Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3818

Even though Suko Yun said before, this Ju Yokoo is a man of talent and talent.

Follow him, there’s an endless high position and great wealth.

Follow him, with unlimited prospects and future.

Follow him. Absolutely nothing to worry about.

Hey, a little less! I like to ask you to collect the fastest speed of renewal of the Ramadan Court.

Even though there’s no dog looking down at people…

But in the opinion of Su Xiaoweng, Ju Yongwoo was not born.

Shit, a little less! Ramadan Court www.zhaishuyuan.com, update the latest chapter!

What does he want in four or five years?

With Su Xiaoweng’s mind, she is in no way imaginable.

But now, Su Xiaowen is really a little comfortable.

Though this brat fruit is hers.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.


can take it off anytime she wants.

But Su Xiaowen has always thought that this brat fruit is not familiar.

If the brainwash is still born, take it off and eat it, it will not only be wasted, but it will also be toxic.

The toxins of brake fruit will burn meridian’s inside walls, causing irreparable damage.

Although the damage would not be too large, the crude meridian wall would block demonic energy flows and reduce demonic energy speed.

In a sense, it’s equivalent to reducing cultivator innate talent and quality!

Therefore, unless it is determined that the vagina fruit is ripe.

Otherwise, there is absolutely no one who dares to eat this cunt fruit.

But I never thought that Jung-woo had just arrived in the army.

This is the first time in the hidden valley.

With all his visibility, his brilliant wisdom, he saw something wrong.

Moreover, under bold pleas, precise judgments were made in the instant.

Now, from the moment I saw Jung-woo, until now.

Not even a day ago.

But the strength of Su Xiaowen and Su Yun has doubled or even doubled.

Isn’t that what Suko Yun said?


long as Zhou Yongwoo is with us, it’s definitely the future, the square cloud!

The smile that looked at both people was very pleasant and thankless.

Zhou Yongwoo shook the head…

You know, everything here, Ben is Su Xiaowen’s.

And Suko Yun is the next master here.

Therefore, from this point of view, a brainwash should be assigned to them.

Ju Yongwoo, instead of thanking the two.

If they hadn’t generously invited Jung-woo and let him choose everything.

Ju Yongwoo couldn’t have gotten this vagina fruit.

And the rarest, genuinely mature pussy!

without saying how the three people think…

Soon, under Su Xiaowen’s leadership, three people entered the vault of the hidden valley.

Inside the treasury, Ju Yongwoo looked around and looked at the past.

As can be seen in the entry, there are a variety of medicine ingredients, metals and scarce materials in the treasury.

Those metals and materials returned that ’all, the most exciting of all, and they belonged to a pile of mediingredients like mountains.

These medicine ingredients are rare medicine ingredients over Level 3.

These medicine ingredients, all of which are exotic sheep islands, are precious medicine ingredients produced on three hundred sixty five islands.

It’s a lot, all sorts of things, so Ju Yongwoo can open his eyes.

Just those Level 3 medicine ingredients, and that’s all.

Although the most scarce pills are available, Level 3 medicine ingredients are finally available and even money is available.

The best thing to make Ju Yongwoo look at is a bunch of Level 4 medicine ingredients!

Level 4 medicine ingredients, refining Level 4 medicine pill.

Level 4 medicine pill, precisely the medicine ingredients needed to upgrade Devil Body from 40 to 50.

These medicine ingredients, they’ve been in Great Clan’s hands.

Even with money, it’s hard to buy.

Especially if you want to buy it in bulk, that’s all the more impossible.

You know, Level 4 medicine ingredients, that’s the bottom of the forces of Great Clan.


will be no shake if there is a large number of Level 4 medicine ingredients, Great Clan and the bottom of power.


long as there is a large number of Level 4 medicine ingredients, Great Clan and the forces are not afraid to cultivate a good brother.

And with a lot of good guys, there’s no need to worry about Great Clan and the power, and it’s going down.

Look at that pile of Level 4 medicine ingredients, Chu Yongwoo’s surprise.

Although speaking of that, these Level 4 medicine ingredients are not, in fact, too high.

Even if all Level 4 medicine ingredients were combined, they could not be worth much.

But the problem now is, this is really not the money we can buy.

With these medicine ingredients, Juo Yokoo can refine a lot of medicine pill.

Through medicine pill, Zhu Yongwoo can quickly upgrade to 50 the Devil Body, the 100 pawns!


that way, Ju Yongwoo, the new promoter, is just like that.

Otherwise, all handsome is 30 words from Devil Body’s shrimp rice.

Even if you take it out, there’s no light on your face!

And, in the future, really get on the battlefield.

Thirty Devil Body cultivator, that’s not even a cannon ash.

By contrast, I’m afraid those shrimp soldiers and crab generals are worse than the Sea Ocean disaster!

So excited, Jung-woo looked at Su Xiaoweng: “Great, where’d you get so much Level 4 medicine ingredients?”

The scepticism looked at Ju Yongwoo.

These Level 4 medicine ingredients, although they are scarce, are of little value.

So Su Xiaoweng doesn’t understand why Zhou Yoo-woo is so happy!

I don’t know if it’s a misunderstanding.

Su Xiaoweng even felt that Jung-woo is happier now than when he just got the brains.

Indeed, that is true.

You know, there’s a lot of Level 4 medicine ingredients here.

If these Level 4 medicine ingredients are refined into medicine pill.


least three or four thousand Devil Body, up to 50!


this way, more than 30 million war veterans can become 50 Devil Body fighters!

It means too much to Jung-woo.

Ju Yongwoo’s on his own strength, though heavy.

But that’s why he needs a strong soldier.

Especially with the intensification of the brainwash, Senro’s strength evolved into a serpent snake.


stronger Corporal Zhu Yongwoo, the more you can replace him, help him get more, stronger Spirit Physique.

Although individual pawns, within unit time, the target of hunting may not be too much.

But with hundreds of soldiers together, their efficiency doesn’t know how many times higher than Ju Yongwoo.

One hundred and thirty Devil Body’s pawns can only protect a village in the event of a marine disaster.

But one hundred and fifty Devil Body’s pawns can protect an entire island!

Those more than 30 Devil Body sea snakes commanders can’t even pick them up.

So excited, Jung-woo doesn’t know what’s polite.

And the big handshake, within the Ice Emperor’s bracelet, took out the big wooden box with the magic stone, piled up in the air around it…

Then Zhu Yongwoo put Level 3, Level 4, and Fifth Level medicine ingredients all inside the Ice Crown.

That’s why you’re so insensitive.

One, because Suko Yun doesn’t pill concocting, as a member of the sword hall, he’s been practicing swords for the rest of his life!

Second, it’s Su Xiaowen, and it’s not possible pill concocting.

As ice attribute cultivator, there’s no pill concocting.

Three, Jung-woo is not white either.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

Let’s just pay for it.

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