Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3829


A table worth one million dishes.

Cost alone, I’m afraid it will cost $ 6.7 million.

Another example is Zhu Hengyu’s upcoming Golden Core soup.

Even if you sell the broken Golden Core for auction, the price is probably enough to sell trillions.

Well, one less! Like to ask everyone to collect: () Zhai Shuyuan is the fastest to update.

The key is … this kind of thing is not something you can buy if you have money.

Listening to Wu Xiuli and Sun Meiren.

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At first, Zhu Hengyu ran the three hundred sets of Dragon Transformation four treasures before buying Purgatory Inn.

Originally, in Zhu Hengyu’s original plan, by the end of the year.

Purgatory Inn basically went bankrupt and closed, and returned to the military.

But the abyss of purgatory that appeared later, the Fire Crystal stone in the abyss, changed Zhu Hengyu’s plan.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

If Inn loses heavily, there is no way to continue.

Wu Xiuli can sell those Fire Crystal stones to maintain Purgatory Inn.

For Zhu Hengyu, this Purgatory Inn is acceptable even if it loses money.

As long as the loss is not too much, Zhu Hengyu will continue to maintain it.

But I never thought about it … I only planned not to lose too much Purgatory Inn.

Under the development of Wu Xiuli and Sun Meiren.

In just one year, it took off.

Today, Purgatory Inn’s daily profit has reached more than one million.

In the past year, the net profit has reached more than 300 million! 300 million profit, Mengyi does not sound like much.

But in fact, all of these 300 million profits are all superior magic stones.

If you convert it into a junior magic stone, you will earn more than 3 trillion yuan in a year! You know … more than a year ago, when Zhu Hengyu acquired Purgatory Inn, it only cost more than 300 billion yuan.

Now, more than a year now, I have not only made money.

It even got ten times the net profit of the purchase price! This is crazy! This purgatory city … that is, the heart of sheep in the mouth of ordinary people, the commercial potential is too great.

You know, Yangxin City is the core of the Three Thousand Islands group of the Moyang Islands.

It is the capital of the devil’s tribe.

The Imperial Palace of Imperial Sheep is located here.

The current emperor of the Devil Clan is in the Imperial Palace.

Not only that … The headquarters of the Devil’s Army is also located here.

The top military officers are also stationed here.

The dignitaries of the 3,000 island groups of the Moyang tribe come to Yangxin Island for a period of time each year.

Few come once and stay for a month or two at a time.

A lot will come two or three times, staying for two or three months each time.

A lot of powerful people even live here.

Only occasionally reconsidering the territory to deal with things in the territory.

As a powerful person, if you want to go further.

You must have contacts and exchanges with Imperial Capital’s dignitaries.

Otherwise, you should always hide in remote areas.

Su Xiaowan has been stationed in the Waiyang Islands for thousands of years.

But what did she get?

Even if three or four thousand years have passed.

But Su Xiaowan’s strength and influence still stagnated as she was three or four thousand years ago.

Although some medicine ingredients have been accumulated, as well as some soldiers.

But if Zhu Hengyu is also given three or four thousand years, to what extent can he develop?

It turns out … don’t say Zhu Hengyu! The benefits of Purgatory Inn over the past year alone have far surpassed Su Xiaowan’s total income over the past three thousand years.

dignified Outer Sheep Islands, a total of three hundred sixty five islands.

The benefits gained in the three or four thousand years are even less than the annual income of a Purgatory Great Inn.

This is the disadvantage of staying away from the center … Therefore, within Imperial Capital, there are as many top powers as there are rivers.

Throw out a brick, and you can hit a billionaire.

Anyone who meets casually on the street may be a local clerk.

The power in his hands may be the highest right of a city, an island, or even an archipelago! It can be said that the Great Clan and the forces that control 80% of the devil’s tribe basically live in Imperial Capital.

So, as long as Purgatory Inn, it can provide value-added services.

Then you do n’t have to worry about no guests.

Don’t worry about everyone being too expensive! The top money is almost inexhaustible and inexhaustible.

As long as there are enough guests, you can benefit continuously.

The income of 300 million superior magic stones every year is very stable.

Even if Zhu Hengyu spends it, I’m afraid it won’t last.

While earning money from Purgatory Inn … the families and forces that cooperate with Purgatory Inn actually make a lot of money.

For example … a table of millions of dishes will cost 6700 thousand.

The six and seven million people come from seven or eight families and forces, respectively.

For them, these extremely expensive ingredients are actually free.

To put it plainly, this is what grows on the ground.

It’s collected this year, and it will grow next year.

As long as Purgatory Inn is still open, you will need those high-end ingredients.

And Purgatory Inn only needs high-end ingredients, so the seven or eight families and forces will have continuously income.

Take a step back and say that even if Purgatory Inn doesn’t need it, other Inn must still need it.

This is just ingredients … converted to purgatory clothing … all kinds of leather, metal, and even cloth.

Purgatory Inn does make a lot of money, but in fact, most of the profits are made by these Great Clan.

Purgatory Inn just made a small profit.

It is worth mentioning that … there are more than thirty families and forces that provide various supplies for Purgatory Inn.

These families and forces can’t be considered Great Clan.

The real Great Clan and power are beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

The real Great Clan, great power, which one does n’t have a few magic stone mines in their hands?

The magic stones that are mined every day in those magic stones mines are worth hundreds of billions, even trillions.

And most importantly, the magic stone mine, as long as the terrain remains the same.

Even if all the magic stones are empty, it doesn’t matter.

It won’t be long before the terrain there will condense a large amount of demonic energy into a magic stone again.

Thus, for those families who control the Magic Stone Mine.

A mine can be continuously continuous, providing them with stable wealth.

You don’t need to do anything … Just look at the family miners and dig money every day.

Any dig, you can earn hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

A total of more than 13,000 Demon sheep clan are similar to the Demon Stone Mine.

For the demon sheep clan, the family and forces that have one or more magic energy stone mines in their hands are the true Great Clan.

However, these hands hold the clan and power of the Magic Stone Mine.

Although it is stronger than those families and forces that sell resources and supplies.

But for the Moyang tribe, it is still not the top power.

The top power must be military power.

Her Majesty’s military commander has tens of millions of troops! Those devil handsome, can control the army at any time, siege the city! Once you break through alien cities, you can earn endless wealth casually.

Furthermore, how could these commander-in-chief commanders have no magic stone mines?

In the city they captured, everything belongs to them.

The Ice Demon Heavy Industry, the Xuanbing Demon Emperor of that year, once held more than 8,000 magic stone mines in the Peak period.

The magic stone produced every day is a huge astronomical figure.

But then … over time, more than 8,000 magic stone mines were rewarded to the generals and their subordinates by the Emperor Xuanbing.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

Otherwise, there are so many magic stone mines that can’t be used at all! Ice Demon Heavy Industry cannot fall into this field today.

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