Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3813

Used to be, Jung-woo was still sad.

After all, the power of the devil to snip, although it has the advantage of fixed harm, is too limited for its whole formidable power.

But now, Jung-woo doesn’t have to worry about it anymore.

Once the devil can snip with the power of Seno, his formidable power will never have to worry about it.

Hey, a little less! I like to ask you to collect the fastest speed of renewal of the Ramadan Court.

But as long as the war continues, the killing goes on… everything is definitely not a dream! Close your eyes and Chu Yongwoo can’t think about it… A few years later, when the strength of the Moro snake reaches a superrealm.

Separate 100,000 Dawson powers.

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A hundred thousand of them could be fired at any time, and the devil with the power of Senro could snip.

By that time… the Ju Yokota flag means who can fight! On the other hand, looking at Ju Yongwoo’s excited face, the pussy doesn’t have to laugh.

After all these years alone, she finally found her companion.

Although that happened too suddenly.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

Otherwise, how could it be that coincidence?

If Chu Yoo-woo was to come out earlier.

Or a little bit later.


Shadow will not be spared and will not be hit by him.

However, whether the Will of Heavens or coincidence.

For the pussy, nothing at all different.

Since that thing had already happened, she could only be his man.

This life will never change.

Between laughing, the pussy right hand explored, and from the vacuum, a five-colored dress was taken.

This five-colored dress, which was supposed to be her tree, took billions of megabytes to refine a Spiritual Treasure.

Now, although her identity has changed.

But as long as refining is added, it can continue to be worn and used.

There’s no reason to ignore Jung-woo’s silly over there.

The pussy’s hands were light on that five-colored dress, closing refining up.

And the other side… Ju Yongwoo was so happy that it opened his eyes for a while.

The lower consciousness looks like a pussy, but she’s in refining’s five-colored dress.

Didn’t bother her, Juo Yokoo was thinking between, left his own Sea of Consciousness, and went back to the real world.

wu wu… Hurricane wind, scratched by itself.

Look around.

At this point, Zhu Yongwoo is standing above a branch of the shadow tree.

There are only one azure fruit left above it.

See this scene, Chu Yoo-woo’s confusion.

And the shadow fruit of the disappearance, and Zhou Yongwoo knows where it belongs.

That mature brat fruit has been taken from Zhou Yongwoo refining.

And at this point, the pussy of Consciousness in Juju Yokoo Sea is actually the result of that mature pussy.

Surprised by Ju Yongwoo, it’s the azure brat.

Chu Yongwoo remembered it very well. Isn’t that brat fruit swallowed by a pussy?

In the midst of Juju Yokosu confusion, Sea of Consciousness’s sculptures gave timely explanations.

Turns out Ju Yongwoo did refining that cunt nut.

As for the other bragging fruit, it seemed to have been swallowed by the shadow.

But in fact, the pussy swallowed, but it was Spirit Physique.

From a human perspective… The shadow seems to be possessed its own daughter and then devour its own son.

But in fact, that is not the case.

The brat tree is sterile.

The way it breeds, it’s not fertility, it’s division! It’s like a goose… cutting his waist into two pieces… and turning it into two quails! The brains, the trees, the brains.

The same is true between the magic fruits.

Within the vagina fruit, there will be a natural reunion of Spirit Physique.

But this Spirit Physique is unconscious, intelligent.

In order to produce mature fruits and brains, the next part must be cut off from its Spirit Physique and planted into its brains.

And if the fruits of mature brakes are planted into the earth,

Then in a while, a new brat tree can be erected.

Two new old brains, exactly the same as twin.

In fact, this was the same Spirit Physique.

However, they do not usually do so for the brains.

Although the trees have nine brains on them.

But in fact, it’s just a building of their bodies.

If Spirit Physique is not cut and cultivated within the vagina fruit.

These magic fruits will never be really familiar.

Even if they were removed, new brains could not be planted.

In fact, for the cultivator of other communities, however, they do not need genuinely mature brains.

Those azure brains are enough to meet their needs.

After all, we’re picking up the brains, so it’s not a new brass tree.

Instead of strengthening their inheritance techniques and magic with brains! So, although it appears that the cunt possessed her own daughter, he swallowed his own son again.

But in fact, there’s no such thing.

She was just giving up the brains, accumulating spiritual power for many years, before she gave up the brains.

And it is worth mentioning that the braintree has no son, only daughter.

The brat tree, though not sexually breeding.

But as long as it breeds, it can’t be male.

No matter which Spirit Physique the Shadow separates himself, inject it into the vagina fruit.

All will be born with a mother’s fruit.

And it is neutral that has not been injected.

That is, there’s no sex.

It’s because Spirit Physique in a brat fruit is consumed, so now Spirit Physique is so concrete.

If you hadn’t swallowed Spirit Physique in that brat fruit.

Primary Spirit Physique, should be a baby shape.

How can a baby Spirit Physique confront the then Zhou Yongwoo?

Although the Spirit Physique of Zhu Yongwoo was also weak.

But it’s weak, and that’s not what babies can compare.

So the pussy has been holding for success.

And for body possession, you can fight Zhou Yoo-woo.


had to extract the spirit of a brainwash fruit to strengthen the newly born serpent.

Make it mature in a short time.

Spirit Physique is strong enough to confront Zhu Yongwoo, or even crush.

But now… marry a chicken, marry a dog.

The pussy has become Ju Yongwoo’s woman.

For Ju Yongwoo, the pussy is naturally smooth.

Don’t say anything to hurt him… For his own man, the pussy can’t even speak out loudly.

Look at that brat fruit, the way Zhu Yongwoo fears: “When can these brains mature and can they strengthen the inheritance of magic?”

In the face of Ju Yongwoo’s inquiries, the pussy immediately gave a positive answer.

Obviously, Spirit Physique in that brat fruit, though removed.

But, you know, those Spirit Physique, were just used to send Spirit Physique out of the savage tree.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

Otherwise, the removal of Spirit Physique does not affect the concrete effects of the vagina.

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