Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3840


The most important thing about Monster Race is the greedy generation and the brave.

Alternatively, the Monster Race battleship lost in Sea Territory on Blood Sheep Island still occasionally appears around Xuangui Island.

Therefore, although Xuangui Island is only a transit station, it often suffers from baptism of war.

On the six islands around Xuangui Island, there are huge army and more than 600 battleships.

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On this side, Zhu Hengyu finally set foot on Xuangui Island after passing the test.

The atmosphere on Xuangui Island is very depressing.

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The pace of everyone is very fast.

Coming and going, all are hurried.

Pedestrians on the street are nodded at most, and there is almost no conversation.

Along the road, Zhu Hengyu took Su Ziyun and Su Xiaowan along the way.

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Entering the military, Zhu Hengyu’s entire group reported his identity and passed the verification.

From this moment, Zhu Hengyu has arrived at the War Zone on Blood Sheep Island.

It is worth mentioning …

Xuangui Island is next to Sea Territory of Blood Sheep Island, which is the edge of Sea Territory of Blood Sheep Island.

As long as you arrive here, you are already at Sea Territory on Blood Sheep Island.

But Zhu Hengyu was assigned this time.

So, as a punishment, Zhu Hengyu must not be able to stay on Xuangui Island.

Sure enough, after the military report, Zhu Hengyu and Su Xiaowan were arranged to go to Giethoorn among 72 islands in Blood Sheep Island!

Giethoorn, by its name, has already stated its location.

The horns are all on the sheep’s head.

Giethoorn is the forefront of the Blood Sheep Islands and the island closest to Monster Race.

If the Blood Sheep Islands is the War Zone, then Giethoorn is the front line!

Obviously, the magic handsome Liu Feng must have secretly exerted his strength.

Otherwise, the crimes committed by Zhu Hengyu will never be assigned to that position.

Standing inside the military …

Zhu Hengyu looked at the map of the Blood Sheep Islands, looking gloomy and terrible!

The blood sheep islands are distributed, although they do not look like a sheep.

But Giethoorn is really one of the seven islands that stand out in front.

If Monster Race is going to invade the Blood Sheep Islands, it must not be able to get around the seven islands.

Until one day, Monster Race and Demon Race are ceased.

Otherwise, the seven islands will definitely continue to fight and never cease.

But the question now is …

Is it possible for the Monster Race to cease war with Demon Race?

Obviously, in the next billion years, the Monster Race is absolutely impossible to cease.

Explain here …

Monster Race didn’t start because it was belligerent.

Monster Race is overpopulated and extremely scarce.

From a Monster Race standpoint, they are not waging war.

They are hunting just to survive.

If a hunter doesn’t hunt, he won’t survive and he will starve to death.

Monster Race does not fight Demon Race, it will not survive, and it will starve to death.

Therefore, unless the Monster Race is about to die, otherwise … the hunt will never stop.

Unfortunately …

I knew I was targeted and arranged.

But this is an order of the military department, and Zhu Hengyu cannot refuse.

Zhu Hengyu must go, no matter how dangerous Yangjiao Island is.

Otherwise, it will be enforced!

After receiving a series of certificates issued by the Ministry of Military Affairs and the order, Zhu Hengyu left Tieqing with a complexion.

As a hundred-man general, beyond this blood sheep island, Zhu Hengyu is definitely the number one figure.

But in this Blood Sheep Island, he actually doesn’t count.

Demon Race pays so much attention to the magical generals in order to fight against foreign races.

At present, the most important battlefield of Demon Race is the Sea Territory of Blood Sheep Island.

Although there are other battles, there are many.

For example, in the Outer Sheep Islands, the marine disaster that erupts in the Sea Snake tribe is staged every year.

But in fact, such a war does not require the magician to go to town at all.

Basically, such small wars are handled by forces in various places.

The sea disaster of the Outer Sheep Islands has always been handled by Sword Sect.

The military doesn’t care.

The entire Outer Sheep Islands is only guarded by one magician.

But in this blood sheep island …

Everything is completely different.

As a magician, you can only guard a small village or a City Wall section.

On the Magic Sheep Islands, a hundred people will really be just a hundred people.

Generally speaking …

The commander of the Magic Hundred thousand army.

His Majesty, there are ten thousand generals.

Ten thousand people, and ten thousand people.

A thousand will be your majesty, and ten hundred will be.

Under a hundred people, a hundred elite soldiers are in command.

Hence, the identity and status of a hundred people are actually very low.

Apart from ordinary soldiers, there is no lower status and status than a hundred generals.

After leaving the army, Zhu Hengyu, Su Ziyun, and Su Xiaowan all walked silently on the street.

No one has spoken for a long time …

Everyone knows that this time, they are really dangerous.

Being at the forefront and staying there for six years is almost impossible to survive.

But what can they do now?

Rejection is impossible …

There is nowhere to escape …

No matter what they do, they will definitely go to Yangjiao Island, Yangjiao Village, and be responsible for guarding there.

Until Zhu Hengyu and Su Xiaowan die.

Before that, they couldn’t go anywhere …

Even if you run away, you will be arrested.

And most importantly, once they try to escape and get caught back.

Their punishment will double!

After six years, all charges can be washed away.

But once I ran away, it doubled immediately and became twelve years!

Silent for a long time …

Zhu Hengyu finally cheered up.

Since reality can’t resist, the only thing they can do is to do everything to improve their survival probability.

Being energized, Zhu Hengyu took Su Ziyun and Su Xiaowan and turned all the way on Xuangui Island.

As the transition island closest to the front.

There are a lot of military workshops on Xuangui Island.

These workshops are non-profit.

Only serves frontline magic generals and soldiers.

Everything here can be exchanged for military skill.

However, this exchange is one-way.

On this Xuangui Island, military power can be exchanged for everything here.

But this exchange is a one-way exchange between the individual and the military.

If you want to use other things to exchange military power, it is absolutely impossible.

There are three major workshop communities on Xuangui Island.

Medicine pill workshop, forging workshop, and magic pattern workshop.

Among them, the magic pattern workshop is mainly used to bless the battleship with magic patterns.

For Zhu Hengyu, the magic pattern workshop is completely useless.

Sun, I ca n’t watch it again! Remember for a second, Zhai Shuyuan ().

So, the only thing that can attract Zhu Hengyu’s attention is the medicine pill workshop and the forging workshop.

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