Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3827


Looking up at the towering purgatory Inn, Zhu Hengyu couldn’t help feeling a while.

In a year, it’s really too fast … in memory, leaving here seems to be yesterday.

But in fact, more than 300 days have passed.

Stand at the gate of Purgatory Inn and look at Purgatory Inn.

Well, one less! Like to ask everyone to collect: () Zhai Shuyuan is the fastest to update.

It’s half-afternoon now. It stands to reason that there should be no guests at all.

But there are not only people here, but also a lot of guests.

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Respectfully, after saluting Zhu Hengyu.

The two attendants asked Zhu Hengyu’s intentions.

Are you staying or dining?

Looked at two very polite attendants.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

So they don’t know Zhu Hengyu.

He waved his hand, Zhu Hengyu said, “Let ’s step back, what do I do? I will do it myself.”

After speaking, Zhu Hengyu stopped paying attention to the two attendants.

Take your steps and walk towards the gate of Purgatory Inn.

Seeing this, the two attendants were in a hurry.

As an Inn, order is the most important thing.

It ’s very inappropriate for Zhu Hengyu to bring in more than 300 people along the way.

If one is not good, it will disturb other guests’ meals.

However, Zhu Hengyu may not know what the waiters know.

Walking all the way, Zhu Hengyu bypassed the main entrance and entered the purgatory Inn from the side door next to him.

Seeing Zhu Hengyu so familiar with the road, he entered Purgatory Inn through the side door.

The two attendants were relieved.

As for Zhu Hengyu’s entry into Inn, they will not be under their control.

As for … Will Zhu Hengyu make trouble in Inn, then don’t worry.

Purgatory Inn is the first master of the devil tribe and the symbol of Purgatory Demon King.

Dare to make trouble here is tantamount to insulting the first master of the Demon Clan.

How is it possible for the military to tolerate such things?

In the past countless years, all those who have troubled here have been punished harshly.

Even if it doesn’t die, it will definitely have to peel off.

As soon as he entered Inn, Zhu Hengyu was recognized by the manager of Inn’s lobby at a glance.

To maintain the original standards of the guest room department.

This manager of Inn’s lobby, not at all.

As the management of Inn, if you do n’t even know Zhu Hengyu, it would be too wrong.

I saw Zhu Hengyu appear … The lobby manager greeted him for the first time, and waited respectfully for Zhu Hengyu’s order.

Zhu Hengyu was not polite, openly opened the mouth and said: “You go and arrange it. The three hundred people behind me will all live in the floor below the emperor’s suite. You can arrange the right person here, be sure To provide the best and most comprehensive service! “

Facing Zhu Hengyu’s order, the lobby manager was so nodded that he would not dare to say a nonsense.

However, after Zhu Hengyu has given the order.

The lobby manager said, “Excuse me, what level of service standard is set on that floor?”

Service standards?

After hearing the lobby manager’s words, Zhu Hengyu frowned suddenly.

Slightly hesitant, Zhu Hengyu knows that this standard cannot be too low, but it must not be too high.

If it is in accordance with the standard of the imperial suite, each room must be equipped with a female room.

Zhu Hengyu is very disgusted with this.

Dignified Zhu Hengyu, not a brothel, why should he satisfy these messy things?

So, after acquiring Purgatory Inn.

The first thing Zhu Hengyu did was to cancel all pornographic services.

For Zhu Hengyu, whether Purgatory Inn can make money is completely unimportant.

Not to mention, Zhu Hengyu is now rich and capable, and he has no shortage of money.

Even if Zhu Hengyu is short of money, he will never make such money.

Thinking for a little while, Zhu Hengyu said: “All food, clothing and accommodation are executed according to luxury standards.”

Under the luxury standard, all customers staying on this floor must obtain all services within the normal range.

Once entering here, all their normal needs must be met as soon as possible.

Customers living here don’t need to worry and worry about anything.

Clothing, food, housing, everything, there is a dedicated person responsible for taking care of everything.

As the saying goes, it’s clothes to reach out and rice to open your mouth.

And the clothes must be gorgeous and the food must be delicious enough.

Everyone here will enjoy aristocratic service.

Listening to Zhu Hengyu’s narration, the lobby manager frowned suddenly.

Hesitantly looking at Zhu Hengyu, the lobby manager said, “But if we want to meet this standard, our manpower seems far from enough!”

Waving hands, Zhu Hengyu said, “If you don’t have enough staff, go to the current position. Anyway … this service standard must be met!”

Between speaking, Zhu Hengyu turned his head and pointed at the three hundred name Tianmo Guard: “Anyway, here they must get the best service.”

Once back here, they are like going back to their home.

Get the best care, get the best relaxation, and the best rest.

In the face of Zhu Hengyu’s explanation, the lobby manager, although secretly speaking, felt that this was a bit exaggerated.

Fortunately, Zhu Hengyu is the host here.

What he wants to do, no one needs to question.

He orders it, everyone just needs to do it.

Even if it is not appropriate, it is not too late to change it later.

With the order of Zhu Hengyu, the lobby manager quickly turned to leave.

Then a large number of maids quickly rushed to the top floor and started to clean up the surrounding rooms.

The highest level of Purgatory Inn is the Imperial Suite where Zhu Hengyu is located.

Exactly, the Imperial Suite should be built on Purgatory Inn.

The top floor of Purgatory Inn is the floor of the Imperial Suite.

The Emperor Suite is an air tower independent of Purgatory Inn! In front of the sky pavilion, there is a colorful sky garden.

Under the Imperial Suite is the real top floor of Purgatory Inn.

At this moment, Zhu Hengyu has sealed off the imperial suite and the whole floor below.

Among them, the Imperial Suite serves as Zhu Hengyu’s residence at Imperial Capital.

The lower level serves as the residence of the Demon Guard.

Not to mention how Purgatory Inn arranges a 300-day demon Guard’s accommodation.

On the other side … Zhu Hengyu returned to the emperor’s suite and washed it up.

As soon as they left the bathroom, Wu Xiuli and Sun Meiren rushed over together.

Looking at Wu Xiuli and Sun Meiren, that beautiful and pretty face, slender figure.

For a moment, Zhu Hengyu’s blood began to accelerate.

Although, Zhu Hengyu and Yin Linger are already married to each other.

But in fact, the two are just contacts that belong to Divine Consciousness.

In terms of fleshy body alone, Zhu Hengyu is still a pure and incomparable male.

Yinlinger’s body is a Yinsha treasure tree.

Zhu Hengyu’s body is a cultivator of the Demon Clan.

For Yin Linger, she cares most.

It can even be said that the only concern is Zhu Hengyu’s Sea of ​​Consciousness.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

As far as Sea of ​​Consciousness is concerned, it doesn’t matter …

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