Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3820

How is that possible?

In fact, it’s not just Su Xiaowen.

Even Zhu Yongwoo’s headache


Brows tightly knit’s looking at Suzuko Clouds, looking at Su Xiaowen again


Hey, a little less! I like to ask you to collect: (i) The fastest speed of

renewal of the Jaguar Court.
golden light, 8 claws of crystal

? When you

heard Ju Yongwoo, Su Xiaoweng raised his eyes.

Shit, a little less! Japan Court, update the latest chapter!


you got golden light, eight weird crystals!

When you heard Su Xiaowen, Ju Yokowson stared at his eyes and was excited.


the face of Ju Yoo-woo’s inquiries, Su Xiaoxing did not answer.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

The beast pocket was handed over to Ju Yongwoo, Su Xiaoweng: “Well, I’ve been stationed here for thousands of years, haven’t I?”

Pick up Su Xiaowen’s pocket, Jung-woo Nodded.

Indeed, while golden light’s eight claws are indeed difficult to meet, for thousands of years Su Xiaoqiao has finally had the chance to get it.

Look at Jung-woo, Su Xiaowen explained it up.

Over the past few thousands of years, golden light eight claws have emerged around the three hundred sixty islands of the sheep islands.

Whenever this happens, Su Xiaowen will be on his way to the first time after he gets the message.

Not every time I see that golden light with eight claws.

Over the past three or four thousand years, Su Xiaoxing has succeeded in seeing three golden light claws and in killing them.

Su Xiaowen is ice attribute cultivator.

And ice attribute, actually water Element’s division.

So, above the sea, Su Xiaowen’s strength is superior.


long as you see those eight claws, there’s absolute certainty that they will be killed


And dig out their crystals and take them away.

Listen to Su Xiaowen’s explanation, Jung-woo was excited to open his pocket.

Look in the

it’s not too big in the veterinary pocket, with three golden crystals.

But it’s not just golden crystals in that beast pocket.

In the surroundings of three golden crystals, more than 3,000 silver crystals are scattered!

This is…

watching over 300 silver crystals, and Chu Yongwoo is going crazy.

More than 3,000 silver crystals!

Where did you get this


In the face of Ju Yongwoo’s confusion, Su Xiaoxing smiled and gave the answer soon.

Over the past 3,000 years, the Ministry of Military Affairs battleship has transcended more than 300 islands of the sheep islands.

At sea, silver light’s eight claws are occasionally encountered


After killing those silver light 8 claws, naturally you can get silver crystals


With more

than 3,000 silver light crystals accumulated over 3,000 years,
speaking of what, on average, gets one piece a year, which is already small


For an old poker, over 3,000 dollars of silver crystal, it’s almost impossible.

But that’s how Su Xiaowen is, the sex is too thin.

Most silver crystals have been given by him to the General Assembly.

And that’s why Su Xiaoxing can hide in the army’s closed doors.

Everything at hand is handed over to the general, and it’s gone.

With excitement, Jung-woo opened the mouth and said, “Come on, come with me… I’ll help you refine golden light Barrier Breaking Pill immediately!”

What, you help me refine!

When you

heard Jung-woo, Su Xiaoweng stared at his eyes.

Are you kidding me?

That golden light Barrier Breaking Pill, even Alchemy Grandmaster, did not have a high success rate.

Besides, it’s him.

You know, just four or five years ago, Jung-woo was just a little beggar.

In four or five years, how high can pill concocting be even if he’s studying every day?

Look at Su Xiaowen’s face and question, the clouds of Su won’t have to stretch her hand and pull her clothes.

Soo-Wan’s ear was gently approached, and Su’s cloud was whispering: “Don’t question the boss. He will help you with his own refining.”


golden light Barrier Breaking Pill I use is the boss, and guess what golden light Barrier Breaking Pill I use. ”

This is

… in the face of Suzuko Clouds, the stagnation of Su Xiaoding.

Su Xiao-Wan realized,” golden light Barrier Breaking Pill is good to refine, and you ask for grades? Think too much! ”

You know, it’s not easy to get a golden light Barrier Breaking Pill.

Who wants medicine pill’s qualities?

First Grade golden light Barrier Breaking Pill, for the vast majority of the devils, is the limit.

As for Second Grade, and golden light Barrier Breaking Pill above Second Grade, it’s not even a dream.


mood for Zhou Yoo-woo today is really great.

Not only did three Level 4 medicine ingredients harvest the sea volume, but also a small number of Fifth Level medicine ingredients.

Most importantly, Su Xiaoxing took out more than 3,000 silver light crystals and three golden light crystals.

It’s so important to Jung-woo.

With pleasure, dialogue with Su Xiao-Wan and Su Yun is also ignored and ignored


Turn around, Chu Yongwoo on Suko Clouds: “Well, you’ll have the military department, me and Xiao Wang back to Sword Sect.”

In the face of Ju Yongwoo’s bidding, Suzuko’s clouds used nodded to say, “Don’t worry, the army has me, and there will be no problem.”

In the middle of the conversation, Suko Yun pointed to a bunch of big wooden boxes on the ground: “These wooden boxes, I’ll send someone to you.”

In the face of Suko Yun, Zhu Yongwoo set his hands on Su Xiaoweng Road: “These woods are your medicine ingredients, and you take them up.”

Buy my medicine ingredients?

Listen to Jung-woo, Su Xiaowen, that’s what you realize.

These big wooden boxes are filled with magic stones!

The scepticism opens a suitcase, looks like a big wooden box, and it’s full of magic stones!

This box alone contains at least 100,000 superior magic stones


It’s worth a billion primary-magic stone!

Of course

, Su Xiao-Wan is in charge of the army for thousands of years and has not seen the world.

But the problem now is, there are so many wooden boxes here.

About a few counts, there’s a lot of more than 3,000 wooden boxes.

If every wood box is filled with superior magic stones.

So the magic stone here will be more than 300 million


Su Xiaowen is in Imperial Capital, growing up in Imperial Capital.

Su Family was also a prominent Great Clan.

But even so, she hasn’t seen so much money!

For Great Clan of Imperial Capital, their concept of money is not based on primary magic stone.

Only the lowest level of civilians can use the primary magic stone as a monetary unit.

For the supreme family and nobility, the superior magic stone is called the magic stone


The superior magic stone is a complete currency unit.

After all, after paragraph 60 Devil Body, the primary and secondary magic stone is no longer useful.


paragraph 30 Devil Body, primary magic stone is used.

Under 60 Devil Body, medium magic stone is used.

Sixty paragraphs Devil Body and more can only use superior magic stones.

Great Clan and powerful forces, therefore, basically recognize only superior magic stones.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

Su Xiao-Wan is still being deterred.

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