Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3821

Su Family flourishing period, total assets have just passed billions.

But now, the wealth before her is more than 300 million.

So much money, just buying a bunch of three Level 4 medicine ingredients, this price spills too much!

It’s almost ten times the spill!

Hey, a little less! I like to invite you to collect: (i) the fastest speed of updating the Japan Court.

Prices also remained five or six times higher.

Look at Su Xiaoxing and stare, Ju Yongwoo can’t laugh.

Shit, a little less! Japan Court, update the latest chapter!

More than 3,000 boxes of superior magical stone, but only within the Ice King’s bracelet, in eighty-one submarines, one of which contains magical stones


Same amount of magic stone, 80 more space.

Moreover, even so many magic stones, one hair from nine oxen for the total assets of the city.

The most important thing is

the day when I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

If only a small number of acquisitions were to be made, the problem was not significant.

But you want to buy over 3,000 silver light crystals.

And Level 4 medicine ingredients used by over 3,000 cultivator.

That would be too difficult…

It is absolutely impossible to acquire without centuries of time.

Although Zhu Yongwoo’s premium is too serious, it is more than five or six times higher.

But don’t forget, Su Xiaowen already thinks he’s the boss.

And the general orders were sent to Ju Yongwoo.

From that point of view, there was no spillover.

Don’t look at this now, Su Xiaowen has given up no more than a hundred soldiers.

Over time.

As the ranks of everyone rise.

Su Xiao-Wan will turn out to be 10, 10,000, even 100,000!

So, Jung-woo gave this money, nothing.

Besides, what if it’s premium?

Follow Ju Yongwoo. Are you still suffering from poverty?

And don’t say how Ju Yongwoo thinks.

On the other hand, Su Xiaowen loves money too.

With money, you can buy a lot of good stuff.

Even golden light Barrier Breaking Pill can be bought.

No one in the world

spends 300 million superior magic stones to buy golden light Barrier Breaking Pill.
golden light Barrier Breaking Pill is scarce and precious, and his price is finally limited.

Basically, as long as tens of millions of superior magic stones are available, one can be acquired.

And between the big hands, Su Xiaoxing quickly took each and everyone into the big wooden box, and entered into the sub-prime rings.

Although not very interested in those medicine ingredients, there is no one who can really be interested in money.


only way to make everyone like it is probably just money.

Look at Su Xiaowen and put the big wooden box on.

Suko Winton had eyes up.

Lick your lips, and Sue Yun

smiled and said, “Well, what, you leave me a little bit better, and I don’t have any liquidity anymore, you see,”
Look at Suko cloud’s grief, Chu Yongwoo can’t stand it.

You know, Suzuko Clouds have always been an example of a lot of gold.

In Zhu Yoo-woo’s impression, Suzuko Clouds could be missing anything, but only the money!

So from the start to finish, Jung-woo didn’t all give him the money.

But now that you want to come, Suko Yun is really poor.

Su Family funds are used to build the island

. At

this moment, Suko Yun is not only rich.

As Patriarch of Su Family, he also owed an ass of external debt.

So, looking at that pile of wealth in front of it, there are more than three trillion dollars.

Suzuko clouds also have to plunge three feet.

After all, the entire Su Family industry, together, is less than 10 trillion primary-school magicians!

And most importantly.

This Suko cloud is affected by magic, and the demand for money is too great.


can be said that the more money is invested in Suko Clouds.


power of Suko Clouds will be stronger.

And without enough money, invest in Suko Clouds.

Then, even if innate talent is taller, the potential is deeper, I’m afraid it won’t even get on the floor.

Intensive penetration through nine times the storm, though it seems to be a lot


But the other cultivator moves 36 times, 72 times, and eighty-one times the storm, it’s nothing.

Shook the head, Jung-woo turned his head over to Su Xiaoweng: “Forget it, don’t pretend to be the money here, leave it to the clouds.”


heard Ju Yongwoo, when Su Xiaoweng was in pain


So much money, she doesn’t want to let go.

Even though Suko Yun is her cousin, then what?

Well said, Dad has a mother better than she has, a wife and a man have a hand to stretch.

Don’t say it’s cousin. Even if her own father comes, it’s her money, she’s gonna take it.

Look at Su Xiaoweng, Ju Yongwoo: “Don

‘t look, put you in there, come on.”
In the face of Jung-woo’s orders, Su Xiaoweng, though not happy.

But now that he follows, he can only follow orders.

Su Xiaoxing, in his mouth, has just been loaded in a big wooden box and has come out.

Put it on the ground of the warehouse.

Satisfied nodded, Juo Yokota: “Well, here’s all the money left for you, and as for how to spend, I won’t interfere

.” This…

in the face of
this scene, Suzuko cloud is also foolish.

$300 million in superior magic!

So big a fortune, Suko Yun is foolish.

Su Family Industries, though large.

But its total value, I’m afraid, is less than a billion.

And most importantly, half of them are immovable property of all kinds, and brand value, intangible value.

Thus, for Suko Yun, although he had never been a kid, he was really rich, but he was absolutely not.

From the point of view of the entire sheep, Su Family is just a small family of a local nature.

Out of the sheep, nobody knows.

Look at Suko cloud staring at the shoulders of the hand, Pats Sue.

In the eyes of Suko Yun, Ju Yokota: “Your own case, I’m sure you know exactly how to spend this money, and I hope you have a thorough plan.”

Strong nodded, Suzuko Clouds: “Don’t worry, boss. I know what to do.”

Nodded, Juo Yokoo goes on: “From now on, this sheep archipelago is yours.”

Su Family owes me money, and I won’t want it all for you anymore. ”

What? It’s not so good…” Listen to Jung-woo, Sue Yun is completely stupid.

Look at Suko’s clouds and stare, Chu Yongwoo is not smiling.

Once, Suko cloud pulled out the corner, and the money was enough to keep Ju Yokoo staring


Now, the situation seems to have turned around.

If it’s Ju Yongwoo pulling the next chill, it’s worse than Su Family’s waist.

Between thinking, Ju Yokota: “In any case,


‘t go too far for money, your spirit, or more on refining, or else”
said half, and Ju Yokoo stopped


But even though Zhu Yongwoo is not at all at the end of the story.

But Suko Yun has understood what he wants to say, exactly.

Strong nodded, actually, Suzuko clouds know more about their situation than everyone


Su Family, he won’t invest too much energy and blood in development.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

If you can’t concentrates ones minds on refining, then Suko Clouds will be wasted.

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