Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3828


For the family of Yin Sha Bao Shu, the body is a container.

A container for souls.

Spirit Physique is a living being, the most important and most essential being.

For Yin Linger, the body is like a piece of clothing, and it is thrown away.

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But communication and contact at the soul level is absolutely not possible.

In other words … Even if Zhu Hengyu is holding the trunk of Yinsha Baoshu, no matter how close he is, Yinling will not feel anything.

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But Zhu Hengyu’s soul-level communication and contact are the ones that Yin Linger cares about.

On this level, Yin Linger and Zhu Hengyu own each other.

Exclusive … In addition, Zhu Hengyu contacted other women, but Yin Linger did not interfere and was not jealous.

Although Wu Xiuli and Sun Meiren, their looks are very beautiful.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

Wu Xiuli and Sun Meiren in the eyes of Yin Linger.

It’s like a maple tree in Zhu Hengyu’s eyes, or a Willow Tree.

Although it looks beautiful, it’s just a scenery.

Not to mention how Yin Linger thinks.

On this side, Zhu Hengyu communicated enthusiastically with Wu Xiuli and Sun Meiren.

In the past year, Purgatory Inn’s catering department has been fully opened.

After more than half a year of publicity … As soon as Purgatory Inn opened, it won the favor of Imperial Capital.

Although Purgatory Inn ’s consumption is very high, it is exaggerated.

But the more so, the more popular those top powers are! Under the deliberate guidance and hype of Wu Xiuli.

When those powerful children are in love, Ruo Inn’s couple’s restaurant has never been to.

That’s definitely a shameless thing.

Even if you do n’t have money, you have to borrow it once.

Otherwise, if your boyfriend can’t even afford Purgatory Inn.

A man like this is not a good match.

This proves that the other’s family history is not very good and he has no money.

In the past, many spendless Young Masters spent little money to cheat girls with rhetoric.

Pretend that you have a good family background and a rich family.

After they got married, they found out that their family was already ruined.

But now … with Purgatory Inn, it’s easy to detect everything.

Of course, purgatory Inn’s couple restaurant is not enough.

Many Huahua Young Masters can borrow their money to invite their girlfriends to Purgatory Inn.

But then, Purgatory Inn launched a purgatory Peugeot costume! At the beginning … Purgatory Inn launched only men’s clothing.

It’s extremely expensive.

But for real aristocracy, the price of Purgatory Inn’s costume is more than one thousand, three thousand or so superior magic stone.

Although this price is very expensive, it is not too outrageous.

However, unless it is a true nobleman … it can never be afforded.

For ordinary civilians, three thousand pieces of purgatory clothing.

In fact, it is the horrible price of 30 million primary magic stones.

They cannot afford such clothes.

With the introduction of purgatory clothing … Gradually, it is not enough to just invite a girlfriend to the ordinary restaurant of Purgatory Inn.

If the other party can’t wear purgatory clothes, they still can’t prove anything.

Soon, purgatory costumes became one of the important criteria for testing aristocracy.

You can’t even wear purgatory costumes. What kind of aristocracy?

Even if there is a noble title, there is absolutely no corresponding wealth.

With the launch of purgatory costumes … soon, a large number of scammers were once again shot out.

Instantly, Purgatory costumes were pushed to a higher position.

But then … Purgatory Inn, and opened the first six floors of Inn rooms.

A meal there is not comparable to a couple’s restaurant.

If the other party can’t invite the female Fang Family, go to Inn’s private room for a meal.

I’m afraid it’s too old … especially the twelve auditoriums that opened later for wedding celebrations.

Ladies’ clothing followed by purgatory apparel.

It is this luxury wind that blows through the entire Imperial Capital.

Although time has passed for more than a year.

But the climate at Imperial Capital has changed completely.

For the true nobles … When in love, a couple’s restaurant is a must.

Also, both parties must wear purgatory costumes when participating in a date.

When the relationship between the two parties has reached a certain level, it is necessary to meet with the parents.

You must set up a luxurious dinner in Purgatory Inn.

This is not the end … When the wedding ceremony really takes place, it must be held in the auditorium of Purgatory Inn.

A whole process comes down … Every pair of aristocratic children, from love to marriage, will surely serve the purgatory Inn with wealth from Shanghai.

A whole set, without more than 100,000, can’t get down at all.

Hundreds of thousands of higher-level magic stones are the wealth of more than one billion primary magic stones.

More than 100,000 is not the limit, but the foundation.

No matter how you save, you still need more than 100,000 superior magic stones.

Those who are more luxurious and truly aristocratic, they can throw in millions or even millions just for wedding celebrations! Within Purgatory Inn, as long as you have money, you can throw as much money into it.

A table of six-level Devil Body fortified cuisine, I’m afraid it will cost millions of tables.

Eating a meal is more than just delicious.

Every guest attending the banquet can be at the same time as gorge oneself.

Improve the power, speed, endurance, Mental Power, Soul Power, and even wisdom of Devil Body! For Purgatory Inn, don’t be afraid that you don’t have much money to spend.

The fear is that you have no money! Especially Zhu Hengyu’s return this time … According to Zhu Hengyu’s plan, he will refining the two golden light crystal nuclei into the broken golden core! And using that method, divide the two obstacle-breaking Golden Cores into eighteen First Grade obstacle-breaking Golden Cores! By that time … as long as the other party has enough money, they can even eat a dish worth trillions of primary magic stones.

Once you eat this dish, Devil Body will break through sixty paragraphs! Of course, not everyone is eligible for this meal.

Only in Purgatory Inn, consumption to a certain amount.

Or after making enough contributions for Purgatory Inn.

To qualify, click here.

As for the others … even if you have more money, you won’t be able to buy Golden Core soup! Listening to the report by Wu Xiuli and Sun Meiren, Zhu Hengyu couldn’t help but nodded.

In the past year, Purgatory Inn has grown tremendously.

Every day, there are twelve weddings held in Purgatory Inn.

The purgatory Inn ’s couple ’s restaurant, and the Inn ’s private room, are all overcrowded.

In terms of purgatory clothing … both men’s and women’s clothing have been sold out.

The order has been queued for more than three months.

You know, it ’s not easy to sell food and clothing at such a high price.

If you ca n’t get good value for money, who will pursue it?

Don’t treat customers as fools … if you can’t provide services that match the price.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

So, who dares to spend money in Purgatory Inn?

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