Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3817

According to the calculations, if everything in Suzuko Clouds is bigger to the highest level.

Then under one arrow, less than one hundred and eighty times the damage.

If you can have grand Magic Item Archers and arrows.

It has the greatest destructive power and can erupt about 3,100 sixty times the destructive power.

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Suko Clouds must become a presence at the level of Ancestral Dragon, Zumph, and Zukilin.

And his Magic Project, too, must be the top super Magic Project.

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At the very least, for the time being, there has never been such a powerful cultivator in this world.

three hundred sixty five times the angry sniper, only in a dream.

But it can still be done if it is pursued only over eighty-one times as violent as it is.

Just Suko Cloud assiduous cultivation.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

Under an arrow, a hundred and eight-fold outbreak of penetration could still be done.

How could Suko Yun be unhappy in the face of such enhanced results?

While it takes up to nine cents to release the strongest strength to penetrate the arrow.

But in fact, not every arrow is so strong.

Each extra time of effort, its penetration doubles.

In that way, he could well choose the time of strength in the light of the situation on the ground.

And in the process of strength, Suko Clouds are not immovable.

In the process of strength, the rate of movement of the Suzuki cloud will be reduced by 50 per cent.

But even so, it’s enough.

Look at Suko cloud jade tree, and the wind runs.

Chu Yongwoo can’t laugh together

This guy, just give birth.

Not only was born a pampered young master, First Young Master, but, above all, even his system of fighting, such a loser.

If it’s normal cultivator, it’s a powerful arrow, and it doesn’t work.

No one’s dressed up!


‘s no countless medipill going to pile.

Suzuko clouds are simply not able to exercise the power they deserve.

In contrast, he is a model for civilians, even the poor.

As long as assiduous cultivation, exercise your own Devil Body, do everything in its power.

Even without divine weapon.

Even without that many medicine pill to pile.

His destructive power, too, can go crazy.

As long as the power is strong, it can blow out all the violent output of a second killing.

In addition…

Don’t look at the dynamite of the Suko cloud, which seems to be higher than the Takashi.

But, in fact, for a tall tall word, Suko Clouds have no chance of saving their lives.

Nine rest hours, Takasu enough to rush into him and kill him a few times.

And if we can’t save nine cents, the damage caused by the Google erupts, or goes far beyond the Suko cloud.

Moreover, Takasu is finally a rearranged fighter, defensive, far from a shooter.

Eighty-one times the output of Takasu was indeed a bad resistance.

But even if it was a hundred and eight-fold storm, Takasu did not have to resist.

Different positioning between shooters and fighters leads to different characteristics.

Who’s weak, who doesn’t really fight, will never know.


In terms of maximum destructive power alone.

Suko Clouds, up to one hundred and eighty times the destructive power, is more than eighty-one times the damage.

So for your own strengthening this time.

Suko Yun is not only satisfied, but also satisfied with the extreme.

In advance, Suko Yun had no idea that a long-range shooter could erupt such horrendous destructive power.

Even though its destructive power is high, it is crazy, much higher than the nearest battle strikes of the martyrs.

Especially with unlimited chains of inheritance techniques.

Under an arrow, there is a real possibility of killing a peer.

While it is true that the money is wasted, only if the clouds of Suzuko are piled up and he is given nine days to save his strength.

If the Buddhas block, then kill the Buddhas!

The last second, the second, the middle second air!

A thousand meters away, under an arrow, critical strike!

Its horror is described in languages other than languages.

Feel your state of affairs, Suzuko clouds understand more than anyone how horrible they are.

At the same time, Suzuko cloud is more aware than anyone of how strong it is for resources, for equipment.


can be said that if there’s enough money, enough equipment, enough medicine pill.

Suko Yun can be infinite!

And if it doesn’t keep up, Suzuko cloud is only nine times the size of the arrow, and it’s hard to help him reach too high altitude.

If only he were alone, he would not want to be strong for the rest of his life.

It is now possible that Zhang Yoo-woo’s generosity will soon be strong.

As for Su Xiaowen, she was not too jealous of Su.

Although Su Xiaowen’s dynamite is much worse than Su’s clouds, in fact Su Xiaoweng is nothing less colour than Su’s clouds.


temperature of the infinite deep cold is doubling, and this is for Su Xiaoweng, and it’s a whole force.

Defense, attack, control, formidable power and identity of the three major inheritors of magic have multiplied.

Most importantly, Su Xiaowen’s destructive power, although it was not a one-time explosion.

But the intensification of the infinite cold has become truly unlimited.

If it is not reinforced by the infinite cold, it is characterized by a little bit of cold and intrusion into the body of each other every time Su Xiaoling lives.

After that, every time Su Xiao-Wan lives, there will be 10 cold winds, invaded into each other’s bodies.

Twice the temperature, but it’s ten!

If it’s cold, it’s 10 cold!

Even if each other’s defense is stronger, it’s useless.

Hundreds of ice blades fly every day, and they hit hundreds of times in a moment.

A large amount of cold savings and a strong enemy will also be frozen into an ice block.

Once frozen into ice, under the swing of hundreds of ice blades, it’ll be cut into a slice of late!

If, in theory alone, the dynamite of the Suzuko cloud can reach one hundred and eighty times.

Then Su Xiaowen’s destructive force was almost out.

But if she’s trapped, it’s under the infinite cold injection.

Su Xiaowen’s destructive power is almost indefinite.

Su Xiaoxi could even freeze the target to absolute zero super temperatures under the insanity of the cold.

And under absolute zero, even time and space, will be frozen.

Even the energy of the homeland must be sealed.

Of course, it is absolutely zero, or far from enough, to seal the great power of our ancestral land.

At the very least, 100 Million Li, a giant mountain of absolute zero ice, can be temporarily suppressed.

But the problem now is that, with Su Xiaoweng’s power and cultivation base, the target cannot be frozen into a mountain at all.

Even the mountains can’t be frozen. I’m afraid the power will be exhausted.

Moreover, the other party is not a live target, and it is unlikely that she will be allowed to attack indefinitely instead of returning.

Under the same section, Suko Yun, Zhou Yongwoo and Takasu all have the opportunity and the possibility to defeat Su Xiao-Wan.

At the same time, Su Xiaoxing has the capacity and the opportunity to defeat the three.

As for who wins, it’s not necessarily.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

So excited, Su Xiaoweng invited Joo-woo into the treasure together.

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