Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3814

When the fruit is taken off, its Spirit Physique will disappear naturally.

Even if the spirits don’t smoke, they won’t survive.

cultivator needs brakes themselves, not Spirit Physique.

It’s like… someone wants to eat a piece of beef to strengthen his body.

Hey, a little less! I like to ask you to collect the fastest speed of renewal of the Ramadan Court.

Its Spirit Physique was naturally dissolved.

The availability of Spirit Physique stock in beef does not affect the enhanced effect of beef on Devil Body.

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Otherwise, the existence of Spirit Physique is pointless.

When you hear a detailed explanation from the pussy, Jung-woo finally relieved himself.

Looking at an azure fruit, Chu Yongwoo soon had another question.

Why is this fruit, or is it azure?

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

In the face of Ju Yongwoo’s query, the pussy laughed.

This brass fruit is never really mature.

As long as the pussy doesn’t inject its own Spirit Physique.

These fruits will always be azure.

Nor can it really mature.

For brains, mature symbols are new brains! But this is judged from the perspective of the Shadow Tree.

For Demon Race’s cultivator, this vaguely fruit is mature as long as it becomes azure.

You know, in the middle of the day, not all the fruits are ripe, and they’ll be red.

The result is a brainwash.


fact, that’s because, in that mother’s fruit, she’s been planted into a Spirit Physique! Over the past trillion years, the pussy has been separated from its Spirit Physique and injected into that mother’s fruit every other time.

Millions of years down, that brat nut is actually mature.

And mature brains are red.

But under the shadow of the shadow, no one else can see.

The child of the pussy needs to grow a brainwash, but it’s also a precaution.

Once there has been a natural disaster, * * the brains are invisible.

A cunt can inject his Spirit Physique into a brat fruit and finish body possession.

In this way, although the body is unsafe, as Spirit Physique, the little life of the evil child can be preserved.

But the fruit is enough.

After all, she’s not gonna be able to have multiple brains at the same time.

Listen, the pussy explained in detail that Ju Yongwoo can’t laugh.

This little girl is really ignorant to him.

I don’t know if it’s been too long.

This little girl, once she opens his mouth, is chatter, and it doesn’t seem like she’ll ever stop.

For Ju Yongwoo… he just needs a little.

That’s it! This azure savage fruit is actually ripe.

Although it is impossible to create new brains, it is no longer a problem if it is used to strengthen the inheritance of magic and magic.

In the middle of a mindset, Zhou Yongwoo right hand waved, took off a mature brat fruit.

You know, don’t take these brains off.

It’s not going to produce new fruits on this brat tree.

Only if old fruits are removed will new results be produced.

According to the shadow, Zhou Yokoo took a branch above the brainwash tree.

Cut it into an evenly absorbed paragraph and sculpture it into a wooden jar.

Then, with this wooden jar, a brainwash was wrapped up.

In this way, this brainwash fruit will hardly fade.

Even if countless years were stored, they were still bright.

Look at that.

Look at the brains, Jung-woo sighs, turn around and jump.

Now, this brat tree has lost Spirit Physique.

There will be new bragging fruits, though.

But obviously, this ancient tree has become a tree of grass.

There’s no more spirituality.


in this lifetime, this brat tree will not yield real mature fruits.

Swing the wings of the devil behind his back, Ju Yongwoo flew all the way back to the bottom of the valley.

It looks like Suko Yun and Su Xiaowen, each sitting on the knees of a giant rock.

In waiting time, neither one of them was relaxed at all.

Different knees sitting there, entering a state of refinement.

In a state of refining, there is no concept of time.

forget the outside world and oneself, it’s like sleeping.

Even after a long time, it was just a moment for both.

cough cough was gently coughing and Zhu Yongwoo woke up two people.

When the two men woke up, Jung-woo didn’t say anything, they took two small cans and threw them to two.

Suzuko clouds and Su Xiaowen, the confusion of the face of Dayton.

The lower consciousness opens the jar, and the two curious people look at the past.

At first glance, Suko Yun and Su Xiaolington were shocked.

It’s scary to look at Zhou Yongwoo, and they don’t understand… how did he take it off when the brains are not mature?

Look at the shocking look of the two people, Juo Yokoo set his course: “I’m lazy and you explain, you just need to know a little.”

“Not only are these two brakes ripe, but they’re all familiar!”


you heard Ju Yongwoo, Suzuko frowns said, “No, according to the record, the genuinely mature brat fruit, shouldn’t it be red?”

nodded, in the back of Suzuko Cloud, Su Xiao-Wan opened the mouth and said, “Yeah, well, this azure fruit doesn’t know.”

Shook the head, Jung-woo, stretch his hand: “Well, if you don’t feel familiar, then give it back to me.”

This… looks at the brains in hand, and then Ju Yongwoo.

Between now and then, Suzuko clouds and Su Xiaowen, all face to face.

Look at the two people’s hesitation, Ju Yongwoo can’t sigh.

Others, Jung-woo was lazy enough to explain to them.

But these two are different. This is Jung-woo, the most powerful two members of the General Assembly.

Look at the two men, Ju Yokota: “If you want to grow new brains with these two brains, then these two fruits are not mature.”

“But if you just want to use these two brains, strengthen your inheritance magic, and inherit magic, then they are mature.”

Between words… Zhou Yongwoo has described in detail the concrete situation of the shadow tree, as well as the vaginal fruit.

Listen to Ju Yongwoo’s narrative, both of them finally have clear comprehension.

Whether Suko Yun or Su Xiao-Wan, is absolutely smart or smart.

It is therefore easy for them to judge the truth when they understand the particularities of the Shadow Tree.

If the brake tree is really sterile, it is purely Spirit Physique to split up and to create new individuals.

Then there is no doubt that these brains are ripe.

Although this maturity is not real maturity, it is, as Jung Yokoo said, true maturity.

Do you have to eat a piece of beef and bite it off a living cow?

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

They don’t need really mature brains.

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