Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3824

The so-called silver light Barrier Breaking Pill.

They’re different names, but they’re all the same medicine pill.

For Zhou Yongwoo today, the refinery is really too small for Silver Dan.

Silver Dynasty, it’s Level 3 medicine pill.

Hey, a little less! I like to invite you to collect: (i) the fastest speed of updating the Japan Court.

It’s more than double what Devil Body needs to break silver Dan!

So the refinery broke Silver Dan, Chu Yongwoo was absolutely familiar and the blade was redundant.

Shit, a little less! Japan Court, update the latest chapter!

But in general speaking of that, under a stove, only one can be refined.

Silver light Barrier Breaking Pill is different…

This silver light Barrier Breaking Pill is too simple for Zhou Yongwoo.

Even if the distraction is used, there is absolutely no problem with a stove of medicine pill.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

It’s still too slow to be alone.

Well, Ju Yongwoo is now, but the owner of the sheep islands.

More like the sheep Sword Sect, the Lord behind the curtain.

So, after a call, Ish came in with nine girls.

These nine girls are the most outstanding disciple in Dan Hall.

After entering the pill concocting

look inside the pill concocting chamber and pile of surface sea Level 3 medicine ingredients


Those nine girls were staring.

What’s going on, so many mediingredients, how come this mess is accumulating here?

In the face of doubts, Zhou Yokoo did not explain too much and soon issued a series of orders


As ordered by Ju

, all girls began to quickly collate medicine ingredients, classify them, pick them up, clean them up and scrub them carefully



… under the instructions of Juo Yokoo, medicine ingredients were continuously invested in nine songs, Spirit Dragon.

Nine girls though pill concocting innate talent is just general.

The refining doesn’t come too high for medicine pill.

But simply let them clean up and wash medicine ingredients, and put medicine ingredients into pill furnace, there’s no problem


At least, their ability to identify medicine ingredients is still trustworthy.

Never make that kind of mistake by making von Kyung a cool mistake.

And watch the rocks, and they’re gone.

Used to be, after nine Alchemist were sent, she could get up and leave.

But under

curiosity, she stayed for a little while…
without thinking, this will never move


Under the

stars of Ishmael…
Ju Yongwoo sat there with his own face.

Let the dark fire burn, hu hu hu.

Half a inch on the chair, Zhu Yongwoo keeps giving an order.

As ordered by Juo Yongwoo, nine girls quickly invested a large amount of medicine ingredients in huge furnace cauldron.

Is it in pill concocting or

is he cooking a pot of wild food?

Look at the big medicine ingredients, as if the vegetables fell into cauldron.

Shih’s face

was busy for a while, Ju Yongwoo just waved, suggesting that you stop throwing medicine ingredients.


Ju Yongwoo finally stood up from the chair.

Go to cauldron, feel it carefully.

After a while, Ju Yokoo turned around.

Several pieces of medicine ingredients were captured, thrown into Dan’s jaw and then felt again.

Landing continues…

Zhou Yokoo continues to capture medicine ingredients on a wide range of medicine ingredients and constantly throws them into cauldron


I threw dozens of them in a row, and that’s why nodded was satisfied, covered with cauldron lid.

Then Ju Yongwoo turned around and smiled at Ishih.

“How’s that? How’s everything going?” Ju Yongwoo smiled.


Ju Yongwoo, don’t give a shit about cauldron.

Turn around and talk to her.

Between now and then, stone h was completely messy.

In her cognizance, pill concocting is one that has to concentrate on attention completely.

But now Jung-woo, a one-time input to that many medicine ingredients don’t say.


if it

burns down there?
That many medicine ingredients are wasted


Level 3 medicine ingredients alone, nothing.

Waste a little bit.

With Ju Yongwoo’s big homework now, don’t care about it.

But Chu Yongwoo just fell into a big silver light crystal, which is really a waste.

Look at Ishih’s worries, Ju Yongwoo can’t laugh.

It’s not that he’s focused…

It’s true that Level 3 medicine pill doesn’t need his pool attention completely.

By now, Jung-woo can refine Ninth Grade’s sixth class medicine pill.

On Dao of Alchemy, he’s far beyond grandmaster level.

A Alchemy Grandmaster, refining Level 3 medicine pill, is there a pool of attention completely?

Look at Chu Yongwoo, he’s in a hurry.

You know, Ish’s current level is just able to refine Level 3 medicine pill


Progress is being made towards Level 4 medicine pill.

But against Chu Yongwoo, is this at pill concocting?

Do you have a pill concocting?

Looking at Chu Yongwoo without a word, Shih has no idea what to say.

Look at Ish’s nervous face, Zhu Yongwoo’s shrugged, turn around and sit back on the chair.

Micro close your eyes, Jung-woo, together with the pussy, began to design a common nest of love between the two.

Time passes a second.

Gradually, above cauldron, there was smoke.


not good, medicine ingredients burned! ”See this scene, Roch screamed.

Heard Stone h screaming, Jung-woo opened his eyes slowly.


, Zhu Yongwoo stood up from the chair and walked to pill furnace.

Hands are gently pressed over pill furnace, and Zhu Yoo-woo sends a demonic energy.

A intense Oh la la, ringing from inside cauldron.

Through the pill furnace transparent window, it looks inside.

As you can see, all medicine ingredients in pill furnace, around cauldron walls, are swiftly spinning.

Spinning Dan!

When you see this scene, Ishilton stares in his eyes.

This is Dao of Alchemy, very good tactics.

Not everyone, they can use it.

You know, letting medicine ingredients rotate, it’s still very easy.

In a rotating state, however, medicine ingredients form each and everyone layers depending on weight, type and type.

In this way, the various components of medicine ingredients cannot be fully integrated.

Hence, spinning Dan is a very hands-on approach.

Good rotation, though, can raise medicine pill’s success rate.

Bad spin, that stove of medicine ingredients, but it’s all gone.

Under Ish’s intense attention, medicine ingredients in pill furnace, not all of them are split up because of spinning centrifuges.

On the contrary, in a state of rotation, all medicine ingredients mix more evenly and more fully




astonishing thing about Stone h is
that in the spin of speed, the pill furnace of semifluid syrup is gradually forming a little ball after another round.

And those little balls keep sticking around the plasma, getting bigger and bigger.


the potatoes in cauldron are

clustered into one after another’s peanut metre, and
in the sound of la, a total of 3,100 sixty five silver Dangers around the walls, spinning fast


The most shocking thing about Ishih is that everyone is going to be foolish.

With a circle of spinning

, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

With a circle of spinning, there’s a Dan tattoo on the surface!

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