Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3816

After recurring thinking, Suko clouds are already boobs.

First, unlimited locks are irreplaceable and cannot be replaced.

For an archer, unlimited lockdown is an evil magic trick!

Without unlimited locks, what if the destructive force is stronger?

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‘s no way the arrows can be replaced…

It’s Suko Cloud’s only control of magic.

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Its horror is 10,000 times more horrendous than Jung-woo’s Moro!

Think about it. What if Jung-woo’s Moro bans become a necessity?

Whoever is on the other side, one of them is forbidden to pass, and each other is bound to be trapped.

With Ju Yongwoo’s strength, I’m afraid a piece of steel can be smashed by him!

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

This is Suko Yun’s lifestyle.

Once approached by the near-combatant cultivator, he would have to pull back his distance with a shock arrow.

With the unlimited effects, if this arrow is fired, the other side is bound to be killed and must be bombed.

Even Jung-Yoon’s Senro shield could not be immune to shocks and could be bombed.

Therefore, unlimited locks, impact arrows, earthquake arrows are irreplaceable.

But the problem is…

Bomb arrows belong to soft magic.

The earthquake arrows belong to hard-controlled magic.

Since it’s a controlled magic technique, its formidable power must not be expected.

There is no magic and magic that can control and have the destructive power of terror.

So, after repeated reflection.

The only thing that could be replaced is through the arrow!

But can you really replace that arrow?

As arrows, the biggest way of attacking, isn’t it penetrating?

Of course, Suko Clouds could also consider replacing the penetration arrows with serial arrows.

But a series of arrows were fired, while a little bit of them were shot, although destructive power would indeed increase.


It’s not stupid. How can you let a couple of arrows shoot at the same point in a row?

And if it is not possible to ensure that multiple arrows are fired at the same point.

Then how could it be more destructive than penetrating the arrow?


‘s no need for suspicion

Wearing arrows is definitely the strongest magic of the archery system.

No arrows can be penetrated, and other magic tricks can’t be penetrated.

And most importantly, penetrating arrows is just junior magic, demonic energy consumes very little, and energy is very short.

Suko Clouds could have shot a penetration arrow in a moment.

Apparently, for formidable power alone.

In all archery inheritance magic, penetration is absolutely the strongest.

Suko Clouds can’t be replaced even if they want to be replaced.

Even if the magic of the heavens let him choose, he has no choice.

In that case, then you want to make up for your short board.

Suko Yun has only one choice.

This choice is to strengthen the penetration of arrows with brains!

If there is a decision, Suko Yun will not hesitate.

Even though it is wrong to strengthen it, it will be very much lost.

But once it’s strengthened, it’s crazy.

Once the problem of underdestructive power has been solved, the sooner Suzuko cloud can be promoted to the Demon King level.

And take 10,000 steps back and say…

While a person can only strengthen a magic technique, it is not ideal to wear an arrow to strengthen it.

Suko Clouds can actually replace them with new magic tricks.

By that time, Suzuko clouds could use another brat fruit.

Suko Yun is clear, and Jung-woo has six brains in his hand.

So he could totally risk it.

See if this reinforced arrow can make up for his short board.


not, it’s thick, and Ju Yongwoo wants one.

The primary inheritance of magic in the district is not worth much.

Even if it’s lost, it doesn’t hurt much.

You can buy another legacy ball.

If you can, it will certainly be a joy.

On a recurring basis, Suzuko cloud is naturally invisible and has chosen to strengthen the penetration of arrows.

And the enhanced effect seems good.

Although, for the time being, Ju Yongwoo does not know how big formidable power it is to strengthen the penetration of arrows.

But the smile in the face of Suko Clouds knows that the results of the strengthening are very satisfactory to him.

Powerful through the arrow!

After brainwashing, Suko cloud penetrated the arrow, adding a powerful character!

With strength, formidable power through arrows will rise rapidly as the strength continues.


can save up to nine bucks!

After nine cents of strength, the penetration of the arrow will increase by nine times!

If that were the case, it was nothing.

The gap

is too wide compared to the fierce output of Takasu.

You know, Takamoto is the most powerful one that can blow up 81 times the ravages.

In contrast, only nine times the penetration of Suko cloud has increased, and it is simply insignificant.

But, in fact, the power of formidable power alone does not suck.


devil of Takasu is capable of a third blow, which is compounded by indefinite atrocities, although it can cause 81 times more violent damage, and it can be counterproductive.

In fact, however, the base figure of these eighty-one violent attacks is only the strength of the high-altitude instincts.

And Suko Clouds are nine times different.

Nine times the clouds are penetrated by arrows, arrows, demonic energy, and even fleshy body power!


power of the Takamoto is fixed.

Whatever armor he wears, whatever weapon he uses, demonic energy, his strength is fixed.

And the clouds are different…

All means of intensifying the attack, including Mental Power and Soul Power, can be folded in.

Which means…

When Suko cloud comes out with an arrow.

The penetration of the arrow will rise nine times after nine times the strength.

The nine times the base of this increase is not the strength of the Suko cloud.

It includes his power, speed, Mental Power, Soul Power, demonic energy, bows, arrows, arrows, and all the combinations that can add to the penetration of the arrow.

So if everything overlaps and counts.

Suko Yun, if all parties are able to reach the extreme.

After nine times the strength of power, it could even blow up more than eighty-one times the destructive power of the body.

It’s just…

Compared to Takasu, the requirements of Suzuko Clouds are too high.

For Takasu, everything will be enough if you fix your Devil Body.

The stronger Devil Body, the stronger the power, the more the storm hurts.

And the clouds are different…

He must be strong enough to raise his destructive power in its entirety.

So, trying to arm Suko Clouds, to pluck the sabotage of Suko Clouds.


horrible to have the human, material, financial resources to invest.

But once it’s accumulated, Suzuko clouds will be reversed by Heaven Grade.

Outside a thousand metres, under an arrow, formidable power erupted, even above the height.

By contrast, Takamoto needs to go into each other’s side and slap each other.

And Suko Clouds don’t have to, and with unlimited effects, that arrow is bound to be targeted and can’t hide.

Moreover, Gao Yi only opened up the devil after the storm.

The third knife could explode 81 times the storm.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

As long as the strength is nine, every arrow is more than eighty-one times destructive.

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