ju Yongwoo, it gets dark.

Look around, it’s true that, as the pussy said, Spirit Physique of Ju Yongwoo is not in Sea of Consciousness?

Seems to be on his side, the pussy’s head is snake, and just stand by him.

Just a little bit of a sense, Jung-woo soon understood the state of affairs.

As the Shadow said… Senro’s power has been refining.

At this juncture, the shadow is no longer the shadow tree.

Senro’s power, combined with brat nuts, is born of a new species that should be known as the Monroe snake! Usually, after Moro’s power was refining by the shadow, Jung-woo completely lost Senro’s power.

But just like the shadow child said.

The power of Seno is the shadow, and the shadow is Ju Yongwoo.

Grab the skin, Chu Yongwoo’s curiosity: “Isn’t that… the brat fruit that can strengthen the inheritance of magic?”

nodded, Shadow Path: “Yeah… Shadow fruits can indeed strengthen Power of Laws and stimulate the rule of law and create new capabilities.”

Listen to the pussy, Juju Yongwondon’s time was shining.

Deeply looking at the shadow, the way Zhou Yokoo looks forward to: “What new capabilities have emerged after this power has been strengthened?”

One week later, the cunt smiled, the slightest body lithe and graceful circled, a hair of the cunt, no wind automatically, danced all over again.

At the beginning, Ju Yongwoo did not find anything, but just sighs about the lithe and graceful.

But soon, Jung-woo found the wrong place.

It looks like there’s no wind around it, but the hair of the pussy is like dancing with the wind.

Looking in the eye, Zhou Yongwoo looked in the way of the shadow.

As you can see, there’s a shadow.

There’s a hundred thousand troubles between them and hundreds of five-colored silk silks.


a closer look at that hundreds of five-colored silk silk silk, which is a little snake with a silk and a five-flared snake! This is too terrifying to see the five-colored snake, and just for a second, Juo Yokoo took up the chicken skin.

See this scene, the pussy is not happy.

And the mourning of the mouths, the heart of the pussy, and the five-colored silk, fell off the head of the pussy.

Along the shoulder of Sulu, the arms… the hundreds of white snakes swim all the way to the wrist of the shade.

In the eyes of Ju Yongwoo, a bracelet of hands wrapped up by hundreds of colored snakes appeared on the wrist of the shadow.

cautiously’s five-colored bracelet in the wrist, which is in front of Juo Yokoo.

“This is not a real snake, it’s just a clutch of Morrow’s strength.”

Seno’s power score?

When you hear the ghost, ju Yokowson was a fog, and I don’t know what this is.

To see Ju Yongwoo no longer feared or hated.

The pussy can’t be relieved.

Look carefully at Ju Yongwoo, the pussy explained it in detail.

This Senro power, combined with the brat nuts, formed the Senro snake! After intensification and mutation… the Monroe Snake has a brand new unique ability – the particles! With the immense spiritual power devastated by the Moro snake, the strength of the Moro snake will gradually rise.

And with the increase in the strength of the Moro snake… the 100,000 troubles of the Monroe snake will be transformed into 100,000 square blocks, respectively.

Ju Yongwoo can help them fight with these clusters, within the sea of Consciousness, which the heart loves.

cultivator with snakes, every attack will carry Senro’s power! And when they cut off the other bodies, the forces of Seno will devour their souls.

The soul that the Seno particles devour will be swallowed by the Moro snake through the chain of souls.

The stronger the serpent, the stronger the branch.

To be straightforward, Juo Yokoo can give it to the next Dawson.

Ju Yongwoo’s subordinate can help Ju Yongwoo hunt more creatures with Senro’s power.

However, everything is limited.

For the time being, the Monroe snake can only be divided into a hundred blocks.

If we want to get more clusters, we have to hunt more creatures and swallow more souls.

When the serpent reaches the highest realm.

We can split up a hundred thousand blocks! Listen to the statement of the Shadow… Ju Yongwoo is getting more excited.


, although there’s only a hundred Dawson clusters, it’s enough for Jung-woo! You know, under Jung-woo, there are only 100 soldiers.

On average, a man just split up the power of Moro.

In this way, this hundred pawns can help Zhou Yongwoo, hunt enemies around, and help Senro snakes swallow more souls.

Zhu Yongwoo gave Corporal Moro the strength.

When the soldier has the power of Senro, he can harvest the soul more quickly and make the serpent stronger.

And as the Senro snake gets stronger.


strength of Senro in those pawns is also becoming more and more powerful, under infinite cycle… as long as the battle is waged, it will continue.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

Blind and invincible! Ha Ha Ha… think of happiness, Ju Yongwoo’s big head and laugh.

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