Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3822

For Suko cloud, every qualitative improvement has been greatly promoted to him.

Even if Devil Body is stuck, it can’t be upgraded.

But he can also raise Devil Body’s strength, speed, patience.

He could also choose to upgrade Mental Power, Soul Power.

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Anyway, he needs a lot of human, material, financial resources to serve himself.

Absolute attention is needed to upgrade their cultivation base to the limit.

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If one day Suko Yun reached the ultimate realm.

Then the Suko cloud at that time must be a perfect martial artist.

On either side, it is absolutely arbitrary.

And it takes too much time and energy to do four full powers.

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That is why Suko Yun must abandon Su Family.

If he’s still trying to develop Su Family, that would be unwise.

After all, Su Family has developed better, and that is finally just a family.

And if Suko Yun can build up the General Department well.

That is completely different…


power of the Ministry of Military Affairs covers the entire sheep islands.


long as the General’s Department has developed, it’s not just a daily fight.

And most importantly, Chu Yongwoo’s profit to the military is not going to come out.

All the money earned by the Ministry of Military Affairs can be freely disposed of and used by Suko Yun


Of course, all this is premised.

That’s the money that must be used to upgrade and strengthen Suko Clouds themselves.

Instead of being taken away, he went to develop Su Family.

If one day, General Suko Yun’s money was taken to develop Su Family.

Su Family’s business, completely monopolized the sheep islands.

So without enough money to support it, the quality of Suko cloud is bound to stagnate.

Over the

past three or four thousand years, Su Xiaowen has hardly increased.

Even after three or four thousand years of time, she couldn’t beat the clouds that had just been promoted to the devil.

Even though Su Xiaoweng has accumulated all his wealth, it’s cheap for Zhou Yongwoo.

In conclusion, however, she has not been able to use resources reasonably at all


Although in the long run, it seems that Suko Yun can earn more once he has developed Su Family.

But in fact, it’s not necessary.

If you chose to develop Su Family, it was just a privacy.

If, one day, Su Family’s business has a complete monopoly on the three hundred sixty islands of the sheep islands.

The army is bound to be weak.

All the money went out to develop Su Family.

There must be no way that the Ministry of Military Affairs can develop.

Suko Yun’s own strength has not escalated.

Such erosion of public obesity can only hurt itself.

And let Su Family develop freely.

Use all the money to upgrade yourself.

Then, in a few years, the combined strength of Suzuko cloud will rise indefinitely!

Maybe in one way alone, Suzuko clouds can’t do the best


But in combination, almost no one can talk to him about equal terms.

Ju Yongwoo can only say a few words about this.

What the hell is going on, Jung-woo won’t interfere more.

After all, even if loyal to Ju Yongwoo, Suko Yun is finally an ideological individual.

And his devil will not be a fake.

Nor is it too bad to interfere.

Good old words…

life is expensive, love is higher, both of them can be thrown for free reasons!

If there is too much interference in people’s freedom, and in the nature of Suko cloud, I’m afraid it would be preferable to die and not be slave.

Don’t look at Suko Yun.

Don’t look at the character of Suko Clouds, it’s absolutely impossible to betray


However, non-violent non-cooperation can be chosen without betrayal.

Without betrayal, it is also possible to choose to return to their homes and to return to the woods


What can be done in the long term

, even though history is perpetuated by powerful interference with the tyrant of freedom under its auspices


Which tyrant can have a good ending?

Wherever there is oppression, there is resistance, it’s the truth!

Thus, even as Princess of Suko Yun, Zhu Yongwoo can only make more suggestions and make some reference


As for specific things, he is not suitable to interfere.

If things are done in person, they can’t be done without saying.

The point is, Suko Clouds will be very contradictory.

After a few brief points, Zhou Yokoo left the army with Su Xiaoweng,

moving towards the direction of Sword Sect, all the way back.

Send Jung-woo back to the treasure.

Look at that pile of magic boxes like mountains.

Between now and then, Suko clouds are in deep thinkers.

By now, Suko Yun has confirmed his attitude towards him.

Obviously, Chu Yongwoo did not enslave his mind


This emotion, Suko cloud, is understandable and shared.

People like Suko Yun and Ju Yongwoo will never accept slavery.

If someone tries to enslave them and they cannot resist


Then they’d rather have nothing to do with beggar.

Nor can others be tolerated for their hu hu


The last game, even if the winner was Suko Yun, he would never be enslaved.

Or is that, no doubt, no doubt.

Failure to give each other sufficient trust, as well as adequate rights.

Why would that man work for you?

However, Suko Yun had to admit that

Zhou Yongwoo was indeed generous enough to trust him.

The extent to which Zhou Yongwoo can do it is difficult to imagine.

Even if he wins, he can’t do this in any way.

It is not mistrust, but it will never be unconditional.

At least, I want to be with him. Follow two eyes.

At least, within the military, arrange two elbows that can constrain his presence, right?

But in fact, Ju Yongwoo didn’t do it at all.

The whole army, Jung-woo, gave it to him.

All the treasury revenues of the Ministry of Military Affairs were also handed over to him for use.

Even, Jung-woo will not interfere with his use of the money.

Even if he took it all back to Su Family, Jung-woo wouldn’t stop it.

Only if that were true, Ju Yokoo would be very disappointed.

Because of that practice, it’s so selfish.

And for Ju Yongwoo, for the army, and for Suko Yun.

That way, it’s too unwise, too stupid.

If he does,

whole Su Family can shake straight.

But everyone else, things, things, they’re getting desperate.

Especially Suko Yun, once the perfect upward period has been missed.

Then his life’s achievements are finally limited.

Between thinking, Suko cloud can’t be laughed at.

He’s not stupid. He doesn’t have enough strength to support it. The bigger Su Family development, the bigger the problem.

If the strength of Suko Clouds can’t be upgraded quickly.

Then, under the umbrella of Ju Yongwoo, it may be difficult to play too much.

Once he is unable to upgrade his strength as soon as possible.

Then there’s a series of generals under Ju Yongwoo.

His ranking will get closer and closer.

Although Zhou Yongwoo will never abandon him and expel him, other generals will also be able to find food on Ju Yongwoo’s territory.

You took everything, Su Family. What do we eat?

Thus, if Su Family is sufficiently large to develop, it may even monopolize the business of the sheep islands


And Suko Yun is not strong enough to support it.

That will inevitably suffer from the grievances of the other generals, under the umbrella of Juan Yokoo.

If Suko Yun died in the sand because he was too weak.

Then let’s not talk about it.

Day after day, I can’t read it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

But Su Family wants to keep monopolizing business, which is probably gone.

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