Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3815

Suko Yun and Su Xiaowen don’t want to grow any new brains.

A brat tree, from the moment it was planted.

It takes too long until the roots grow, the flowers go on, the time comes.

That was at least a long time in countless years.

Hey, a little less! I like to ask you to collect the fastest speed of renewal of the Ramadan Court.

Or become Demon King, or even the King! It was determined that these two brains had matured.

Suko Yun and Su Xiao-Wan couldn’t wait to take out two brains.

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There is no choice whatsoever to strengthen the legacy of magic.

The brainwash fruit can only be used to strengthen a legacy.

One can only strengthen one inheritance technique.

There can be no simultaneous strengthening of two, as well as more than two inheritance techniques.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

Otherwise, the ultimate inheritance is their only option.

It was so urgent to see both of them, not for a minute, nor was Jung-woo so helplessness.

This mood, he’s totally understandable.

In order to avoid nightmares… even if they were replaced by Ju Yongwoo, they would be the first time to refining them.

Unnailed shook the head, it’s time… for Ju Yongwoo to sit around for refining, waiting for both of you to finish refining.

The passage of time one second seems to have only closed the eyes of Ju Yongwoo, and has again been awakened.

Turn your head towards Suko Yun and Su Xiaoweng.

As you can see, the faces of both people are full of fanaticism.

“So, are the two brains ripe?”

Zhu Yoo-woo is concerned about the way.

Eun… heard a question from Ju Yongwoo, and the two of them were together with nodded.

You know, if there is no maturity, strengthening will fail.

The strengthening of magic and magic can only be accomplished if it is genuinely mature.

Now… since Suko Yun and Su Xiaoxing have all completed refining.

That means that those two brains are really mature.

Look at the excitement of the two, Ju Yokota: “What have you got?”

In the face of Chu Yoo-woo’s query, Suko Yun and Su Xiaoxi were not able to look at each other.

If anyone else asks, Suko Yun and Su Xiaoxing will be furious! You know, for a cultivator.

Their cultivation technique properties and flaws are definitely the most private thing.

It would be very inappropriate to ask at all.

But Chu Yongwoo has no problem.

Since Zhu Yoo-woo followed, there was no need for any secrets.

At least, for cultivation systems alone, there can be no secrets.

How can one know good faith if he or she does not even know the characteristics and characteristics of his or her own people?

After looking at him, Su Xiao-Wang’s first opening of the mouth and saying, “My enhanced inheritance magic is the infinite cold!”

As a result of the intensification of the brainwash, Su Xiaowen’s infinite cold, temperatures are even lower, and it’s getting cold.

With a sharp reduction in spell temperatures, Su Xiaoxing’s ice shield has multiplied defensive power.

Su Xiaowen’s ice blade, too, has become stronger and sharper.

Su Xiaowen’s freeze is even more difficult to earn.

With the infinity of the cold! Su Xiao-Wan’s attack, defense, and control are doubling! Listen to Su Xiaowen’s narrative, Jung-woo can’t do it.

envy… really envy! You know, Jung-woo’s energy strengthens the effectiveness, though it makes Ju Yongwoo very satisfied.

But in fact, in the short term, Ju Yokoo’s power has not been significantly enhanced at all.

The enhanced effect of Ju Yongwoo is to empower Senro and give him the rank of the gentleman.

and it itself…

The destructive force is not at all elevated.

And even because of separating the molecules, Juo Yokota’s power would be reduced.

But if you stand in a long-term perspective, then everything will be different.

With 10 million troops, help him hunt the soul together.

Jung-woo’s Senro power will rise rapidly.

From this point of view, Ju Yongwoo, although for the time being there has been little improvement.

But with the passing of time, Jung-woo’s powers will soon be strong.

In contrast, Zhu Yongwoo’s enhanced effect is provisionally weak, but the future can be infinitely strong, and it belongs to the super strengthening effect of Grand Late Stage.

And Su Xiaoweng’s enhanced effect will immediately increase her strength several times.

You know, deep cold intensifies under.

Su Xiaowen’s destructive power, defensive power and control have doubled.

But her combined strength is more than doubling.

It’s a few times more! As for how much added, without actually testing, it’s not going to know.

Satisfied nodded, Zhou Yokoo turned his head towards Suko Yun and looked at the past.

With Ju Yongwoo’s eyes, Suzuko cloud chuckled: “I didn’t strengthen the indefinite lock, and I chose to strengthen the arrow!”



you heard Suko Yun, Zhou Yongwondon stared at his eyes! This guy is crazy! He chose to strengthen the primary-school inheritance, even though he had the ultimate inheritance.

Look at Ju Yongwoo and stare, and Sue Winton laughed.

“I have always been convinced that the words that had been said by the ancestors of the devil have no superiority for the inheritance of magic and magic.

It’s called junior, middle, and advanced inheritance.

Even the ultimate inheritance.

It’s actually the same powerful inheritance trick! The primary, intermediate, advanced, and ultimate inheritance are divided.

In fact, more distinguishes between demonic energy consumption.

Prior to the use of brainwash fruits, Suzuko clouds had actually fought a series of intense battles.

He’s been late, too, hesitating.

The short board of Suzuko cloud cannot be compensated for choosing to strengthen unlimited locks.

Always strong, Mr. Suko has, in fact, lacked the capacity to attack.

The unlimited lock ensures that the arrow he fired will be targeted.

What if it’s strengthened?

Even if the locks are more effective, a shield can be completely blocked.

Even without shields… only a fully closed set of heavy armoured ordnance will allow for the complete closure of all attacks on Suko Clouds.

So the most missing thing about Suko Clouds is the offensive, the battle skill! If this shortcoming is not addressed, Suzuko cloud is too easy to target.

Without absolute destructive power, it is futile, even if it is locked.

There can be no victory without hurting the opponent.

And as for shock arrows and earthquake arrows, it is not possible.

Bomb arrows and earthquake arrows, the biggest problem is that they cannot be released continuously for too long.

And that’s the question… even if you push your opponent off?

And even if you’re going to fix your opponent?

If there

‘s no super destructive power, that’s not a rat turtle. There’s no way.

Just a heavy-armour, you can kill Sue Yunk.

In fact, this shortcoming was not recently discovered by Suko Yun.

He found this disadvantage after Suko Yun learned about the magic trick.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

The problem, however, is that inheritance techniques have been learned and cannot be modified at all.

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