Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3826

Here, we need to focus on three million war sophisticated inheritance magic – magic snipers!

Magic snipers can consume three levels of magic stone, causing tremendous harm to the target.

Primary magic stones, ranging from ten meters, cause single injuries


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Higher magic stones, ranging from 1,000 metres, cause extensive damage in the ten meters region.

If that is the case, it is clearly too weak to inherit magic.

Shit, a little less! Japan Court, update the latest chapter!

But, in fact, this devil can snip, it’s an upgraded inheritance technique.

Through continuous implementation, repeated use.

Magic sniper can be escalated.

Although rarely cultivator will choose the devil to snip.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

After everyone’s statistics and collation.

The devil can snip a whole lot to elevate Level 3.

The first level is primary, ranging from ten meters, 100 meters and 1,000 metres, respectively.

Level 2 is medium, ranging from 20 meters, 2,100 meters, 2,000 metres.

Level 3 is senior, ranging from thirty meters, 3,100 meters and 3,000 metres, respectively.

Up to the top, there are no statistics.

Usually, magic snipers can be refined to senior levels, and at least they’re handsome.

And when you get to the handsome, you will certainly choose other inheritance techniques, replacing the devil to snip.

Historically, senior demons have been able to snip, which is the highest record.

Although this is definitely not the highest realm.

But in the history of the sheep, no one has been able to sneeze, breakthrough to a higher level.


amount of primary magic stones consumed by the sea, three million of them sharp, and every day they hunt tens of thousands of shrimp soldiers and crab generals


One day alone, three million war sharp enough to hunt three million shrimp soldiers and crab generals.

For more than three months, hundreds of days of ocean disaster.

Three million were sharp and enough to hunt more than 300 million shrimp soldiers and crab generals.

With such crazy hunting, it was hard to bring back the Senro snake’s lost power, forcibly replenished.

In addition, three million warfare were sharp and more than 30 sea snakes were hunted and more than 30 snakes were captured.

Used to, actually, get more.

But Zhou Yongwoo doesn’t want to be completely angry with the Snakes


Otherwise, the entire island of sheep would probably fall as a result of the invasion of the whole family of snakes


With the strength and strength of Ju Yongwoo today, it is far from being able to confront the snakes.

When three million of them were sharp, they finally returned to the sheep Sword Sect.

Not only did they make up for the loss of the Senro snake.

Most importantly, through Level 3 medicine pill.

Their Devil Body has reached 40 at the same time!

Had it been possible

, Ju Yokoo would have preferred to be stationed in the sheep islands, with the potential to develop and build.

But the problem now is that Zhou Yokoo, as the devil, is actually going to have to take up his duties.

Now, the sheep archipelago has Suko cloud sitting in town.

Ju Yongwoo is well placed to choose an archipelago in other regions, responsible for stationing.


fact, there is no need for a choice…

The goat islands adjacent to the sheep islands are the best option.

Once Zhou Yongwoo sits in the town of the goats, the goats and the sheep islands can be linked into one piece


In this way, the resources obtained will multiply.

It is therefore clear that it is inappropriate to stay here all the time.

If more resources were to be available, he had to leave here.

After more than four months of medipill refinement


Under two large quantities, Zhou Yokou has developed sufficient fighting elites to upgrade the Devil Body to 40 of the medical pills required for Devil Body



… President Zhou Yokoo was handsome with 300 names Tianmo Guard, who, together with Su Xiaoxing, left Sword Sect.

After boarding the White Golden battleship, it rushed towards Lamb Heart.

Usually, under the rules of the Ministry of Military Affairs, Su Xiaoxi could not leave the sheep islands.

But, in fact, the rules are really not that strict.

If they don’t find out, who knows where she is now?

In fact, nobody cares about her at all.

This time, Su Xiaowen returned to Lamb Heart, and Jung-woo also wanted to walk away and see if her disciplinary order could be lifted


While this is difficult, understandings can be reached as long as forgiveness is obtained from each other.

Just relax over there, and it’s over.

It is difficult, but it is not impossible.

And only if Su Xiaowen’s restraining order is lifted


So Ju Yongwoo can tap the neighbors on the other side of the sheep island – White Lamb Island!

So, goats, goats, white goats, three islands together.

Zhu Yongwoo’s power will rise three times in a second!

In this way, the benefits he reaches are all the more crazy.

It is worth mentioning that sheep islands, in fact, are just local names.

In the map of the Ministry of Military Affairs, it was not possible to find the sheep.

Zhu Yongwoo has always thought that the sheep islands are the full name here.

In fact, however, the sheep islands, which are just local people, are known as the central position of the sheep islands.

The sheep island is present, and its name is Ogoats.

But the sheep islands do not exist.

The so-called sheep archipelago is the sum of a central island.

On the map of the army, the sheep archipelago, actually called the shepherd island!

The map of the Ministry of Military Affairs is available in the military component of the island of sheep.

The three main islands, namely, goats, shepherds and white sheep.

All three islands, Jung-woo, are going to take them.

And not to mention how hard the shepherd island, which is all the people of the sheep islands, works.

This side…

Zhou Yongwoo carries 300 days of magic Guard, and Su Xiaoweng


On a white gold battleship, he rushed all the way to Lamb Heart Island


Lamb Heart Island, actually, and Lamb Heart City, is the city of the sheep.

The islands in a large area, centred on Lamb Heart Island, are collectively known as the Lamb Heart Islands.

But in fact, the so-called Lamb Heart Islands, on the map of the Ministry of Military Affairs, can’t be found.

Even Lamb Heart Island and Lamb City, there is no such thing.

Lamb Heart Island, named Purgatory Island on the map of the Ministry of Military Affairs.

Lamb Heart City, known as Purgatory Town on the map of the Ministry of Military Affairs.

Even the Lamb Heart Islands, on the map of the Ministry of Military Affairs, are named the Purgatory Islands!

After three days of Ben

Ju Yokota entire group returned to Lamb Heart Island again, Lamb Heart City.

Pull battleship over the ice craftsman docks.


… Ice craftsmen were interviewed by three drivers in the White Kim battleship.

Qin Yul, Qin Keer, will hand over the statistics for the past year to 18 engineers.

Next, 18 engineers will make a series of improvements to this white gold battleship


Strengthen its excellent side.

Bridging its series of flaws and shortboards.

But all this, obviously, has nothing to do with Ju Yongwoo.

– Come on, he doesn’t understand that at all.

Two, he has his own business to do.

Under the leadership of Ju Yongwoo, more than 300 people travelled all the way to the purgatory hotel.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

It’s been a year since Jung-woo left here.

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