Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3825

Together, two, three…

passed over time.

Soon, a series of nine Dao Pill prints appeared on every medicine pill.

Ninth Grade broke Silver Dan!

Hey, a little less! I like to invite you to collect: (i) the fastest speed of updating the Japan Court.

Stone of the world, completely collapsed.

For so long, her best achievement was the refinement of a Level 3 Fifth Grade medicine pill


Shit, a little less! Japan Court, update the latest chapter!

Just so distracted, chatting, while refining Ninth Grade medicine pill.

If that were the case, Ish, while admirable, would not collapse


But the problem now is


under the Ju Yongwoo furnace, three hundred sixty five Ninth Grade broke Silver Dan!

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

In the eyes of Ishih.

Zhu Yongwoo was satisfied with opening cauldron lid, right hand between cauldron,

three hundred sixty five broken silver dan, yelling out of the mouth.

One by one, even the pearls into Ju Yongwoo’s hand, a yellow bottle gourd.

The mouth of bottle gourd was slowly stuck, and Zhu Yongwoo was trying to put bottle gourd in the ice palm.

But I saw a rigid rock.

Song up, Jung-woo dropped six medipills from bottle gourd, in a small jade bottle.

The jade bottle was then handed over to Shih Road: “These broken silver Danes, you take it.”

Stay close to the broken silver Dan from Ju Yongwoo, and Shih still hasn’t recovered from the collapse


On the other hand

, Zhu Yongwoo has taken the pats to urge the nine girls to quickly put a large number of mediingredients into cauldron, and the next pill is about to start refining.

The next time, the stone never went anywhere.

Always standing next to Ju Yongwoo, watching him cook pancakes like a stove of silver dye.

Nine stoves!

More than 3,000 taels of silver defects have finally been refined.

And instead of looking back at Ju Yongwoo, there was no fatigue.

After more than 3,000 silver light Barrier Breaking Pill was refined.

Jung-woo don’t all stop here.

Instead, more Level 3 medicine ingredients were taken


Next, he’s going to refine the kind of medicine pill he needs to upgrade paragraph 30 Devil Body.

Watching Ju Yongwoo keep pulling out the sea amount of medicine ingredients.

Look at the pill concocting closet that’s rapidly piled up by a variety of medicine ingredients.

Stone h was completely

living so big that he knew for the first time that pill concocting did not have to be one after another.

For the first time, Ish knew that pill concocting could also be like cooking potatoes, mass refining.

In a

Jung-woo first assembled more than 3,000 taels of war veterans under Zheng Xiaoqiao


Put those 3,000 Ninth Grade out of silver Dan.

With the help of more than 3,000 Ninth Grade broken Silver Dan, more than 30 million war veterans, all broken through 30 Devil Body’s quails.


, Zhu Yongwoo was selected by two hundred elites from among the 30 million war veterans.

Together with the previous 100 elites, a force of 300 people was formed.

One hundred of

these troops

are using General Zhou Yongwo’s orders.

The other 200 people used Suzuko clouds and Su Xiao-Wan’s general order.

As the two Vice-Presidents of Zhou Yoo-woo.

Su Xiao-Wan and Su Yun’s military power is also fully under the control of Ju Yongwoo.

Only when they fight will they have the right of command at the scene.

Three million war veterans were selected.

On the orders of Ju Yongwoo, the Shadow once again separated two hundred colored snakes.


, together with a hundred coloured snakes that were separated before.

Chu Yongwoo gave all 300 colored snakes, giving three million war sharps.

Three hundred coloured snakes entered and were stationed in 300 sharp Sea of Consciousness.

To date, Ju Yongwoo has taken complete control of three million war sharps


There are snakes in there, they don’t say betrayal.

Even a little dissatisfaction with Ju Yongwo inside, it’s the first time a snake can feel it


And these negative emotions, the first time, are swallowed by snakes.

To be

once it is planted into a five-colored snake


These millions of wars are sharp, and there is no chance of betrayal.

Even when it comes to thinking about negative emotions inside, it is impossible.

If a soldier, there’s too much negative sentiment about Zhou Yoo-woo.

Then the five-colored snake swallowed his soul and then went back to the Sea of Consciousness in Juo Yokoo through the chain of souls.

In any case, the five-colored snake would never give anyone a chance to betray


When you have that little head, you’ll execute it


When more than three million warfare sharply broke out.

It coincided with this year’s oceans disaster.

At the order of Ju Yongwoo, 300 people, in total, were divided into 36 teams.

Each small unit drove to an island.

They have three missions.

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