Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3838


As soon as he returned to the Purgatory Hotel, Li Tianxiao came to his door.

At this time, most of the trials for screening elites from various branches hosted by Li Family have been conducted.

From the hundreds of millions of members in each branch, more than 3,000 super elites have been selected.

These selected Li Family elites all have Bloodline from Purgatory Demon King.

Well, one less! Like to ask everyone to collect: () Zhai Shuyuan is the fastest to update.

Originally, in another half a year, the selection contest will be completely over.

At that time, three super genius should be selected.

Fuck, it’s one more missing! Zhai Shuyuan, the latest chapter updated soon!

Zhu Hengyu will help Li Family to cultivate three elites.

But it looks like things are clearly changing now.

Zhu Hengyu went to Blood Yangdao this time, I don’t know if he can come back alive.

Therefore, it is questionable whether this selection should proceed.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

This selected three thousand Li Family children are all there.

There is no need to continue selection …

Zhu Hengyu has no time to personally train these Li Family geniuses.

Before leaving, Zhu Hengyu will train these three thousand Li Family children into the army.

Whether Zhu Hengyu can leave Blood Yang Island alive.

The three thousand Li Family children will represent the Li Family and become the Protector of the Purgatory Hotel.

Their ownership will belong to the Purgatory Hotel.

Similar to security.

Although there are more people, it doesn’t matter at all.

With the profitability of the Purgatory Hotel now, these soldiers can be fully supported.

If all goes well, Zhu Hengyu will recruit them to Blood Yang Island to participate in the battle and earn military achievements for the Li Family.

Even if you can’t train several monsters, at least, Li Family can get a lot of military achievements.

In this way, there is no problem in obtaining the rank of the military.

Listen to Zhu Hengyu …

All expenses of these 3,000 troops will be borne by the Purgatory Hotel.

Li Tianxiao suddenly closed his mouth.

With sufficient funds, Li Tianxiao can cultivate these Li Family elites and cultivate them as quickly as possible.

Although Zhu Hengyu has not broken the barrier, Yin Dan, help these Li Family children to break through the thirties of Devil Body.

But don’t forget …

Li Tianxiao is a cooking Grandmaster!

As long as he has enough money to support him, he can cook dishes that have the same functions as Breaking the Yindan.

Help those Li Family children, break through the thirties of Devil Body.

As long as you have enough wealth, Li Tianxiao was able to help them break through before the sixty paragraph Devil Body.

Therefore, Li Tianxiao, a child of the Li Family, does not need any artificial hands.

Listening to Li Tianxiao’s confident story, Zhu Hengyu couldn’t help but be very happy.

Without a word, directly from the Ice Queen bracelet, took out more than 3,000 inheritance magic balls of lava Fireball.

The more than 3,000 inheritance magic balls of lava Fireball are Zhu Hengyu from endless purgatory.

Purgatory seeds obtained after killing those giant beasts of lava.

For a long time, Zhu Hengyu has not found a suitable target.

Now, Li Family has selected 3,000 children.

Then more than three thousand lava Fireball inheritance will be given to the Li Family.

Anyway, even if you stay on it, it’s useless.

As soon as you die on Blood Sheep Island, all the seeds of these lava Fireballs are wasted.

After giving over 3,000 Lava Fireball seeds to Li Tianxiao.

Zhu Hengyu took Su Xiaowan, left the Purgatory Hotel, and rushed to Ice Demon Heavy Industry.

Successfully received the black gold battleship …

This black gold battleship is, for the time being, uncontrollable by others.

Only the shipmen trained by Bingmai Heavy Industry can control and even repair the black gold battleship.

For this …

Bing Demon Heavy Industry selects three thousand elites from hunted thousand ice Demon guards, responsible for driving and controlling.

The three thousand ice demon guards are the children of Emperor Xuanbing and Demon Sovereign Qin Sheng.

They can not only control steel battleships.

The most important thing is that once in combat, they can add a layer of black ice armor to the black gold battleship!

Don’t break this Xuanbing armor, it’s my dream to hurt the black gold battleship.

The three thousand ice monster guards are a gift from Qin Family to Zhu Hengyu.

Once the battle is severe, Zhu Hengyu can completely hide into the black gold battleship and retreat safely.

There are black gold battleships, and three thousand ice demon guards close protection.

Zhu Hengyu keeps his life, it will not be a problem.

It is worth mentioning that the Ice Demon Guard is not called the Ice Emperor Guard.

Because Qin Sheng is dead, the incumbent Emperor of the Sheep Clan is not an ice attribute.

Therefore, in order to avoid the current Demon Sovereign, it can only be called the Ice Demon.

The so-called Ice Demon Guard, full name is Xuanbing Demon Sovereign Guard.

The short name is Ice Guard.

In fact, this is actually the guard of Xuanbing Demon Sovereign billions of years ago!

Xuanbing Demon Sovereign’s flagship has never been caught.

The most important thing is the three thousand ice demon guards.

But, the Ice Demon Guard of that period was named Ice Emperor Guard!

The same thing …

The 3,000 children of Li Family are actually former purgatory guards!

However, with the demise of the two Great Family, these two guards are now notorious.

Till now, His Majesty Zhu Hengyu has formed Three Great Legions.

These three Legions are Guardian of the Demon, Guard of the Ice Demon, and Guard of the Purgatory.

Only, for the time being, the only one who has actually formed an army is the 300-day magic guard!

Under the control of the three thousand ice demon guards, the black gold battleship slowly left the port and rushed towards the Moyang Islands.

Zhu Hengyu and the three hundred Demon Guards, riding a platinum battleship, rushed towards the Waiyang Islands at full speed.

After three days …

Zhu Hengyu returned to Tenmon Island, and handled and arranged a series of things at full speed.

I heard that Zhu Hengyu was assigned to Blood Sheep Island, and everyone was surprised.

Including Su Ziyun, Zhu Dachang, Shih, Zheng Xiaoyu, Zhu Xiaomei, Gao Pengyi, Jian He, the old village chief, the old captain, and Lian Ming.

Everyone wants to join Zhu Hengyu and settle in Blood Yang Island.

Although everyone knows it’s dangerous.

But what about that!

If it ’s such a critical moment, if you ca n’t stay with the boss, what’s the use of them?

Others that ’s all …

They are after all Zhu Hengyu’s servants.

But Su Ziyun is definitely different.

Su Ziyun’s ethics make him absolutely unable to avoid being alone in the corner at such a moment.

In Su Ziyun’s words …

The protagonist is trapped in Danger Land, but his courtier turns a blind eye.

How do you let him go out and meet people in the future?

How can you survive this world after you let him?

Once he loses his pride, Su Ziyun is dead even if he is still alive.

Or in other words, life is better than death!

So no matter how forced by Zhu Hengyu.

Su Ziyun swears to follow Zhu Hengyu.

Even if he knew he was going to nine deaths and still alive, he would never flinch.

Even if Zhu Hengyu doesn’t take him, he will catch him by boat.

As for the military headquarters of the outer island of the magic sheep, Zheng Xiaoyu can take care of it.

In Su Ziyun’s words …

The outer island of the magic sheep can be without Su Ziyun.

But Zhu Hengyu, who is trapped in Danger Land, is indispensable for him.

Facing Su Ziyun so resolute, Zhu Hengyu is both happy and rejoicing.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

I didn’t mistrust this good brother.

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