Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3819

It’s late then.

In the eyes of Suko Yun and Su Xiaowen, a bunch of mediingredients were insane in the Ice King’s hand.

Just for a while, the medicine ingredients in the mountains were cleaned up by Zhou Yongwoo.

Even though a few Fifth Level medicine ingredients, Zhu Yongwoo was dressed together.

Hey, a little less! I like to ask you to collect the fastest speed of renewal of the Ramadan Court.

The sheep archipelago is isolated and situated in unspeakable areas.

Fifth Level and mediingredients above Fifth Level are too few.

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medicinal power contained therein is also manifestly inadequate.

So those Fifth Level medicine ingredients, while valuable, have not been at all placed on Juo Yokota’s heart.

Even if these Fifth Level medicine ingredients were taken, they would be of little use.

The subsequent refinement of Fifth Level medicine pill can only be seen as a complement to mediingredients.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

The sheep archipelago is known as the dry land.

The reason is that there is almost no medicine ingredients above Fifth Level.

After all Level 3 and Level 4 medicine ingredients were installed, Zhou Yokoo was not satisfied.

With so much medicine ingredients, his army can finally form!

With excitement, Ju Yokoo turned his head towards Su Xiaowen and looked at the past.

If you say…

The evil fruit belongs to Suzuko cloud and Su Xiao-Wan.

So these medicine ingredients, they’re totally complete, they belong only to Su Xiaowen.

Even if Suzuko Yun is more challenging than Su Xiaoxing, these medicine ingredients are not owned by Suko Yun.

Before leaving the army, Su Xiaowen could have taken everything out of here.

Everything here, Ben, is the private item she’s accumulated for thousands of years.

Although Zhu Yongwoo has already paid, even so, Su Xiaoweng has made a great deal of effort, which must be given.

laughed, Ju Yongwoo’s excitement: “Thank you so much this time, you know what reward you want, and if you can, I will help you achieve it!”

A reward?

Listen to Jung-woo, Su Xiaoweng.

But soon, Su Xiaoxing smiled, shaking his head, “No, no, these medicine ingredients, I didn’t really get any use, if you had anything to do with it.”

It doesn’t work?

Hear Su Xiao-Wang, Zhou Yongwondon is dead.

For a magician, Level 4 medicine ingredients are the most critical material.

While Level 4 medicine ingredients is no longer useful to the devil himself, as the devil general, it is all about the army.

And if you want to form your own army, you have to grow a lot of medicine pill.

High medicine ingredients, though harder.

But it’s just that the devil will need it.

Unlike Level 4 medicine ingredients, however, the need for the devil will be as many soldiers as possible.

As a result, Level 4 medicine ingredients do not know how many times more than Fifth Level.

In fact, Level 4 medicine ingredients are scarce than Fifth Level medicine ingredients.

This scarcity is not due to a small number.

It’s all because there’s too much demand!

Su Xiaowen thinks these Level 4 medicine ingredients are useless.

Just because she didn’t all form her own army.

Since it was unwilling to form its own army, it could not be used at all.

So these Level 3 and Level 4 medicine ingredients, for Su Xiaowen, are really useless.

Look at Ju Yongwoo.

On the side of Suko Yun, not opened the mouth and say:

“Actually, it’s not just Yun, and I don’t have any need for these low-level medicine ingredients.”

“For me and Xiao Wang, I can make sure that my own refining is good, where there are resources to train the army!”

Chu Yongwondon was sudden.


Suko Yun, his own refinement will require the amount of resources of the sea.

Ask him, he can’t help himself.

Look at Chu Yongwoo, Su Yuen Road: “I see you’ve only formed a hundred fighters, actually… you can build three.”


Hear Suko Yun, the fog on the side of Ju Yongwoo.

Look at Ju Yongyo, Su Xiao-Wan said with a beautiful smile: “Yeah, as long as I and Yun give you orders, you can all be handsome for 300 troops at the same time.”

nodded, Suko Yun smiled and said, “We were your vice generals.”

Listen to Suko Yun, and Su Xiao-Wan, Chu Yoo-woo is sudden.

As a magician, two deputies could be recruited.

Usually, Zhu Yongwoo intended to recruit Takasu, and Jane River, as his deputy.

But now it doesn’t seem necessary!

Isn’t this Suzuko cloud and Su Xiaoweng, his vice general?

As the Lord, Zhou Yokoo naturally has the right to administer all three armies.

As Vice-Presidents, Suko Yun and Su Xiaoxing’s military power should have been in the hands of Zhou Yokoo.

However, the general magician will not be able to recruit other magicians for his deputy.

Basically, some powerful cultivator was recruited to replace the deputy general.

Zhu Yongwoo’s original intention is that the vast majority of the devils will have the only option.

As the devil, they are extremely proud.

Who could easily be someone else’s deputy?

And Suko Yun and Su Xiaowen are different.

For whatever reason, they have become Vice-Presidents of Zhou Yoo-woo.

And after all, neither one has any interest in military power.

Su Xiaoxing is nature, and she herself has no interest in training officers.

And Suko Yun, even if he’s interested, doesn’t have the material, the financial, and the energy.

Suko Yun can’t even take care of himself.

His throne is therefore destined to be wasted.

All the energy of Suko Clouds will be used on their own.

In this way, Suko cloud and Su Xiao-Wan’s command are useless.

Ju Yongwoo can make the three men one and build a Legion of 300 people.

Happy, Chu Yoo-woo smiled and said, “Well, I’m not welcome, but don’t reward it, and you say,” Look, what do you want? “”

In the face of Ju Yoo-woo’s inquiries, Su Xiao-frowns thought.

Last but inexplicable shook the head: “I don’t want anything, these medicine ingredients, you take it, I really can’t use it.”

cough cough

I heard Su Xiao-Wan, and Su Yun smiled and coughed.

Heard Suko Yun’s coughing, the confusion of Su Xiao-Wan’s face, don’t know what he wants.

Suko Yun smiled and said to Juo Yokota, “What she wanted most must be golden light Barrier Breaking Pill, and that… hopefully the boss will help her refining one?”

golden light Barrier Breaking Pill?


you heard Suko Yun, Su Xiaolington stared in his eyes.

Su Xiaoxing has been stuck in 60 Devil Body for thousands of years.

She dreamed of a golden light Barrier Breaking Pill.

But the problem now is that golden light Barrier Breaking Pill, but it’s very hard to refine.

Not only do you need golden light with eight claws of crystal.


‘s also a lot of precious medicine ingredients in the sea.

It’s really hard to get a full set of golden light Barrier Breaking Pill medicine ingredients.

And take 10,000 steps back and say, what if all the medicine ingredients are together?

She can’t find it at all. Alchemy Grandmaster can’t help her refine golden light Barrier Breaking Pill.

And even if you do, the probability of successful refinement will not exceed 30 per cent.

So for Demon Race, golden light Barrier Breaking Pill, that’s really hard.

If not, how could that many devils always be just the devils?

And you can’t be the handsome?

Sixty Devil Body, for the devil!

70 Devil Body, for the devil!

The discrepancy between Devil Body in Sector 10 is as far as it is.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

Su Xiao-Wan just stayed

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